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Shane Flait's Articles in Legal

  • Rights - Their Origin And Your Right To Reclaim Them From Tyranny
    At a time when our rights are being denied, perverted, or dismissed as nonexistent, we must recognize what our unalienable rights are and who is responsible for upholding them. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, is the founding document for the Constitution of the United States. It tells it all...
  • Prevent A Successful Challenge To Your Will After You Die
    When you make a will you're telling the state how you wish your assets to be distributed. But after you die, someone may still contest your will. So, it's important that you construct your will so it can sustain a challenge to it. Here's how you can accomplish that.
  • Fathers Are Slaves Under Feminist Family Court's Propaganda Of Responsibility
    Fathers are brainwashed into the propaganda spewed by the fathers' rights-denying family court to believe their compliance with family court orders means their taking responsibility for their children. Nothing could be further from the truth...
  • Fathers' Rights Are Doomed By Advocating Within The Family Court System
    The Family Court system will not allow equal rights for fathers - not now, not ever. Fathers' Rights advocates who try to change the system from within are wasting their time. Here's why...
  • Family Court's Phony Fathers Rights Obscure Fathers' Enslavement
    It's disgusting the way family court lawyers - even fathers' rights lawyers - sell a father on family court's phony fathers' rights for their own aggrandizement. They keeping him hoping for his children while enslaving him to the tyranny that the family court system has created for profit, power, and to further the feminist agenda...
  • 'Feminist Jurisprudence' Destroys Jurisprudence To Justify Feminist Ideology
    Feminist ideology demands re-engineering society to prevent men from (allegedly) dominating women. Its perverted view attributes almost every interaction between men and women as a form of male privilege victimizing women. Like every tyrannical ideology, it advocates any means including perverting justice to justify its end - however grotesque such a perverted view's end would be.
  • Fathers Must Not Comply With The Feminist's Family Court Orders And Its War On Fatherhood
    The feminists' family court tyranny - supported by the whole divorce and domestic violence industry - against fathers and their children relies on fathers complying with its rights-denying orders and the public's belief in its propaganda against fathers. As a father, your noisy noncompliance while stating and demanding your constitutional rights will undermine this tyranny and publicly expose the maliciousness of its feminist propaganda.
  • How Fathers Must Rebut Feminist's Family Court Tyranny And Its War On Fatherhood
    You are at WAR. You are being exterminated. You're allowing the alienation of and damage to your children and the re-engineering of society into a malicious matriarchal form. You must stand up, publicize and overturn this tyranny against fathers. Here's how...
  • Fathers Must Educate Themselves to Their Real Rights, The Feminist Tyranny and The War On Fatherhood
    Feminists have parlayed the 'best interests of the child' and 'safety of women from abuse' excuses into a tyranny against men and fathers in the family courts. Fathers, denied all constitutional due process, stripped of their fundamental rights and children, and reduced to slaves and extorted for money, must cut through the propaganda to understand their real rights and learn to fight back.
  • Don't Compromise With Family Court's Tyranny Against Fathers
    Compromising in any way that allows the family court structure to continue will maintain its tyranny. Never compromise with a structure that virtually guarantees tyranny over people. Tyranny feeds on such compromises.
  • Fathers Demand Prosecution Of Family Court Judges For Violations Of Fathers' Constitutional Rights
    Family court judges who violated the constitutional rights of litigants (and any other officers of the court such as lawyers who can be shown to have lied in court to the significant harm of fathers or their children) shall be prosecuted. Indictments shall be issued based on probable violations of such individuals as brought to committees of fathers designated to initiate actions against these 'war-on-fathers' criminals.
  • Fathers' Demand For Juries And Judicial Accountability
    We reclaim the judicial system from the legal aristocracy which has perverted America's judicial system by putting itself effectively above accountability to the public at all levels of the judicial process. The family courts transgress all rights of litigants; it's virtually unaccountable at every stage of litigation.
  • What Can You Appeal About A Family Court Judgment?
    The family court transgresses the rights of fathers daily. It is a despicable court devoid of due process that flagrantly violates constitutional rights especially of fathers. Having received a rights-denying judgment, fathers should recognize what they can appeal about it, when and how...
