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Shane Flait's Articles

  • Paying Down Your Mortgage For Retirement
    Paying off your mortgage at retirement gives you the peace of mind that your house is all yours and lowers your expenses for your lower retirement income. Here's more of what this means...
  • Money Market Accounts, Money Market Mutual Funds, PODs And TODs
    Understanding the difference between bank money accounts and mutual funds and what you use them for. You can make them Payable on Death(POD) or Transfer on Death (TOD) too.
  • Use Nonworking Spouse IRA Contributions To Save Faster For Retirement
    A nonworking spouse can make contributions to either a deductible (traditional) IRA or a Roth IRA based on her working spouse's (husband's) income. This can help soon-to-be retirees save faster.
  • Take A Tax-Based Profit On Your Retirement Contribution If Your Income Drops Significantly
    Government-regulated retirement plans offer you a tax-advantage - a way to put more into your retirement savings when you contribute. These contributions are tax-deductible; and then, for added benefit, their earnings grow tax-deferred. Your eventual withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income at hopefully a lower tax bracket.
  • There's No Off-Shore Medicare Help Aside From Rare Travel Exceptions
    Your Medicare coverage pretty much stops at the U.S. border. There are only a few exceptions to this policy. I'll cover those with a few more comments.
  • Make Your 2014 Income And Investment Tax Rates Work For You
    Our income is taxed in a progressive manner. As your income increases, it slips into higher tax brackets where that portion is taxed at a higher rate. But before your income is subject to these tax brackets, it must exceed your exemption and standard deduction which together total to your tax threshold for your filing status - single or married; otherwise, you pay no tax.
  • When Should You Buy An Immediate Annuity?
    Using your savings to supply some part of your future income often means converting it to a life annuity. But, when should you consider beginning your life annuity?
  • Planning For Long-Term Care? Keep These Points In Mind
    Retirees must be aware of their possible need for long term care later in their retirement. Knowing its probability helps you plan for it more effectively.
  • 2013 And 2014 Deductions And Exclusions For Your Long Term Care Insurance
    As an incentive to take responsibility for your own long term care, the government (HIPPA) lets you deduct the insurance premiums you pay for qualified long term care (LTC) expenses while excluding their insurance reimbursements for expenses you incur from your taxable income. These deductions are limited but increase according to your age. They're also indexed for inflation. Here are the premium deduction limits for 2013 and 2014...
  • The Annuity Advantage Over The CD For Seniors
    A certificate of deposit (CD) is a secure investment that earns interest for you. Using a fixed annuity is sometimes compared with using a CD. Let's see how fixed annuities are different and possibly more advantageous.
  • Divide Your IRA Into Separate Accounts - One For Each Beneficiary
    If you're considering assigning multiple beneficiaries to your IRA account, watch out how the IRA beneficiary distribution rules operate. Here's an approach to make sure your beneficiaries get what you want to give them after you pass away.
  • Waking Up To The Tyranny Of Too Much Government
    Some of you know, some have an 'inkling', and some haven't a clue. But the fact is your government is growing continually bigger, becoming more controlling of you, slipping into denying you rights that historically have been considered fundamental or inalienable, and criminalizing segments of society who've done nothing wrong. Most western democracies now fulfill these characterizations and thereby tyrannize you.
  • Contract Restrictions On Annuities Affect Them As An Investments Choice
    Annuities are insurance products. They're a contract between an insurer and an annuitant. But contracts inevitably imply restrictions on both parties. So, beware of restrictions that make annuities different from other investments.
  • An Approach To Interest-Only Investing For Your Living Expenses
    During retirement some people want to restrict their income only to interest income from their income-based investments. They like the security of principal that such investments have. So how might they arrange their portfolio to make this feasible over a long retirement horizon?
  • Wake Up To Circumstances That Transgress Freedom's Rights
    Wake up means cutting through the propaganda - reading between the lines - discovering what you're not supposed to recognize. And that is that your rights - or somebody else's rights - are being ignored, and control of you is increasing. Some of you may have to learn first about the rights you're supposed to have to recognize these rights' transgressions more fully.
  • Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment
    Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Agencies have exploded over the last 40 years. They are the money engine underwriting the divorce and domestic violence industry that relies on the family courts' anti-father and unconstitutional denial of a fit father's parental rights so as to impose almost endless and extorted payments from him. This imposed and extorted 'obligation' violates the 13th amendment's prohibition of involuntary servitude.
  • The Social Security Trade-off Is Settling For Less Early Or More Later
    At what age should you begin your Social Security retirement benefits? That's the question. Since benefits increases the longer you wait, you should consider your present needs, your concern for a legacy to your children, and your longevity to help you decide the matter.
  • Minimize Exposure To The 2013 Income And Investment Tax Rates
    Our income is taxed in a progressive manner. As your income increases, it slips into higher tax brackets where it's taxed at a higher rate. But before your income is subject to these tax brackets, it must exceed your exemption and standard deduction. Otherwise you pay no tax.
  • Are Government Inflation Bonds Called I-Bonds For You?
    I-Bonds are government savings bonds sold to you by the U.S. Treasury. They're not the old savings bonds bought for you when you were kids. But they're a way to invest money for the conservative part of your portfolio. Let's check out what they have to offer you...
  • Disclaim Your Spouse's IRA In Favor Of His Or Her Secondary Beneficiary
    If your husband has a large IRA and you're well off, consider disclaiming part or all of his IRA at his death. Doing so can leave more for your children. This is an estate tax avoidance strategy to be aware of.
  • Rights - Their Origin And Your Right To Reclaim Them From Tyranny
    At a time when our rights are being denied, perverted, or dismissed as nonexistent, we must recognize what our unalienable rights are and who is responsible for upholding them. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, is the founding document for the Constitution of the United States. It tells it all...
  • Is It Worth Paying Back Early Social Security Benefits At 66 For Higher Benefit Payments?
    Can you make out better taking you Social Security benefits early and then paying it all back at your full retirement age to get a higher payout? Yes and no. Here's a way of evaluating it for you.
  • 2013 Estate Tax Planning Includes Trusts, Federal And State Estate Taxes
    It's important to review your estate tax planning to incorporate the changing federal and state estate tax laws - their amounts and exemption thresholds. Trusts still have a place for exemption preservation and offspring protections. Here's an update...
  • An Investment Strategy Using ETFs For A Retiree
    The common benefit of exchanged traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds (MFs) is the diversification in the underlying stocks or bonds to support their investment purpose. That's an important benefit. Now, when should you- as a retiree - choose to use an ETF instead of a MF?
  • Don't Transfer Your Company Stock To An IRA
    If you've acquired company stock within your company plan fund (like a 401(k)), transferring that stock to an IRA will cost you a lot more taxes later when you take a distribution from your IRA. There's a better way to save taxes on that stock. Here's how...
  • Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical 'Isms'
    Communism and Nazism are two of the tyrannical 'isms' that produced untold misery and death in the first half of the 20th century. Their propaganda seduced countless millions into their control. But more 'isms' of tyranny are now forming. If we don't recognize their common elements we'll succumb to them again - as we are doing. Here's how to recognize them…
  • An Overview Of Annuities' Names and Terms, Comparisons and Types
    Annuity names and terms can be confusing. Here is an overview of how annuities are compared among each other and the meaning of their terms and names used.
  • Get Non-Itemized Medical Deductions With A HSA Before Medicare Eligibility
    If you're not yet eligible for Medicare (age 65) you can get a tax break paying for you medical costs. But you need to use Health Savings Account (HSA) in conjunction with a high deductible health insurance plan to do so. Let's see how it works...
  • Prevent A Successful Challenge To Your Will After You Die
    When you make a will you're telling the state how you wish your assets to be distributed. But after you die, someone may still contest your will. So, it's important that you construct your will so it can sustain a challenge to it. Here's how you can accomplish that.
  • Fathers Are Slaves Under Feminist Family Court's Propaganda Of Responsibility
    Fathers are brainwashed into the propaganda spewed by the fathers' rights-denying family court to believe their compliance with family court orders means their taking responsibility for their children. Nothing could be further from the truth...
  • Future Tax Increases for Retirees Make A Roth IRA Better Than A Traditional IRA
    Whether a Roth IRA or a TraditionalIRA is the way to go depends on the tax bracket for your distributions compared to the bracket for your contributions of each. A comparatively higher distribution tax bracket leaves more in your pocket with a Roth, but a lower distribution tax brackets leaves more in you pocket with a traditional IRA. Let's see how it works.
