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Shane Flait's Articles in Politics

  • Waking Up To The Tyranny Of Too Much Government
    Some of you know, some have an 'inkling', and some haven't a clue. But the fact is your government is growing continually bigger, becoming more controlling of you, slipping into denying you rights that historically have been considered fundamental or inalienable, and criminalizing segments of society who've done nothing wrong. Most western democracies now fulfill these characterizations and thereby tyrannize you.
  • Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical 'Isms'
    Communism and Nazism are two of the tyrannical 'isms' that produced untold misery and death in the first half of the 20th century. Their propaganda seduced countless millions into their control. But more 'isms' of tyranny are now forming. If we don't recognize their common elements we'll succumb to them again - as we are doing. Here's how to recognize them…
  • Demands of Fathers Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection
    Our nation's family courts and its divorce and domestic violence industry tyrannize fit fathers by denying their constitutional rights to parent their children, controlling their own earnings, and unconstitutionally sending them to jail. Meaningful redress is nonexistent. So, demands must now be made.
  • Are Fathers' Rights Advocates Part Of The Problem Or The Solution?
    Under divorce and paternity suits, a judge orders one of two fit parents into a non custodial status, while the other takes on custodial status - i.e. living with the child. Fathers are overwhelmingly targeted to be non custodial parents for operationally one reason - they are men. So, what should fathers right advocates advocate about this?
  • Tyrannists Control Society By Phony Rights That Destroy Real Rights
    Those that would force their control over people by denying them their unalienable rights do so to force their view of how society should work. Tyrannies such as communism, Nazism, and now feminism peddle phony rights to seduce supporters. The society that tyrannist goverments setup is unnatural to the human ethos. Its denial of real rights always causes increased misery as well undermining most of the phony rights and benefits it promises.
  • State-Imposed Feminism Needs To Vilify Fathers for Control of Family
    'Domestic Violence' is the Orwellian phrase for justifying women-favored family court outcomes that ignore the rights of fathers while enslaving them to the mother and the state. So what does such a phrase engender to those 'in the know'?
  • Radical Feminism Is the Result of Imposing 'State Feminism'
    I often hear that radical feminists are perverting the laws in favor of women while undermining the rights of men and essential fairness in law. This reveals the misunderstanding that many men and women have about what both feminism and its state implementation means - and what freedom means. This article addresses these misunderstandings.
  • Ensuring Equal Opportunity Initiated State-Imposed Feminist Tyranny
    When people think of feminism, most think of equal opportunity for women. It's simply an idea and, perhaps, a goal for some. But when feminists pushed to force equal opportunity on society they initiated a state tyranny that transforms society in their image and undermines equal opportunity and freedom. Here's why...
  • CEDAW's Imposition on Member States Is Part of the Feminist Fraud
    CEDAW, the Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, is a human rights treaty for women adopted by the United Nations. It espouses equality and non-discrimination based on sex and requires UN member states to adjust their laws to abide by it. The fraud is that whatever laws discriminates against men but favors women is OK with them. Here's a typical example...
  • Feminist 'PC' Media Covers-up Family Court's Tyranny against Fathers
    The unconstitutional denials of fundamental rights that fit fathers face in family court are outrageous. Fathers, their children, and, of course, freedom are being destroyed daily. The feminist-instigated politically correct (PC) media doesn't want you to know about that. It's not part of 'the agenda'. So any such news is obscured, slanted or more generally ignored to enforce the PC view of how you should perceive what's happening.
  • Government Power and Money Assures More Tyranny under Feminist Greater Good Excuses
    The divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) doesn't create real product. It's a parasite industry funded by taxpayers and extortion of fathers. It wholly depends on unconstitutional court orders that rob fathers of their children and create abusers under phony laws. Its guaranteed state power and its feminist push for 'safety of women' and 'the best interest of the child' excuses assures more tyranny. Here's how.
  • EP Women's Rights Committee Demand Women's Privileges and Benefits - Naturally
    Women representatives of the European Parliament (EP) naturally spend their time demanding privileges and benefits for single women and their children. Women's rights have nothing to do with equal opportunity for women. They're all about demanding benefits for irresponsible and selfish women usually at the expense of men and their fundamental rights and their children. Here's what's going on the EP.
  • Can You Recognize When a Free Society Becomes Tyrannized?
    The purpose of this article is to expose the most critical issue of our time - the usurping of our constitutional rights by a feminist-based governmental tyranny. That tyranny is bent on engineering a social, cultural, and economic structural change in our society that's in complete violation of our constitutional principles as engendered by the bill of rights, the further amendments, and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Fathers Rights Means Demanding Constitutional Rights Currently Denied to Fathers
    Many of you may think fathers groups are asking for new rights when 'fathers rights' are mentioned. They're not! They're just demanding the constitutional rights guaranteed to all, but denied to them under present divorce or paternity actions. This article explains what's denied to them and why it's unconstitutional.
  • Feminist Tyranny - a U.S. Export to the World
    Feminist tyranny refers to government-supported procedures that clearly deny fundamental rights to fathers under the guise of assuring a 'greater good'. That greater good espouses the best interests of the child. The feminist system is a sham for control, but it's well-funded. This article summarizes the issues of this tyranny, how it has spread and the growing recognition of how it works to destroy society and the rights of fathers.
  • Jailed Father on Hunger Strike to Protest Denial of His Parental and Other Constitutional Rights
    Dr. Amir Sanjari, was divorce after a 17 year marriage. He's a UK Citizen who was originally invited to the United States to Stony Brook University, New York for a research position. Now he's destitute and on a hungar strike in jail to protest the unconstitutional denial of father' rights and more.

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