  • Fathers Must Demand Clear And Unequivocal Rights
    Fathers must demand their full constitutional rights including full parental rights to directly support and care for our children as for all fit parents. This right begins at a child's conception. The denial of fitness and resulting restriction on parenting right must comply with constitutional due process for restricting any fundamental right. It can only be challenged in a superior court that includes a fully informed jury of one's peers.
  • The Key Tactics For Fathers To Use In A Family Court Trial - And Why
    Unlike in a regular court where a jury must 'find evidence' of guilt to punish by denying rights of the alleged offender, the family court judge 'finds' only his opinion of who should take physical custody of the children. Wrong doing is only a secondary issue, if at all. So, your main strategy in family court is to prove that you deserve custody for the best interests of the children. But that takes special tactics to do as a father.
  • Fathers' Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law) Must be Demanded
    To maintain the liberty interests of each parent, foster the preservation of family and freedom, stop rewarding women for breaking up families as they are doing presently, and dry up 95% of litigation and the divorce and domestic violence industry - which lobbies and feeds off the destruction of fathers, families, and freedom - the constitutionally acceptable decision on allocating parental rights should be the following...
  • Reject All Alternatives to the Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law)
    Family court law virtually guarantees that one parent - overwhelmingly a fit father - will be disenfranchised of his children and all other of his fundamental rights while the mother is enfranchised and privileged at his - and the children's - expense. Implementing the CEPR Law and rejecting present family court-based fixes is the only way to guarantee the equal and constitutional liberty interests of both parents.
  • Family Court Forces Civil Rebellion As Fathers' Only Alternative To Regaining Rights And Children
    Our nation's fit fathers under divorce and paternity suits are clearly being tyrannized by our family court system that unconstitutionally denies their parental and other fundamental rights. The enormously powerful state-based divorce and domestic violence industry which depends on such rights denials and feeds off fathers and the public prevents redress and remedy of this tyranny. It forces fathers into rebellion.
  • Opposing Lawyer In Family Court Wants To Undermine Your Credibility
    Lawyers have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution, their state constitution and help uphold justice in court actions. But they understand the prejudice of judges to deny fathers their rights based on finding fathers as 'uncredible witnesses'. So when opposing fathers, lawyers use tactics that will unfairly foster such a perception.
  • A More Direct Confrontation Is Needed For Fathers To Regain Their Rights
    Normal processes for the redress of family court's unjust denial of constitutional rights to fathers are foreclosed by a state-based tyranny that profits and benefits its benefactors based on such denials. This forces fathers to take a more direct confrontational approach to restoring their rights for the sake of themselves, their children and freedom for all.
  • Beware Of The Tactic Used Against You By Family Court Judges
    Family court judges have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution - and the rights and due process it presupposes. But in fact they use tactics that undermines your right of due process. Lack of an informed jury and the prejudice of the judge make the family court a Kangaroo Court where the trial judgment is almost assured at making the father lose his children and other rights.
  • The Futility Of Redress Or Repair Of Family Court Tyranny
    Oppression has come upon us, specifically aimed at fathers, the family and freedom. But it's disguised under 'greater good' excuses as judicial perversions for helping 'women's safety' or determining 'the best interests of the child' all at the clear denial of the constitutional rights of fathers and other men.
  • What Are The Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face In Family Court
    Here are the tyrannical denials of constitutional rights and malicious actions that the government - through the family court - imposes overwhelmingly on fit and decent fathers at the whim of a single judge and a mother. Constitutional rights cannot be denied without constitutional due process and parental unfitness in the case of parental rights - proved by clear and convincing evidence. Otherwise, tyranny exists and your rights mean nothing.
  • Preparation Steps For Making Your Argument In Court For Pro Se Fathers
    When fathers represent themselves in family court, they must argue for what they want - clearly, concisely, and authoritatively. Below is a quick overview of how to approach 'making your argument in family court' for what you want...
  • Judge And Lawyer Prejudices Against Fathers Facing A Family Court Trial
    State-affiliated people and organizations rack up benefits or fulfil their agenda by maintaining unconstitutional perversion of justice in the family court that assures easy denial of parental - overwhelmingly to fathers. Judges and lawyers are no exception to such unconstitutional prejudices. Fathers in their trial must be aware of this to better protect their interests. Here's why those prejudices are always present...
