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Sven Hylten-Cavallius's Articles in Martial Arts

  • Martial Arts Uniforms: Getting the Right Fit
    Whether you're just beginning martial arts training or you've been a practitioner for years, you may have encountered challenges in finding uniforms that have the right fit.
  • Making Martial Arts As A Good Well Rounded Workout Regiment
    As I was reading about Martial Arts and all that it involves, I became very enthralled. I dared to find out what all the excitement was about. The phenomenon of martial arts to be used as a workout regiment for many athletes or even perspective physical fitness fans is growing rapidly. In a nutshell, this is all that I discovered.
  • Methods Of Qigong In Kung Fu Training
    Qigong is a general name for the systems of hardening and improvement of body and mind, treatment and health enhancement created in China. They primarily based on the ability to control your own consciousness, mentality and through them all the physiological processes of the organism. Practicing Qigong you can achieve stunning results some of which even the powerful modern science cannot conceive and explain.
  • Training With Martial Arts Weapons - Karate Kung Fu Weaponry
    Discussion of training with martial arts weapons as part of an overall karate education.
  • The Hidden Costs Of Choosing The Wrong Style Of Martial Arts Karate
    A lot of people nowadays are getting into the martial arts and choosing a school without even knowing which style of martial arts the school teaches. Some schools are not totally clear on what their style is as many are practicing and teaching a hybrid mix of multiple arts. Is this a problem? Should you know which style you practice?
  • How to Choose a Martial Art
    Once you've decided that you want to start training a martial art, you'll need to decide which one is best for you. Of course, your choice might be dictated by the schools available in your area, but if you're lucky you'll have the choice of at least a few different types.
  • False Sense Of Security
    This article will teach you how to pick a realistic self defense program.
  • Mixed Martial Arts Clothing: Wear And Beware
    Clothing and martial arts have become fused into a culture, a lifestyle, and a visual statement of who you are and what you stand for.
    I've often stated just how important comfort and mental clarity is for doing martial arts. What you wear and how you feel about it goes a long way to defining your state of mind while practicing the art form.
  • Martial Arts Overview
    Anytime an individual decides to learn how to protect themselves, learn self defense, or become a better person, one thing comes to mind - martial arts. Martial arts are very common these days, being practiced all over the world.
  • Choosing The Best Martial Arts Style
    For anyone who wants to learn a martial art, there is a lot to know in regards to the many different styles. Of course there is the question of finding the best martial art, which is a question a lot of people ask With so many martial arts styles to choose from, it can be very complicated to pick one to learn.
  • Mixed Martial Arts-Learn The Terms
    With the rules and sanctioning of certain mma events there has been an explosion of new followers of mma (mixed martial arts) The purpose of this article is to help familiarize the new fans of this sport with some of the terms that are used.
  • Bruce Lee, the Greatest Martial Arts Action Hero
    A tribute to the great Bruce Lee and his impact on martial arts.
  • About Judo Uniforms
    Judo uniforms are generally constructed out of 100% cotton, bleached white. Cotton is the best choice for breathability. Care should be taken when laundering, as most judo uniforms are not pre-shrunken and will shrink up to a full size from excess heat. Therefore, washing in cool water and air drying is highly recommended to avoid shrinkage.
  • Flexibility And Strength In Martial Arts
    Flexibility is the range of movement that you have in your joints. Some say that this definition should only apply if there is no exterior help to move the joint, but this is not correct. If your joints have a greater degree of movement when aided by an external force, then that degree of movement defines the flexibility.
  • The Secrets To Ultimate Flexibility In Martial Arts
    Listen to your body, stretch and condition the way that your body tells you to, yeah, yeah, I get it. But what happens if you DON'T SPEAK your body's language? You want to be flexible but you don't have a clue how to get there. If you want to own the secrets to ultimate flexibility you need to understand how your body works and how it responds to certain exercises and workouts.
  • How To Make Your Self Defense Training More Effective
    There is a right way & a wrong way to train in self defense so you handle violence effectively. This article gives you some tips so you don't freeze up in fear forgetting everything you learned when it matters most.
  • How To Choose A Martial Arts School
    What to look for when choosing a martial arts school or club to join.
  • Martial Arts
    The martial arts are widely perceived in North America as a form of sport. Parents enroll children in karate classes to instill a sense of discipline. Adults train in martial arts to learn self-defense techniques. Many in the western world strive to obtain a black belt, thinking that this is the pinnacle of their training and education.
  • Mixed Martial Arts 101
    What is mma? Mma stands for mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is the blending of two or more fighting systems. The most common styles combined are striking and ground techniques.
  • Application of Energy Systems of Body in Aikido
    Aikido is all about giving and collecting energy. Aikido trains people on how to manage any vocal or corporeal conflict in a more pleasant-sounding way.
  • Jujitsu: History, Philosophy And Methods
    Jujitsu is a 2500 year old unarmed combat discipline that has its roots in ancient Japan. The exact date on the creation of this martial art form is hard to trace but techniques resembling that of Jujitsu had already been incorporated into the training methods of the Samurai, from the 8th to the 6th centuries.
  • 10 Powerful Self Defense Tips For Women
    In the USA, every two minutes a woman is being raped. A 1993 survey revealed that 50% of Canadian women have experienced an incident of sexual assault or physical violence. In Australia, 19% of women aged 18 to 24 experienced an act of violence in the last year. Here is a quick list of 10 items that can make every woman safer.
  • How Martial Arts Sparring Shoes Saved My Marriage
    If you do any kind of martial arts sparring, you know that protective gear is of the utmost importance. Any man who has the stones to go into a sparring match without a cup on, won't have them for very long. There's protective gear like the heavily padded "foot gloves" that I wear when I'm teaching, so I don't accidentally do a spin kick and take someone's head off when they miss a block.
  • Aikido Weapons - What And When To Use?
    Often viewed to be the contemporary Oriental Budo, Aikido rests ton of importance on building one's character morally as well as bodily. Aikido enables the body to be united with the conscience by pursuing the ordinary laws of life and balancing completely with the psyche and body.
  • Explaining the Ki Concept- An Integral Component of Aikido
    There are myriad of different means in which individuals could utilize KI energy in martial arts and therapeutic arts. These vary from the realistic physical features used to be in command of a provoker, right through the esoteric curative arts. KI is the inner self and power of the cosmos that gushes
  • Aikido and The Art of Selling
    What's your first instinct? Unlock The Game and the philosophy behind Aikido have many similarities. Traditional cold calling and selling are designed to focus only on the "close" by presenting -- or in too many cases, "pushing" -- your solution onto prospects, sometimes even when they're not interested.
  • Understanding Aikido Basic Principles and Styles
    With the noticeable reunion of oriental and Western cultures, scores of people are learning and re-realizing novel means of self-control particularly in the arena of martial arts.
  • Aikido Training Methodology - Role of Nage and Uke, Fitness and Initial Attacks
    Akin to Judo and Karate, Aikido requires people to train with a 'GI', a light-weight dual layered white piece of clothing to teach. Though, many Dojos will allow teaching in customary clothes for some time unless learners acquire their 'GI'. The idea is not to rush with anything! Moreover,

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