  • Fathers' Rights Are Doomed By Advocating Within The Family Court System
    The Family Court system will not allow equal rights for fathers - not now, not ever. Fathers' Rights advocates who try to change the system from within are wasting their time. Here's why...
  • Gifts Or Inheritances Produce Different Tax Consequences For You And Beneficiary
    Gifting versus bequeathing property is an important estate planning issue. But the taxation associated with that property may help you decide which is better for you and your beneficiary - to make it a gift or to bequeath it at your death.
  • Asset Transfer Considerations In Your Medicaid Planning
    Long term care costs are very high and some of us will require long term care near the end of our lives. Medicaid covers the cost of your long term care for free. But, Medicaid is for those who are impoverished. So, if you have any assets, Medicaid will use up all but a few thousand dollars' worth of your assets first to pay for its costs to care for you before picking up additional costs for free.
  • Family Court's Phony Fathers Rights Obscure Fathers' Enslavement
    It's disgusting the way family court lawyers - even fathers' rights lawyers - sell a father on family court's phony fathers' rights for their own aggrandizement. They keeping him hoping for his children while enslaving him to the tyranny that the family court system has created for profit, power, and to further the feminist agenda...
  • 'Feminist Jurisprudence' Destroys Jurisprudence To Justify Feminist Ideology
    Feminist ideology demands re-engineering society to prevent men from (allegedly) dominating women. Its perverted view attributes almost every interaction between men and women as a form of male privilege victimizing women. Like every tyrannical ideology, it advocates any means including perverting justice to justify its end - however grotesque such a perverted view's end would be.
  • Retirees Should Try To Deduct All Itemized Medical Expenses
    You can lower your income tax if you can itemize your deductions so they add up to more than the standard deduction given to everyone. The two major itemized deductions are typically mortgage interest paid and state income taxes withheld.
  • Bonds With Higher Interest Rates Come With Higher Risks
    Retirees seek interest income either directly from bonds they own or from income funds invested in bonds. But investments that pay higher rates of interest do so because they present higher risks. Let's review how this works...
  • Fathers Must Not Comply With The Feminist's Family Court Orders And Its War On Fatherhood
    The feminists' family court tyranny - supported by the whole divorce and domestic violence industry - against fathers and their children relies on fathers complying with its rights-denying orders and the public's belief in its propaganda against fathers. As a father, your noisy noncompliance while stating and demanding your constitutional rights will undermine this tyranny and publicly expose the maliciousness of its feminist propaganda.
  • How Fathers Must Rebut Feminist's Family Court Tyranny And Its War On Fatherhood
    You are at WAR. You are being exterminated. You're allowing the alienation of and damage to your children and the re-engineering of society into a malicious matriarchal form. You must stand up, publicize and overturn this tyranny against fathers. Here's how...
  • Fathers Must Educate Themselves to Their Real Rights, The Feminist Tyranny and The War On Fatherhood
    Feminists have parlayed the 'best interests of the child' and 'safety of women from abuse' excuses into a tyranny against men and fathers in the family courts. Fathers, denied all constitutional due process, stripped of their fundamental rights and children, and reduced to slaves and extorted for money, must cut through the propaganda to understand their real rights and learn to fight back.
  • Don't Compromise With Family Court's Tyranny Against Fathers
    Compromising in any way that allows the family court structure to continue will maintain its tyranny. Never compromise with a structure that virtually guarantees tyranny over people. Tyranny feeds on such compromises.
  • Inflation Will Return Strongly - So Invest Accordingly
    Inflation has always taken a significant bite out of the dollar's purchasing power over any 25 year period. You must make provision to combat it with equity-based investments in your retirement portfolio. Don't be tricked by temporarily near-zero inflation. Our government debts and promised benefit obligations will force strong inflation down the line. So get prepared.
  • Fathers Demand Prosecution Of Family Court Judges For Violations Of Fathers' Constitutional Rights
    Family court judges who violated the constitutional rights of litigants (and any other officers of the court such as lawyers who can be shown to have lied in court to the significant harm of fathers or their children) shall be prosecuted. Indictments shall be issued based on probable violations of such individuals as brought to committees of fathers designated to initiate actions against these 'war-on-fathers' criminals.