  • Use These 4 Elements In Your Strategy For Going To Family Court
    Because the family court - including judges, lawyers, and the rules - are stacked against a father, he must cover protect his rights and what he wants. Four key elements to his strategy are developing a responsible perspective to what he's up against, knowing his issues, rights, and the rules, preparing his oral delivery well , and controlling the direction, orders and accountability of the judge - as best he can. Here's what this means...
  • Feminists Use Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) To Impose Tyrannical Abuse Policies On Fathers
    Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) seek to protect human rights around the world. But hiding under 'women's rights', feminists hijack many of these NGOs to use their political clout to impose feminists' tyrannical policies that deny fundamental rights of fathers all in the name of 'ending abuse of women'. It's a way for feminists to reform a country's society into the fatherless and mother-based families they've fostered in the West.
  • What Are The Differences Between Orders, Judgments And Stipulations
    Every suit begins with the filing of a complaint. The complaint 'complains' of a problem for which it seeks the court to resolve. The complaint initiates a standardized process that may include hearings and that aims toward a trial on the issues of the complaint followed by the judge's resolution of these - unless the parties agree on a settlement. Orders, judgments and stipulations represent resolutions, some temporary, within this process.
  • What Are The Types And Purposes Of Complaints And Hearings In The Family Court
    During the court process initiated by filing a complaint, many different types of hearings take place. Being aware of the nature and purpose of a complaint and its hearings is essential to your adequate preparations for dealing with them.
  • Fathers Should Take Control of Their Family Court Trials - Pro Se If Need Be
    Effectively proving your case in a family court trial is essential for helping you to 'win' your case or to be able to make an effective appeal if you receive an unjust or unfair final judgment. You must be aggressive at proving the case for you and against your 'ex' on the issues at hand. Understanding how to prepare for and carry through your trial - with or without a lawyer- is your responsible approach to protecting you and your children.
  • Make an Argument That Puts the Family Court Judge on Trial
    The family court ignores the constitutional due process required when ruling on a litigant's fundamental rights. But that's what it does all day long. It's not just unfair to fathers, but geared to making your children effectively fatherless and you into a slave. The family court's process is stacked against you. So, you need to argue your case in a way that puts the judge on trial.
  • Why Family Court is a Kangaroo Court With Predictable But Unconstitutional Outcomes
    The Family Court is a kangaroo court because of its predictable and unconstitutional outcome - an outcome that deprives a father of his children, and most all his fundamental rights. It's maintained so by the power, money, and agenda of the state-based divorce and domestic violence industry. And here are the perverted and unconstitutional characteristics that allow this to be so.
  • Make A Strong Legal Argument For What You Want In Family Court
    Family courts violate virtually every maxim of fairness and equal rights. Results rely on the whims of judges influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don't 'go along' with it. A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family court's judges and lawyers. Among other things, he should know how to make his argument powerful.
  • Fathers Must Protect Themselves Through The Family Court Process
    Fathers face unfair and unconstitutional treatment in family courts. Judges deny them their parental rights, then enslave them with impoverishing child extortion payments for whatever the mother wants. Lawyers promote what the judge wants and Guardian Ad Litems (GALs) assist them with the results he prefers. What are the ways, you as a father, can protect yourself against such court personnel and the injustice they participate in?
  • No-Fault Divorce Punishes Fathers Without Due Process and Without a Finding of Unfitness
    No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here's how and why it happens...
  • How to Complain about Family Court Judges, Lawyers, and GALs
    Fathers serve their children and themselves best by being aware of their rights and the judicial process they will face - as well as the strategies they must consider during a divorce or paternity action. Using their knowledge to complain about judges, lawyers and guardians ad litem (GALs) is an important strategy.
  • No-Fault Divorce Assigns Fault to Men Using Severe Due Process Violations
    No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here's how and why it happens.
  • Use a 'Pour-Over Will' for Whatever Doesn't Get into Your Trust
    A 'pour-over' Will pours into your trust everything you didn't get into your trust before you died, but was meant to. This article explains how a 'pour-over' Will is a good idea to have since some of your possessions may not - perhaps for reasons beyond your control - get into your trust while you're alive. Your 'pour-over' Will brings those excluded assets into your trust after you die.
