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Shane Flait's Articles in Insurance

  • Life Insurance Tips For Retirees' Retirement And Estate Planning
    Life insurance can still play a vital part as you move into your retirement phase. Then you'll be assessing your plans for retirement living and the eventual disposition of your estate. Here is a list of life insurance tips you can use for both your retirement and estate planning.
  • You May Be Able to Use an Immediate Annuity in Your Medicaid Planning
    Medicaid will cover your long term care for free but only after you have no more than a minimum amount of assets. It is essentially a welfare program for the poor. These Medical limits are set forth by each state. Medicaid can claim any assets you have that are in excess of this limit first to pay your long term care costs. Only when these excess assets are depleted can the Medicaid's 'free' benefits start.
  • What Can Life Insurance Companies Ask You When You Apply?
    Life insurance companies are in business to make money . They charge premiums to their customers to cover costs and benefit payouts. Their key determinant of how much to charge is based on mortality tables. Underwriting factors are aspects about you that the company must find out to assure you're assigned to a life expectancy appropriate to your true health status. Let's consider what the company must know about you.
  • Difficulty Disputing a Life Insurance Beneficiary After the Owner's Death
    The hallmark of life insurance is the assurance that the assigned policy beneficiary will be paid the death benefit after the insured dies. So, keep the assigned beneficiary of your policy updated while you're alive. But if you've incorrectly made the designation or haven't updated it, it's pretty difficult for you to change it after you die - and for anyone else to do so who's still alive.
  • Get Health Check-ups and Treatments To Maintain Your Health and Life Insurance Options
    As you approach or begin retirement you may find that life insurance can help fulfill some of your wishes. But applying for or renewing a life insurance policy often requires you to take a physical exam. Life insurance companies want to bet on you living longer. You can take that bet but only if you keep healthy.
  • Keep All Your Beneficiaries Updated On All Your Accounts
    Efficiently getting your property to the beneficiary of your choice takes a little know-how and awareness. Generally speaking, pensions, qualified plans and life insurance go to their designated beneficiaries immediately at your death; they don't have to be probated. But you've got to be on the ball about who's designated as a beneficiary and where.
  • Getting Acquainted with Long Term Care Insurance Option
    One complication of 'Old Age' is the need for long term care (LTC). You need LTC when you can no longer handle simple daily activities (like dressing, toiletry, moving, eating, etc) by yourself. Help with your LTC needs can take place at your home, at an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home. Generally, once LTC starts, it'll continue as long as you live; and it's costly. One way to handle LTC costs is with LTC insurance.
  • 2011 and 2012 Deductions and Exclusions for Your Long Term Care Insurance
    HIPPA provides for deductibility of qualified long term care (LTC) expenses and excludes from taxable income your qualified long term care benefits. This is provided to you as an incentive to take financial responsibility for your long term care. As you age, you get higher deduction limits for LTC premiums payments you make. This helps retirees. Let's see what the tax advantages are.
  • Reasons to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy
    A Life insurance settlement presents a unique opportunity to a policy holder to extract the maximum possible value from an existing life insurance policy. He can use those funds for alternative needs. Many people choose this option because the cash value of a life settlement generally exceeds the surrender value that the life insurance company would have been paid.
  • How Life Insurance Tax Benefits May Help You
    Ensuring that a family can financially survive the death of its bread winner has been the principal purpose of life insurance since its conception. Over the years, it's developed many tax-saving attributes that increase its usefulness as a store of value - and for retirees too. Which of these tax benefits can you use?
  • Your Life Insurance Policy Presents Many Options If You're Short on Cash
    If you're in need of cash or running short on income, you can turn to your permanent life insurance policy to help you out. Your policy carries both a cash value and provides a death benefit at your death. Both these attributes give it value you can extract for yourself. This article shows a variety of ways your policy can solve your cash needs.
  • Medicaid Planning With an Annuity
    Medicaid planning refers to arranging or transferring your assets to prevent or to minimize their use by Medicaid if pay for your long term care. This article explains how you can shelter some of your assets with an annuity while you or your spouse has Medicaid pay for your long term care costs.
  • Know the 7 Key Parameters of Long Term Care Insurance
    Our chance for needing long term care (LTC) increases the longer we live. Directly paying for LTC can easily deplete an average person's estate leaving a beneficiary with no legacy. You can purchase LTC insurance to protect your legacy. But you must understand if the 7 key parameters of your policy will do the trick for you. These are explained below.

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