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Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta's Articles

  • 6 Simple Steps to Take Stress Out of Game Day with the Kids!
    You are the parent. It is up to you to set the correct environment for your child to choose success for himself. This is a perfect opportunity to teach your child a life skill. If you do everything for your children in order for them to be successful in their sports now, ask yourself this question: when will my child learn the very important characteristic of responsibility? Here are 6 simple steps to help you take the stress out of game day.
  • Parenting Solution for Driving with the Biggest Distraction on the Road…Your Kids!
    It's the first day of a fun family vacation. You are on your way to a fun, relaxing & bonding family time! So far, so good! You have entered the car. Now, the seatbelt war begins. Maybe it begins with the children yelping, "Joey, put your seatbelt on!" in a tone that Joey does not like. Joey automatically retaliates with a little push or name calling. You have not even left the driveway yet...and you are dealing with a battle.
  • Do You Have the World's Laziest Kid or Teen? Here's Your Positive Parenting Solution for Lazy Kids!
    I often hear the question "Why are teenagers so lazy these days?" And the term "Today's children are just give me, give me, give me!" I assure you, the children are give me, give, me, give me because the parents are just giving, giving, giving. Where does that work besides with you? The children who grow up to bully other children in school feel they are entitled somehow to other kids' lunch money, shoes or anything else they decide they want.
  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! A Positive Parenting Solution for Kids and Teens Who Want Something for Nothing
    Make a list of everything your child asks for, outside of food, shelter and clothes. These things are your child's motivation to action. Every person to accomplish anything must at first learn to ask for it or desire it; that is called a goal. Once you have asked for it or you have set a goal, the next required step is to create a plan, and the final step is to persevere through obstacles until the goal has been achieved.
  • Am I, The Parent, Causing The Problem Here? I Think It's Them And They Think Probably It's Me
    Many Parenting Styles Used Today Are Causing Our Children and Our Teenagers to be Lazy, Unproductive and Demanding! Is There a Positive Parenting Solution?
  • My Child Has No Self-Discipline, Responsibility or Focus...Except for Focus on Their Cells or iPads!
    Are Your Children Driving You Crazy Every Day? Would you like 3 Positive Parenting Solutions to Instill Self-Discipline, Responsibility and Focus when It Comes to Chores at Home with Your Child or Teenager? Here Are 3 Positive Parenting Solutions You Can Use that Will Guarantee Your Children and Teenagers Self-Discipline, Responsibility and Focus.
  • What in the World Could Possibly Work to Motivate My Little Brats? How Do I Get Monsters to Move?
    Know the reward. Your young child is choosing to become independent. They have things which they feel are important to them and too often well-meaning parents dismiss what is important to the child. Begin to take note of what is important to your child by hearing the things that they ask for. This is their fuel for motivation. When you buy kids things, you are hindering their motivation to do act. When you know the reward, you have the ammo...
  • The Kids Don't Even Hear Me Yelling at Them Anymore! What Would Happen if I Praised Them Instead?
    When my children were young, it felt like I could stop their actions with simply a look. Maybe it took a single raised finger, or the counting of one, two, three. (I never got to three!) The more I ordered them, the more they complied. Then, overnight, something took place. I have any idea what. They quit "playing orders." Now, the more firmly I order them, the less they react. Exactly what occurred?
  • Is Your Lovely Sweet Toddler Now a Lying Sneaky Thief? Just Lying or Stretching Truths a Tad Bit?
    The truth is your child or teenager will have access to their friends' cell phones and computers. They do and will access the internet with or without your support, so if you are there controlling everything they do, you are actually creating an environment for them to be forced into lying to you and sneaking around. Here are a few simple tips from Thomas to help you create the correct environment so you all can get what you want.
  • How Did I Survive Little Screaming Meanies? Why Did I Merely Endure It when They Were Crazy Kids?
    When I became a mom, it was the best feeling in the world. I believe you don't really know what love is until you hold your own child in your arms. I remember staying awake all night staring at him. I would look forward to when he would wake up so I could look at him even more deeply and build a bond with him. I was the one who was going to protect him, love him and be there for him. So, what happened to us?