  • The Unobscured Tyranny Fathers Face under Family Court Justice
    Using unconstitutional excuses of 'best interest of the child' and 'abuse of women', family courts, and at mother's whim, civilly rapes fit father of their rights, their children, and their property, daily. Here's the 'what and why' of it unobscured by propaganda.
  • Understand Who Gets What under Your Will's Wording
    Writing your own Will can be tricky. That's because you're not practiced in thinking about all the changes in circumstance that can radically alter who gets your legacy. You may think you know where your money will go but you may be wrong. This article gives you some examples that may stimulate more thought about making your own Will.
  • What to Consider When You Make Your Will
    You can pass property to specific people in a number of ways when you die. But if you're going to use a will to pass property on, here are some basic issues to consider.
  • Key Points to Know About a Will
    No matter what ways you've chosen to 'pass on' your property, you should make a Will to show your intentions about any property that remains solely in your own name. This article addresses some key points to realize so you don't delay making a Will.
  • Naïve Fathers in Family Court Are Kept Confused and Helpless for Money
    Most fathers are dragged into family court by women-filed divorce and paternity complaints. They're not as aware as the women are about family court outcomes. Unfortunately the family court and its lawyers maintain a father's naivety and confusion about the protection of his unalienable rights including his right to continue to parent his children for their own protection and profit.
  • Family Court Sets Up Fathers to Lose Their Children, Rights and Future
    Mothers initiate most divorce and paternity suits.They know the court will give them the children and a good fraction of the father's weekly income for up to 22 years; and if married, most of his property. That's why divorce and paternity suits, and growing fatherlessness dominate our society. It proves the family court denies fathers their constitutional rights and protections - including his right of equal protection. Here's the set-up...
  • Feminist Jurisprudence Alienates Fathers from their Unalienable Rights
    Fathers can't believe they're treated so badly in Family Court - like criminals - when they've done nothing wrong. Like each of us, they understand our fundamental rights are supposed to be protected, especially in a court. But what they don't know is that feminist jurisprudence has infiltrated our court systems leaving their fundamental rights a distant second to the greater good excuses of a state-based judicial tyranny.
  • Feminist-Controlled Family Court Laws and Procedures Give Women Incentive to Divorce
    I've done nothing wrong and I'm a fit parent. So will I be able to parent and directly care for my children after a divorce or paternity suit? Yes, if you're a mother; just sit tight and insinuate misgivings about the father. No, if you're a father; you get the run-around so it's not obvious that you won't, nor why you won'. Here's why.
  • Advocating for Lower Child Support Payments Undermines Awareness of the Tyranny Fit Fathers Face
    The U.S. requires the states to review their child support guidelines. Family court judges oversee hearings where anyone may give his opinion on current state child support guidelines. Fathers groups who push simply for more reasonable (lower) child support payments lend justification of a tyrannical system that controls them and, thereby, help cover up the real denial of rights they face.
  • Estate Tax for 2010 and the Modified Carryover Basis Option
    The estate tax for those dying in 2010 gives you a one-time only choice of two ways to be taxed. You can either opt for a $5 million exemption and pay 35% estate tax on any excess value of your estate or you can opt for an unlimited estate tax exemption which essentially eliminates any estate tax. But the latter option comes with a carryover basis
  • A Living Trust for Avoiding Probate and More
    Probate is a legal process of settling the financial affairs of someone who dies. It can be a time-consuming and costly process. Since it addresses property held solely in the name of the deceased that doesn't pass to someone automatically, you can avoid probate by having a trust - a living trust - own all your property. But setting up a living trust can accomplish other purposes too.
  • Fathers' Rights Advocates Undermine Awareness of the Tyranny Fathers Face in Family Court
    Unfortunately, many who advocate for fathers against family court's anti-father rulings unintentionally obscure the real tyranny that fathers face. Their pleas and actions play into complex morass that family court and its benefactors use as a smokescreen to cover its tyranny.
