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  • What Are TDSP Charges in Texas?
    If you go through the electricity quotes given by different companies in detail, you will often notice a charge in addition to the energy rate. Interestingly, this charge is not included in the energy rate but is included in the total cost.
  • What Will a Cool Summer Mean for Electricity Companies and Consumers in Texas?
    If you live in the United States, you may be living in any of the four climate regions in this nation, particularly cool, hot-arid, hot-humid, and temperate.
  • What Will a Hot Summer Mean for Electricity Companies and Consumers in Texas?
    2011 was a tumultuous year for Texas electricity companies and consumers as the state was brought to the brink of continuous blackouts during two extreme periods of hot and cold.
  • Is There Enough Time for Dallas Electricity Providers to Meet New EPA Rule?
    Dallas electricity providers as well as other Texas electricity utilities in the state won a temporary victory as U.S. Federal appeals court recently issued a delay order to the January implementation of the new EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.
  • Texas Electricity Reserves: Grim Outlook for Electric Companies in Texas
    It will be a grim outlook for electric companies in Texas as they will be caught in a “power” play between keeping the fires burning in old power plants and keep Texas electricity reserves at safe levels, and complying with new environmental rules imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • New Updates on Advanced Metering System Deployment in Texas
    The state of Texas is at the forefront in the deployment of Advanced Metering technology, or what people refer to now as smart meters. The “smart” in advanced meters is the real-time communication and interaction between customers and their Texas electricity utility.
  • Renewable Energy Integration in Texas Electric Grid Modernization Projects
    Recently, the announcement of federal projects involving the creation of new electric transmission lines brought new hope for residents of affected states, all eagerly anticipating the creation of new jobs plus an increase in their electrical grid capacity. Not only that, the project also involves the modernization of the electricity grid which will facilitate better integration and growth of renewable energy sources.
  • Texas Electric Power Plants and the New EPA Emission Limit
    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced new regulations that would require Texas as other states to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that could be detrimental to the nation’s air quality.
  • How Has the Heat Wave Affected Texas Electricity Consumers?
    The severe heat wave that hit the state and several other regions in the United States not only gave Texas residents an uncomfortable time each day, it also resulted to a heavy strain on the Texas electricity grid.
  • The Energy Efficient Home is the Home of the Future
    During the past few years, much clamor has been brought forward on how existing natural resources have slowly dwindled down to alarming levels. Coupled with an increasing awareness on how current energy resources created a negative impact on the environment, more and more governments around the world are slowly shifting their focus towards energy conservation as well as alternative and cheap electricity sources.
  • Electric Car Adoption and Texas Electricity
    The old Texan stereotypes of cowboy hats and gas guzzler trucks are slowly fading away with the growing awareness for renewable sources and clean Texas electricity.
  • Understanding Indexed Plans in the Texas Electricity Market
    The deregulated retail electricity market in the state of Texas gave consumers the power to choose their retail electric providers. Aside from the many different reselling companies competing for consumers’ attention, there are also different programs, payment schemes, and pricing consumers can select from.
  • Rising Costs and the Texas Electricity Grid Expansion
    Texas has always been a leader in oil and natural gas production in the country but in recent years it has once again emerged at the forefront of energy production and development, this time in the form of renewable wind energy sources
  • Market Dangers and Other Implications of the Texas Electricity Crisis
    The recent drought and record heat wave that hit the Texan state caused an electricity crisis that brought the Texas grid to the brink on rolling blackouts that would have disrupted the Texas economy.
  • New Appeals for Conservation from the Texas Electric Grid
    The recent Texas electricity emergencies are a clear indication that the state and the rest of the country as well, is not yet fully energy independent. Unless really cheap electricity is made abundantly available to all, each member of community should do his or her part in conserving energy.
  • Outages and Power Abuse: What Every Texas Resident Should Do
    The series of recent electricity grid emergencies announced by Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was brought about by the surging heat wave experienced in the state during the early periods of August. At least 20 power plants ceased operations as record levels of Texas electricity usage brought the state to the brink of rolling outages.
  • Texas Electricity Emergencies and Calls for Energy Conservation
    Recently, the state of Texassuffered through unrelenting heat waves, causing usage of Texas electricity to jump high to record levels. This prompted the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to issue electricity emergency alerts and begin emergency procedures in an attempt to prevent rolling blackouts.
  • New Transmission to Support Texas Renewable Energy
    The Texas panhandle is a huge source for Texas renewable energy, particularly wind and solar power, and could generate several megawatts of additional clean Texas electricity that would supply the needs of the state. However, without the proper transmission lines and required infrastructure that would deliver the generated electricity to urban areas and communities who will use the additional power, all the potential clean energy that could be generated can go to waste.
  • Learning from the Texas State University Energy Savings Program
    When the Texas Legislature Passed House Bill 3693 it set certain guidelines regarding energy efficiency programs and incentives as well as other energy performance measures. Part of the Bill’s guidelines requires schools to establish a goal to reduce the school district’s annual consumption of Texas Electricity. In response, Texas State University set a goal of 2.5% electricity consumption for FY11.
  • New Incentives for Texas Energy Efficiency
    Texas electric utility companies are required to undertake energy savings incentive programs which shall be coursed through Retail Electric Providers (REP) or through Energy Efficiency Service Providers (EESP).
  • Bringing Smart Meters to Life for the Texas Consumer
    In an energy deregulated market such as the one in Texas, consumers have the power to choose their energy options. One such service that would redefine the way consumers uses Texas Electricity is through the use of smart meters. These innovative tools provide energy saving solutions for consumers by helping them reduce their energy consumption.
  • Blowing in the Wind: Texas Wind Energy Updates
    Wind energy is a form of renewable energy that use wind turbines to produce electricity. This form of energy production consumes zero fossil fuels, zero water, and produces zero emissions.
  • The Future of Nuclear Energy Projects in Texas
    Many see nuclear power as a clean and sustainable source of electricity, which is in line with America’s energy policy that relies on combining energy resources from fossil fuels.
  • Get Competitive Texas Electricity Prices with Your Power to Choose
    Electricity is extensively used in most aspects of day-to-day living: lighting, cooling or heating, cleaning and cooking. Consumers can now shop Texas electricity providers in a similar manner that they would shop for cars or mobile services. Consumers can opt to choose providers that offer cheap electricity rates and good services and can change from one company to another without disrupting their energy services.
  • Energy Efficiency Programs: What You Can Apply Now
    Texas has been at the forefront of the nationwide energy efficiency drive with residents given the power to select their energy options in a bid to reduce consumption of Texas electricity.

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