  • 3 Powerful Positive Parenting Solutions To Get Chores And School Work Done With Your Child Or Teenager
    3 Powerful Positive Parenting Solutions To Get Tasks And Homework Done With Your Child Or Teenager. If your child or teenager does absolutely nothing when you are not around, but will get motivated with reminders from you every 15 minutes, every weekend, then join 98% of parents out there. Let's review a positive parenting technique that will make the difference between a negative event and a positive parenting experience.
  • My Parenting Style Was Stealing the Independence, Confidence and Self-Worth of My Child and Teenager
    My Parenting Style was Stealing the Independence, Confidence and Self-Worth of My Child and Teenager! When I was 22 years old, I found myself with a lack of education, a lack of money and a lack of self-worth! I was dating an ex-boyfriend, whom I later married, had four children with and divorced, who was 25 at the time, and lived in his parents' basement.
  • How Do I Get the Lil Monsters to Stop Banging Pots and Pans? At Work, I Can Write Cease and Desist!
    It's so exciting when a baby learns how to walk and talk. They usually begin getting into trouble around the same time they discover mobility. The term Terrible Twos has existed since the 1950s, without agreement from research. "It's an old-fashioned idea and not supported by research," says Alan Kazdin, Ph.D., director of the Parenting Center at Yale University. Families were pressured to be detergent-commercial-perfect...
  • How Do I Make My Kid Go To School?
    In wanting the best for our children's future we tend to say things like "Why don't you want to go to school?" or "Do you want to be a dummy for the rest of your life?" It is also easy for parents to unwittingly demean the child by belittling what is crucial to them. The child says, "I don't want to go to school!" And the parent comes back with, "I don't care what you want!" The power struggle will continue until you change it.
  • Why Do Seemingly Nice Teenagers Seem to Feel This Burning Need to Lie to Their Parents?
    Parenting can be frustrating, especially when all parents choose for their child or teenager is happiness and success. Your teenager doesn't wish to upset you. In fact, they wish for acceptance for who they are, and, for parents, this can be difficult. Somehow, we have expectations of who we think our children should be, and as a normal teenager, they are exploring their independence and there are things they do not want you to know ! Remember?
  • 8 Positive Parenting Strategies and Enhanced Skills to Guide Your Toddler to End Temper Tantrums
    Positive Parenting Strategies 1. Take ownership of your role as a parent. Your role as a parent is not to make your toddler or child happy, buy them things, and protect them from life. It is your role to teach your child the skills that will help them to create success in their life now and in their future. ... As you see the step-by-step actions a parent must take to begin to fulfill their role, you see that it makes sense, doesn't it?
  • Exactly, Specifically, Precisely How Do You Expect Me to Work and Get Those Kids to Do Anything?
    How happy would you be to discover the answer for getting chores done at home by your child or teenager by asking them only once? I know, it might be hard to believe but there really is an effective positive parenting solution to this nationwide, and from what I am seeing in Mexico, this worldwide issue of lazy, ungrateful and unproductive children and teenagers who eventually become unproductive adults. What can we do about this?
  • Exploring How To Discipline Your Toddler? See 3 Online Parenting Solutions In 1 Parenting Article!
    esParents seeking positive parenting solutions on how to discipline their toddler are not alone. Everywhere you go, you will find a toddler in a power struggle with good parenting. In fact, we have even come up with names for the ages. We have terrible twos, horrific threes and rebellious teenagers! Right?

    What if a few simple changes in your parenting style approach could make all the difference between parenting and effective parenting?
  • Tired of Yelling at Your Ungrateful Kid Yet? Or Do you Need a Few More Miserable Months or Years?
    Over the last several years we, as a society, have witnessed a dramatic increase in childhood depression, teenage suicide and school gun shootings. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD) has become a household name and blatant disrespect has been accepted as normal adolescent behavior. It is obvious that many parenting styles used today are unwittingly causing poor behavior in the children and teenagers. Do you agree? Do you like it?