  • The Meaning and Avoidance of Probate
    Probate is the legal process by which assets that are titled solely in your name are transferred to your beneficiaries and spouse according to your will and your state's law. If you have no will, then your state's law completely determines who gets what. The process can be time consuming and expensive which are reasons to avoid probate if possible. Here's the scoop...
  • 'Father' Film Dropped by Amnesty International under Feminist Pressure
    Feminists use pressure tactics in government and media to cover-up the injustice that fit fathers face in family courts here and around the world. Amnesty International, a human rights organization, dropped a film in its own sponsored competition when some finalists produced a film that exposed the denial of rights fathers faced under Sweden's family court - a film that angered feminists. Here's what the film said...
  • Government Cover up of the Tyranny against Fathers, Families, and Freedom in Family Court
    Under divorce and paternity suits, our family courts ignore all constitutional protections and rights when they deprive fit fathers of their parental rights and then extort enormous payments from them for the mothers for whatever use they desire. Fathers are made virtual slaves of the mother and state. This article shows how this tyranny remains hidden by power, money and the feminist agenda associated with government entities.
  • Media Ignores Father's Family Court Suicide to Coverup Government's Feminist Tyranny against Fathers
    Divorced Father, Tom Ball, wrote a 15 page statement before committing suicide by setting himself on fire on the steps of a New Hampshire family court. It showed how present unconstitutional policies of Family Court influenced by the Violence Against Women Act destroys fathers and hurts children. The PC media has ignored this news, for which Tom sacrificed his life, to cover up the court injustice that affects every father across this country.
  • Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny against Fathers in Family Court
    Fathers are being destroyed under the tyrannical feminist policies of family court. A massive state industry is based and funded on its anti-father court judgments. This article overviews the various factions in this industry and within society that help cover up this tyranny against fathers, family and freedom.
  • Father Commits Suicide on Steps of Family Court and Leaves Statement Why
    Tom Ball set himself on fire at New Hamphire's Superior Courthouse June 15, 2011. As a father of three children, he battled against an unconstitutional anti-father and destructive process that family courts impose on fathers. He sacrificed his life to introduce his 15 page statement explaining the unjust processes that fathers face, a call to fight for freedom, and his love for his children. This article excerpts portions of his statement.
  • Unaccountability Breeds a Profitable Corruption Scheme in Family Courts
    An unaccountable and self-managed legal community will necessarily evolve for its own benefit, behaviors, rules, and judgments that abridge our constitutional principles. Lord Acton's phrase, "power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely" is ever in operation, and no place more effectively than through the legal scam that is destroying fathers, families, and freedom in our Family Courts. Here's why...
  • Immunity of Judicial Elites Sets the Stage for Family Court Injustice
    Judge-made judicial immunity laws along with special interest-driven judicial appointments encourage judges' arrogant and fearless implementation of violations of due process and anti-father judgments. They have, by their behavior, generated a divorced-based and fatherless society of mother-headed families supported by state-enslaved fathers. Judges are the lynchpin upon which this tyranny against fathers depends. How does this happen?
  • Root Causes of How the Family Court Came to Tyrannize Fathers and Families
    Family court denies fit fathers their right to parent their children. This turns a father into a virtual slave to both the state and the mother and to pay outrageous extortion payments for the state's kidnapping of his children - or go to jail. These are all clear violations of his unalienable rights and his constitutional protections. But what are the root causes that created such a court tyranny against fathers?
  • Family Court Tyranny Against Fathers Versus The Cover-Up Propaganda
    Fathers face a tyranny against them in family court because the court denies their unalienable rightswhich include their right to parent their children. This article contrasts this fact with the state's divorce and domestic violence industry's propaganda that covers up family court's unconstitutional use of its greater good excuses - safety of women's abuse excuse and the best interest of the child excuse.
  • Bad Law and Phony Rights Tread on Rightful Liberty
    The U.S. was formed to secure the unalienable rights of its citizens - as stated in the Declaration of Independence - nothing more and nothing less. The Constitution with the Bill of Rights and its further Amendments mapped out some fundamental rights and their protection from government interference. So what should Americans be aware of to maintain their liberty?
