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Shane Flait's Articles in Investing

  • The Annuity Advantage Over The CD For Seniors
    A certificate of deposit (CD) is a secure investment that earns interest for you. Using a fixed annuity is sometimes compared with using a CD. Let's see how fixed annuities are different and possibly more advantageous.
  • An Approach To Interest-Only Investing For Your Living Expenses
    During retirement some people want to restrict their income only to interest income from their income-based investments. They like the security of principal that such investments have. So how might they arrange their portfolio to make this feasible over a long retirement horizon?
  • Inflation Will Return Strongly - So Invest Accordingly
    Inflation has always taken a significant bite out of the dollar's purchasing power over any 25 year period. You must make provision to combat it with equity-based investments in your retirement portfolio. Don't be tricked by temporarily near-zero inflation. Our government debts and promised benefit obligations will force strong inflation down the line. So get prepared.
  • Average Your Way Into The Markets - With The Right Investment
    Timing market highs and lows is difficult. No, it's impossible. But you can get back into the market while minimizing your exposure to unexpected losses like jumping in before the 'bottom' occurs. Just average your way in!
  • Broaden Your Investment Options With A Self-Directed IRA Plan
    Banks and mutual fund companies that oversee IRA accounts restrict your choices of IRA investments. If you're tired of having to invest in these traditional IRA-type investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), you can setup your own self-directed IRA plan that allows you to broaden your investment choices. This plan can include a traditional or Roth IRA to a SEP or SIMPLE IRA or even a solo (k) plan.
  • Allocate Your Investments More Conservatively As You Approach Retirement Age
    Sticking to your retirement plan as you approach your retirement date includes timely investment allocations to help assure you achieve your goals. That's because you can't recover from downturns when you get too close to your retirement. John and Jean forgot that and suffered for it. Here's what happened.
  • Real Estate Can Give You High Growth Rates at Low Risk
    Buying residential housing offers the best investment for relatively little risk if done conservatively. Whether you buy home or a house to rent, tax laws, leverage, and demand help you to acquire and grow your real estate investment. This article shows you how.
  • How to Calculate Your Minimum Required Distribution If You Own an IRA
    An IRA owner is the person who started and contributed to his IRA. As an owner, you must take a minimum required distribution (MRD) from your traditional IRA or non-deductible each year after reaching 701/2. This article explains the MRD rules for IRA owners only - not for beneficiary owners who have slightly different rules.
  • 3 Strategies for Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate
    With real estate prices depressed and a lot of wealth sitting in qualified plans, you may wonder how you can use that wealth to invest in real estate. In this article I offer considerations and strategies for using your IRA to position yourself in real estate for your future benefit.

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