  • 3 Enhancements to Supernanny Jo Frost's Parenting Solution: Time-outs, Rules and Encouragement
    If you have done any parenting style or parenting solution research at all, you will have found Supernanny Jo Frost all over the internet, including YouTube. When I was raising my children Supernanny Jo Frost was my hero and still is today! What if her child rearing philosophy could be enhanced with new, state of the art, positive parenting solutions that would bring even better results with your child or teenager?
  • I Thought Parenting Would Be More Fun! What Am I Supposed To Do Now With My Unproductive Teenager?
    Do you know your role as a parent? Have you ever thought about this question? What is your role, your job description, your duties, as a parent? There are some important parenting tools you can use to create amazing results with your child or teenager, and when you do, you will turn the undesirable progress around. These are parenting tools that I have found to work! It is essential to start with knowing your role as a parent.
  • 3 Positive Parenting Tips to Make Going to School a Positive Decision for Your Teenager
    Can we share the best positive parenting advice to make going to school the idea of your child or teenager? Many dictational parenting styles of today are causing the next generation of children to have low self-image, depression and anxiety. For positive parent training, read this parenting article and learn 3 powerful positive parenting tips that will help you have a positive outcome.
  • A Positive Parenting Solution for Behavior Disorders Like ADD and ADHD
    Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with a behavior disorder, like ADD or ADHD? We have revealed a simple solution that makes a huge difference for behaviour disorders, depression and hyperactivity. We advise that you do all your researdh and learn all you can about how nutrition affects the body.
  • 3 Good Parenting Solutions to Instill Self-Discipline for Help at Home from Your Children
    When things come up with your child or teenager you can punish them or you can learn powerful positive parenting solutions that will help you create positive results and raise confident, successful and grateful children and teenagers.
  • Positive Parenting Solutions for a Successful Outing with Your Toddler
    How much would you love to have success when you go on outings with your young child or toddler? Imagine being able to take your toddler on any outing and achieving happiness, success and peace. Read and apply the tips in this parenting article to see the successful results you seek.
  • 6 Positive Parenting Solutions to Make Raising Kids More Fun
    This positive parenting article provides simple but effective parenting solutions you can read about and implement all in the same day. When you use positive parenting you are guaranteed positive results!!!
  • 3 Positive Parenting Strategies - How to Discipline Your Toddler
    Parenting toddlers can be stressful. When you apply these positive parenting strategies, you will see improved attitude, behavior and gratitude from your toddler. When is the best time for you to learn to positively guide your toddler with love and banish those outdated punishment techniques that work short term at best?
  • 3 Parenting Solutions - A Simple Way to Teach Self-Discipline & Responsibility to Your Tween
    Simple positive parenting strategies for getting chores done at home and at the same time help build confidence, happiness and love for your child or teeanger.
  • 5 Positive Parenting Solutions for Parenting Teenagers
    Do you have power struggles with your teenager? This article offers parenting advice for using positive parenting solutions with your teenager.
  • Positive Parenting Strategies - 6 Questions to Ask Your Child or Teenager
    How often do we find ourselves yelling at our children and teenagers because we want what is best for them? We know it is wrong but is there a better way to get the point accross? The answer is an astounding YES!!! Read this article and discover new positive methods for parenting that offers the best chance for success to your child or teenager.
  • 6 Parenting Solutions to Make Raising Kids More Fun With Your Older Child or Teenager
    Did you believe parenting would be more fun? This article includes 6 positive parenting solutions for your older child or teenager.
  • 3 Positive Parenting Strategies-Get Fast Action on Chores & Homework From Your Child or Teenager
    Does your child or teenager do things when you are around nagging but the minute you leave they stop? Use these 3 simple parenting strategies to create the positive results you seek. These are simple positive parenting strategies that you can use today!
  • The Parenting Styles You Choose Directly Affects The Behavior And Success For Your Child Or Teenager
    Can we share a new, innovative, positive parenting philosophy with you that works to produce happy, confident and grateful children and teenagers? This article describes a new 100% positive parenting philosophy that produces 100% positive results with every child.
  • 3 Positive Parenting Solutions to Disciplining Your Toddler
    This parenting article describes positive parenting solutions for disciplining your toddler.

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