  • Prepare for Mental Incapacity in Your Estate Planning
    The longer we live, the more we increase our chance for suffering dementia or other mental incapacities in our latter years. You need to decide before hand to whom you'll give the power to handle your affairs when that mental affliction happens - or even before you become increasingly unsure of your own judgment.
  • Feminist 'Greater Good' Legislation Gave Rise to the Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry
    Feminist-backed 'greater good' legislation has produced unjust 'excuses' for courts to deprive fathers and other men of their constitutional rights and protections while privileging and benefiting women. This legislation has produced an enormous court order-based industry - the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) - that funds itself through extorting fit fathers and taxpayers. It's a parasitic cadre of benefactors.
  • How Women's 'Abuse Excuse' Violates Constitutional Protections and Tyrannizes Men and Fathers
    Today, criminal behavior is not required in most domestic abuse cases. Here's how the feminist-instigated 'greater good' 'abuse excuse' allows a woman to get a restraining order against a father and much more - all without constitutional protection of his rights.
  • Feminist 'Greater Good' Excuses Deny Constitutional Rights of Fathers in Family Court
    Family Court unjustly uses the 'greater good' excuse of 'best interest of the child' to override constitutional rights and protections of overwhelmingly fathers. Its setup and use of the greater good 'abuse' excuse, too, shows it has no interest in protecting a father's rights but to deny him his children and extort his earnings for the best interest of the mother.
  • Safety of Women's 'Abuse Excuse' Is the Greater Good Feminazism Uses to 'Divide and Conquer'
    Tyrannies take hold in by promoting a commendable-sounding 'greater good'. State-enforced implementation of that greater good establishes the tyranny. Feminism's promotion of the safety of women through the 'abuse excuse' is its 'greater good' that legally divides the sexes. It privileges women by denying men their constitutional rights. That's why state-forced feminism is best characterized as feminazism for the tyranny it creates.
  • The 'Rule of Law' Promotes Liberty or Fosters Tyranny. It all Depends
    The rule by law and not by men implies laws protect our liberties, whereas men (and women) rule to their own interests with disbenefit to others. But laws are continually created by men and women to serve their interests. So, bad laws that tyrannize some are expected. So, the 'rule of law' promotes liberty and not tyranny only when it secures our unalienable rights through court processes for each of us. Here's how to determine your situation.
  • Get Your Four Essential Tools of Estate Planning Done Right
    Estate Planning involves not only making decisions on how your assets will be distributed when you die but also making it clear how decisions should be carried out when you're alive yet mentally incapacitated. The four essential estate planning tools that make your views clear to all are your will, a power of attorney, a living will and a health care proxy. This article comments on what each means and warnings about getting them done right.
  • Maxims of Law Help Assure Justice - Their Absence Assures Injustice
    It's important for each of us that court processes are fair - fair to litigants or defendants. Our founding fathers insisted that a jury was essential where substantial money or rights were at stake. Nevertheless, a court's processes and deliberations should also adhere to the Maxims of Law to help assure fairness and justice also. When the Maxims are ignored, courts are surely serving something other than justice. Here are key Maxims to know.
  • Family Court Judgments Against a Father's Parental Rights Are Illegitimate
    The fundamental right to parent your child is an unalienable right - one for which our country was formed to secure. It can't be denied to you unless the full constitutional due process is invoked to prove you 'unfit'. Here's what it means and why the family court judgments are illegitimate.
  • A Father's Right to Parent His Child and Constitutional Law That Says So
    Fathers walk into family courts and can't believe the injustice they face. These courts deny fathers their children and other rights at the whim of the judge. Their reaction is justified. We all have an innate understanding of what's right. And we all understand that we have fundamental rights that governments should uphold. This article gives proof of their parental rights and evidence that family courts deny fathers' unalienable rights.
  • Women's Rights Are Not Rights But Tyrannical Entitlements and Privileges
    In a free society, 'rights' mean the unalienable rights referred to in America's founding document, the Declaration of Independence - the 'unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. Government is formed to secure those for each of us. But feminism uses Women's Rights as a front to force state-imposed benefits and privileges for women that directly deny the unalienable rights of men and fathers.
