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We are constantly looking for new ways to make your stay at the ABC Article Directory as pleasant and productive as possible while staying within the limitations of the program. We add and take away pieces of the puzzle in order to find the perfect balance between form and function.

Your Google+ Profile Link On Our Site Profile Verifies Authorship On Google Search

If you want your authorship information to appear in search results for the content you create, you'll need a Google+ Profile with a good, recognizable headshot as your profile photo. Then, verify authorship of your content by associating it with your profile using either of the methods below. Google doesn't guarantee to show author information in Google Web Search or Google News results.Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content. Check out these sample queries:

Example: Google Web Search

Google Web Search result snippet showing authorship information

Example: Google News

Google News Search result showing authorship information

Create your Google+ profile and add the link to your profile (there is a clearly marked spot to add this particular link) and your articles will be enabled to show authorship on Google search results.

Your Stay On Our Site Is Safe And Secure With Norton Secured Site Seal

The Most Recognized Trust Mark on the Internet is now part of your web experience on the ABC Article Directory. Look for the seal at the bottom of the page and enjoy your stay..."securely". The VeriSign Checkmark, part of the most recognized trust mark on the Internet, was combined with the leading name in personal technology protection, Norton. Consumer tests by Symantec show that the new seal retains the high level of recognition and trust that VeriSign seal posters value. In tests*, consumers selected the seal with the VeriSign Checkmark and Symantec’s Norton brand over other possible trust marks and more often than our competitors’ trust seals for the following attributes: 77% of consumers recognize the Norton Secured Seal. 65% of consumers agree that a website displaying the Norton Secured Seal is safe to browse and won’t give them a virus. 55% of consumers agree that a website displaying the Norton Secured Seal means that the website protects their online privacy.

Welcome to Bing Search!


We just added Bing's Search Engine to seach for items on the ABC Article Directory. Why should Google have all the fun? Look for it on the home page.

Newly Added Gold Award of Excellence

If you're feeling golden, then this "Gold Award" will look super cool next to your articles on your own site/blog. This is for "Special" authors like yourself to let your visitors know that you've got what it takes to write richly worded articles.

ABC Article Directory Golden Author Award
(Copy and Paste the code below to your articles)

Help Us Stop Spam

Stop Spam image  to report spam

Look in the sidebar for the "STOP SPAM" image in order to "Report Authors" that you believe submitted spam or poorly written articles. Although we strive to weed out the bad articles, we are only human and unfortunately, some bad articles sneak through our review process. We would appreciate any effort from our valued members and visitors to help improve the quality of our article directory. Thank You.

Follow Updates on Twitter

Twitter Follow Me Image Do you Twitter? Seems everyone is these days. If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow us... That way you can keep up with the latest tweets emanating from the ABC Article Directory....@blue234

Install Our Entertaining Free Toolbar

Give our toolbar a spin and see if you like it. I'm not going to tell you that it's the best thing since sliced bread because it's not....But you may like it and find it a valuable resource...I use it myself and just keep the radio on and check for email alerts.

toolbar powered by Conduit

Expert Author Banner

Now you can add our cool "Expert Author Banner" to your site and proclaim to the world that you are indeed an expert author in one of the most popular article directories on the web today.

ABC Article Directory Expert Author banner
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Most Recent Articles RSS Feeds from FeedBurner

Now you can keep up to date with all the latest articles from the ABC Article Directory. Just click on any of the banners below to access this great feature.

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ABC Article Directory articles are now AnswerTips-enabled.

AnswerTipsTM are small information bubbles that define any word when double-clicked. An AnswerTips-enabled site or blog means visitors get fast facts on 4 million topics provided by when they double-click on any word, without opening a new browser or following outbound links. AnswerTips deliver instant definitions, explanations and facts including biographies, tech terms, geography, pop culture and much more.

Feel like a test drive? ABC Article is AnswerTips-enabled. Try double-clicking any word in an article and see the AnswerTip appear.

New Items

ABC Article Directory Blog

Check out our new ABC Article Directory Blog. This blog contains news, selected articles, site announcements for ABC Article Directory, plus helpful articles on proper writing techniques and strategies.


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