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  • Creating Your Own Furniture
    When building your first piece of furniture, starting your first project can be a daunting process. There is so much to think about and so many considerations, even down to the sanding and finish. However, becoming competent in this area is far from unachievable.
  • Car Cleaning Tips
    Even the most expensive car can look cheap and worn down if it is dirty. If you want your car to gleam like it does when it came out of the showroom, then you have some serious cleaning work to do!
  • Food Processing - The Science
    Most of the food you eat will have been processed in a factory in some way and most people on the street do not even realise what happens to their food. Food technology is the only way to find out. It's the study of the actual production processes to make foods and is a branch of food science.
  • Cheap Office Furniture: Affordable Quality
    If you need to refurbish your office space, but funds are limited, cheap or second hand office furniture will prove to be a great option worth exploring.
  • Designing a Luxury Kitchen
    Today's kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare and eat meals; it's the look, experience and emotion of a striking, well-planned environment for you and your family.
  • What Is The Right Colour For My Kitchen?
    "What is the right colour for my kitchen?" is the question many homeowners ask when they first consider remodelling their kitchen.
  • Kerb Appeal: Marketing Your Property Through a House Sign
    It doesn't work for books or even people, but it does for houses - judging them by their facade I mean. A property's exterior appearance, its 'kerb appeal', is often the deal maker (or breaker) when it comes to buying a home.
  • Keeping Your Restaurant Clean
    In your kitchen at home it is really important to keep your kitchen clean. In a restaurant it is even more important. You are responsible for the safety of your customers and if you don't keep your premises clean and tidy you will end up in serious trouble.
  • Techniques for Mounting Your House Sign
    House signs are declarations about our homes and the people that live within. That's why many people choose to take the time to design a house sign that's bespoke to their family and home.
  • Current Kitchen Trends
    Keeping up with the latest kitchen trends is pretty much impossible. Magazines are popping up all over the place telling you what you should be having in your kitchen, what will be the next big design feature and how to manage your space.
  • Cycling Training For Beginners
    If you want to cycle but haven't done so for years, then it's difficult getting bake on a bike! However it is an excellent form of exercise.

    It is widely known that cycling exercises the heart better than walking and health benefits are visibly faster than most popular form of workouts such as aerobics or gym classes.
  • Improve Your Kitchen In Minutes
    Sometimes it seems like cleaning your house can take an eternity. Most people only have two days off a week and one of those is often spent cleaning. This is a sad state of affairs. Therefore, it would be much better if we could all reduce the amount of time we spend cleaning our rooms and more time enjoying them.
  • Natural Cleaning Products Explained
    The shelves of supermarkets these days are full off chemical heavy products. Whether it's the stuff you use to clean your kitchen surfaces or the items you need to wash the windows; quite frankly, none of it looks particularly safe or good for the environment.
  • How To Have The Best Spring Clean Ever!
    Every year, we put ourselves through the tricky task of the annual spring clean. It's boring, lengthy and quite frankly, I'm sure most people would rather been doing something else. So I suppose the key is that you want to do the job well, but in the least amount of time possible!
  • What Does Your House Sign Say About You?
    A house sign is a statement of your home and the people that live within it. It's therefore paramount to take the time to consider the materials, colours, textures, font and size of your house sign before you commit to displaying it on the front wall or gate.
  • Original Kitchen Ideas
    If you are looking to re-vamp you kitchen, it is tricky to come up with an original idea that gives your kitchen a luxury feel. Most of the time, magazines are bombarded with the same kind of stuff. These 'ideas' are often unrealistic about the amount of space a person has in their kitchen or are just so 'out -there' that no one is likely to actually have them in their house!
  • The Shakers - Kitchens, Homes and Community
    The Shakers were one of a few religious groups that formed in eighteenth-century England. Rumour has it that their name came from the ecstatic dancing they used to do when they heard music; however this is not widely accepted to be true.
  • Antique Furniture - Prolonging the Life is All in the Cloth
    Lint free cloths are effective for a variety of uses within the home and prove to be a great option when cleaning your antique wooden furnishings.
  • The Benefits of Online Fitness Training
    As a great way to keep fit and - equally - keep dry, fitness training online is a great approach to working out and fits in well around work, home and other commitments.
  • Create A Shaker Kitchen - On A Small Budget
    During these tough economic times, your dream kitchen can seem like impossibility. The costs of some kitchens are out of reach, all because of budget restrictions.
  • How Your Home Heating Works - A Simple Guide
    Yesterday, my boiler broke. It was an infuriating and tiring day, especially considering how cold it has been.
  • Make The Most Of Your Website
    As many nations are now in a recession, a number of brands have suffered; either closing down completely, or seriously scaling down their operations. Times are tough and making the most of all the assets you own, has never been more important.