  • Great Britain Councillor Stands Against Stalinist Domestic Violence Program
    A British councillor, James Williams, won't grovel as most of the cowardly male - and female - politicians do in the face of feminist-based totalitarian and anti-men legislation. He understands what legal protections a free society owes to every citizen and has the guts to speak up against policies that clearly violate those protections. Here's what he fighting against.
  • Will You Be Parent One, Parent Two, or, Perhaps, Parent Three?
    The new passport application for minors doesn't require the father's and mother's name any more; it now requires the name of parent 1 and parent 2. This 'word garbage' of feminist-promoted 'correctness' helps to destroy the heterosexual family - the basic unit of society. This nonsense hides the truth.
  • Fundamental Rights Denied Fathers Who Owe Child Extortion Payments
    Extortion faithfully reflects what court-ordered child support payments really mean, how they're implemented and how they're enforced. Children are used as pawns by the state, the courts, lawyers, and many single mothers to extort money from fit and willing fathers who firstly are denied their children and then most other fundamental rights. Here's the scoop.
  • Father Rights Advocates Err in Trying to Seek New Laws to Protect Rights
    Under our present government, a fit father is generally denied his right to parent his children under a divorce or paternity action. But the government - in the guise of the family court - then denies more of his fundamental rights while extorting money from him under the euphemism of child support for the mother's use. No law requires this extorted money to be used for the child.
    New laws, if passed, will surely be ignored and wastes time.
  • How to Handle a Contempt Complaint Against You for Child Support
    Fathers who have not paid all the child support ordered often find themselves confronting a Complaint for Contempt for not paying everything ordered. Too many fathers are unjustly sent to jail under a Judgement of Contempt without receiving the 'due process' they deserve. Here's how to handle your case if a Contempt Complaint is filed against you.
  • Child Support Is a Useful Euphemism to Extort Fit Fathers Unjustly Denied Their Children
    Should everyone support his or her children? Yes. But, no law requires court-ordered child support to be spent on the child. And the amount of child support ordered has no relationship to the cost of supporting a child. But using the term 'child support' is a useful euphemism to cover up a massive extortion scheme that harms fathers and their children, families and freedom. Here's how.
  • Hunger Striker and Father, Bill Coleman, Fights Feminist Jurisprudence from Jail
    If a women says it, that's all that's needed for depriving you of your rights. That's feminist jurisprudence. Today, much of the legal system caters directly to accusations by women without regard to the protection of a 'fair process' for those men accused. To simply be accused is sufficient to be denied your rights. Bill Coleman's story typifies many cases.
  • Jailed Father Amir Sanjari Is on a Hunger Strike for Justice
    Dr. Amir Sanjari, a U.S. resident, was found guilty in the U.S. of four felony counts for failing to support his two children by a jury.. He faces10 years in prison. Sanjari claims his case is really about judicial corruption and no constitutional protections for him to parent and directly support his children. He's on a hunger strike for his rights and his children.
  • The Fathers Rights 'Declaration of Rebellion'
    Fathers have been deprived of the constitutional right to parent their children. Other fundamental rights are denied based on this. After repeated denials at all legal levels, fathers rights movement needs more action. This article gives a fathers rights Declaration of Rebellion fashioned under our Declaration of Independence
  • The 4 Stage Progression to Government Tyranny by the Feminist-Instigated 'Abusive Men' Fraud
    Overfunded government programs pervert any cause it undertakes. It produces a government-supported industry that grows and feeds itself for power, control and money at the expense of freedom, individual rights, productivity and most especially, truth. This article shows how the feminist-instigated 'abusive men' fraud followed the 4-stage progression to a government-supported tyranny
  • Fathers, Know Your Inalienable Rights the U.S. Was Formed to Secure For You
    Fathers are being deprived of their fundamental rights in family court. That's due to strong feminist influence dominating how law is to be administered and a divorce and domestic violence industry thriving off of depriving fit fathers of their children and then extorting them for money. this article explains your rights and how government should protect them.
  • Divorcing Fit Fathers from Their Children Is a Recent and Unconstitutional Process
    You may be told that awarding child custody to mothers and extorting fit fathers for payments is part of America's tradition. This is untrue. It's part of the propaganda to convince unwary fathers that their responsibility is to keep quiet and pay the mother money for supporting his child. Here are the facts.
  • The Judicial Process Is Where We Confront our Rights or Lack of Them
    People discover what rights they actually have when they're confronted by the state under criminal prosecution or under a civil suit. The body of law dealing with how to go to court and the rules of what to do is called Procedural Law. This article overviews both the civil and criminal processes.
  • Evidence of a Breakdown of Our Fundamental Rights Protection
    Our Founding Fathers arranged to make all government officials accountable, keep the branches of government separate, maintain the importance of a jury to protect litigants from bad laws and a usurping judiciary, and warned us not to trade away our freedom for any government benefits. This article shows how these concepts have broken down - especially with regard to fundamental rights protection for fathers under family court jurisdiction.
  • The U.S. Was Formed to Secure Our Inalienable Rights - But Not Any More
    Our founding fathers demanded the Rights of Englishmen won some 100 years before. But England ignored them for the profits that it could extract from the colonies. Incensed, we declared independence and insisted that "inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." existed for all men. Our government was formed only to secure them - not to grant them according to its discretion - as this article explains.
  • The Family Court Abridges Constitutional Rights and Justice
    Because our family courts are not setup to protect the rights of litigants but a so-called 'higher good', it's ripe for distributing injustice and persecution - mostly to fathers and their children. This article explains why.
  • Fit Fathers Denied Custody of Their Children Unjustly Face Contempt and Jail
    A Complaint for Contempt against a father for not paying all the child support ordered is filed by the custodial mother. This article shows that because the non-custodial father is unable to pay all court-ordered child support perhaps in addition to any state-imposed interest and penalties on the amount overdue (referred to as 'in arrearage') he's subject to unjust imprisonment.
  • The Money Is Too Big for Unfair Divorce Court Setup to Change
    Divorce and paternity suits are big business. That's because family court is setup to keep incentives to divorce high for women, lawyers and a host of court-related personnel. Those incentives translate into big money. The money is big because the loss to fathers - and their children - is so big. This article shows you where the money in divorce is, why it's so big, and why the system won't change.
  • Family Courts Foster Far More Harm Than Good for Parents and Families
    The family court is where you go to sue for divorce or paternity issues. Most often the litigants (i.e. fathers and mothers) are fit parents. But the family court setup creates judgments or fosters settlements that do far more harm than good to litigants, their children, and their futures. This article shows how the family court is setup, what it decides, why it does harm, and tabulates some of the harm.
  • Exposing of Feminist Jurisprudence's Destruction of Fathers' Rights
    Fathers Rights groups protect the denial of fundamental rights and protections they experience under tyrannical divorce and paternity judgments. This article summarizes some their plight.
  • Government's Feminist Tyranny Exists Denying Men Their Constitutional Due Process
    Tyrannies begin by promulgating policies of good intentions. Feminism was accepted by most as simply fostering equal opportunity for women. So, government-funded programs began and so began the tyranny against fathers, family and freedom both here and throughout the western world. This article is a first of a series exposing the nature of this tyranny and how we must take back government's tyrannical control of society to secure freedom for all.
  • Family Courts Tyrannically Deny Fit Fathers Their Constitutional Right to Parent Their Children
    Family courts routinely deny one fit parent - overwhelming the father- his parental right to raise his child. They tyrannically allege a right to deny father's fundamental rights since they do so for 'the best interest of the child'. Such family court claims are tyrannical and directly conflict with constitutional rights and protections - as this article shows.
  • Family Courts Give Fathers No Protection for Their Rights and Assets - Just Tyranny
    Divorce and paternity lawsuits have sky-rocketed over the last 40 years. They produce immeasurable damage to fathers, their children, their productivity, their assets and their futures. It's wholly uncalled for except for benefits that a mega billion dollar divorce industry receives at the expense of fathers by denying their most fundamental rights. This article explains why fathers find no protection for their children and their assets.
  • 3 Serious Health Questions You Must Answer Before Others Do - When You Can't
    Strokes and dementia can put you at the whim of someone else's decisions about your health care. To keep control of your own health-related decisions when you become incapacitated you must create distinct medical directives that answer how you'll be treated when incapacitated, when relying on life-sustaining equipment, and when you should be resuscitated. In the following I explain what each of these directives mean.

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