  • Furnishing Your Office With Second Hand Furniture
    With the current global economy in a dire state, second hand office furniture proves to be a great option for both start-up companies and established businesses that are looking to renovate their organisation's office space.
  • A Guide to Google Analytics
    Website analysis provides business owners with useful insight into their website visitor's behaviour and site performance. With a range of free analysis solutions available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, it is no longer acceptable to simply ignore what your website visitors are doing online.
  • Link Building for SEO - Is the Quality More Important Than the Quantity?
    Link building remains a key component of the search engine optimisation process. The abundance of link building websites and emails regarding "link exchanges" are a testament to this.
  • Choosing a Kitchen Sink
    Although many homeowners choose to upgrade their kitchens by purchasing stylish utensils and high-spec appliances, buying a plush kitchen sink can equally enhance an area where you'll spend a considerable amount of time.
  • The Working Triangle
    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the secret to an effective kitchen design is a well planned layout. The 'working triangle' is one of the most researched and applied principles in ergonomics today and can really help you design the type of kitchen that you've always wanted.
  • Car Care Tips Your Car Will Be Glad You Read
    On a lazy Saturday morning, the last thing on your mind may well be washing the family car. But don't give in to temptation; the manual drive-through car wash is every car's foe.
  • Home Offices That Help You Work From Home
    Working from home; it sounds great, right? But how do you make sure your home office is setup in a way that will actually mean you get some work done
  • The Low-down on Shaker Kitchens
    If you're looking for a high end kitchen then it might be worth thinking about investing in a shaker kitchen.
  • Choosing a Web Design Company
    Deciding to commission the build of a new website for your business is a decision that's not to be made hastily. So, what should your business look for when choosing a web design agency?
  • Carbon Dioxide - How We Use It
    Carbon dioxide can be found mainly in air, but also in water as a part of the carbon cycle. We use it all the time, in different forms and throughout our lives. I thought this would be an excellent topic to write about, especially considering how it is so vital to our lives.
  • How To Create A Feng Shui Kitchen
    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that was developed thousands of years ago. Incorporating this into your kitchen is considered to be extremely important as the kitchen is one of the most important gathering places for family and friends alike.
  • Integrating Your SEO And PPC Strategies
    Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising are regularly placed in two very distinct and often conflicting categories when it comes to online advertising.
  • A Guide to Liquid Level Gauges
    As something many workers and consumers take for granted, these vital components help manage waste, streamline processes and even save lives across a variety of industries from power generation and building services through to pharmaceuticals and the food and drink sector.
  • How Not To Optimise Your Website
    With search marketing growing, 'black hat' SEO techniques are on the rise. Many webmasters deploy 'black hat' SEO practices, but what is 'black hat SEO' and what are the consequences for the websites and business owners?
  • Pink Kitchens - Are They a Good Idea?
    A controversial choice for most rooms, pink is now seeing a bit of a revival. A vibrant hue that will brighten up a space, pink is the marmite of colours. You either love it or you hate it!
  • An Insight Into On Page Optimisation
    If you are looking to make a difference to your search engine rankings, then you can make a noticeable difference with on page optimisation techniques.
  • A Guide To Search Engine Optimisation
    The sheer abundance of emails being transmitted daily regarding search engine optimisation services is enough to cause anyone a headache, yet many do not understand what exactly is 'SEO'.
  • Basic Digital Promotion
    Online marketing can no longer be ignored. People are consuming more and more digital content on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers at work, and more. Companies that have not recognised this, need to adapt... ... and fast.
  • Making The Most of Your Office Space
    Businesses tend to use a few standard layouts when it comes to organising office space .
  • Digital Predictions For 2012
    Having now settled back in to the new year after a terribly cold and miserable January, it's time have a proper look at what is going to be big this year in the world of digital. See below for some of my predictions for trends of 2012.
  • Get Back In Shape With Online Fitness Training
    Exercise is hard. Getting back into exercise can be even harder, especially with gym signups. Is this also something that can be made easier with the internet?
  • Cleaning - It's All Down To The Cloths
    They do say that having the right tools will make any job easier. In my mind anything that makes cleaning easier is close to a religious epiphany.
  • Static or Content Managed Websites?
    If you are thinking about getting your website redesigned, there are many things to consider. The chances are that you have thought about what you might like it to look like, what images you want up there and even some text you might want people to see; but have you thought about whether a static or content managed site would be most appropriate?
  • Child Friendly Kitchens
    When you have a toddler crawling or walking around, it's a sensible idea to 'child proof' your house - and the kitchen is no exception.
  • Create A Bachelor Pad Kitchen
    So you've moved out of home into your own place and are looking for your home and kitchen to have a bachelor pad feel? Look no further!
  • Big Ideas for Your Small Kitchen
    When you have big ambitions and little space to occupy your vision, it can prove difficult to design a kitchen that really works for you. But don't let the room's dimensions limit your creative thoughts

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