  • Fathers' Demand For Juries And Judicial Accountability
    We reclaim the judicial system from the legal aristocracy which has perverted America's judicial system by putting itself effectively above accountability to the public at all levels of the judicial process. The family courts transgress all rights of litigants; it's virtually unaccountable at every stage of litigation.
  • What Can You Appeal About A Family Court Judgment?
    The family court transgresses the rights of fathers daily. It is a despicable court devoid of due process that flagrantly violates constitutional rights especially of fathers. Having received a rights-denying judgment, fathers should recognize what they can appeal about it, when and how...
  • Fathers Must Demand Clear And Unequivocal Rights
    Fathers must demand their full constitutional rights including full parental rights to directly support and care for our children as for all fit parents. This right begins at a child's conception. The denial of fitness and resulting restriction on parenting right must comply with constitutional due process for restricting any fundamental right. It can only be challenged in a superior court that includes a fully informed jury of one's peers.
  • Average Your Way Into The Markets - With The Right Investment
    Timing market highs and lows is difficult. No, it's impossible. But you can get back into the market while minimizing your exposure to unexpected losses like jumping in before the 'bottom' occurs. Just average your way in!
  • Where Annuities Are Vulnerable to Income Taxation
    Annuities and cash value life insurance have a tax advantage in common; their earnings grow tax-deferred. But that's where similarities end. Because an annuity is geared to be used while the owner is living, any of its earnings that come out of the contract will be subject to income tax. Here's when that occurs...
  • The Key Tactics For Fathers To Use In A Family Court Trial - And Why
    Unlike in a regular court where a jury must 'find evidence' of guilt to punish by denying rights of the alleged offender, the family court judge 'finds' only his opinion of who should take physical custody of the children. Wrong doing is only a secondary issue, if at all. So, your main strategy in family court is to prove that you deserve custody for the best interests of the children. But that takes special tactics to do as a father.
  • Fathers' Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law) Must be Demanded
    To maintain the liberty interests of each parent, foster the preservation of family and freedom, stop rewarding women for breaking up families as they are doing presently, and dry up 95% of litigation and the divorce and domestic violence industry - which lobbies and feeds off the destruction of fathers, families, and freedom - the constitutionally acceptable decision on allocating parental rights should be the following...
  • Demands of Fathers Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection
    Our nation's family courts and its divorce and domestic violence industry tyrannize fit fathers by denying their constitutional rights to parent their children, controlling their own earnings, and unconstitutionally sending them to jail. Meaningful redress is nonexistent. So, demands must now be made.
  • Reject All Alternatives to the Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law)
    Family court law virtually guarantees that one parent - overwhelmingly a fit father - will be disenfranchised of his children and all other of his fundamental rights while the mother is enfranchised and privileged at his - and the children's - expense. Implementing the CEPR Law and rejecting present family court-based fixes is the only way to guarantee the equal and constitutional liberty interests of both parents.
  • Should a Retiree Buy a Fixed or Variable Annuity?
    As a retiree you want an income you can count on in the future. You probably have Social Security and, possibly, a pension too. Both are lifetime incomes with your Social Security indexed for inflation. But perhaps you've decided to invest some of your savings in an annuity to guarantee additional lifetime income. Should you go with a fixed or variable annuity?
  • Family Court Forces Civil Rebellion As Fathers' Only Alternative To Regaining Rights And Children
    Our nation's fit fathers under divorce and paternity suits are clearly being tyrannized by our family court system that unconstitutionally denies their parental and other fundamental rights. The enormously powerful state-based divorce and domestic violence industry which depends on such rights denials and feeds off fathers and the public prevents redress and remedy of this tyranny. It forces fathers into rebellion.
  • Broaden Your Investment Options With A Self-Directed IRA Plan
    Banks and mutual fund companies that oversee IRA accounts restrict your choices of IRA investments. If you're tired of having to invest in these traditional IRA-type investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), you can setup your own self-directed IRA plan that allows you to broaden your investment choices. This plan can include a traditional or Roth IRA to a SEP or SIMPLE IRA or even a solo (k) plan.
  • Catch-up On Savings With A Solo 401(k) If You're A One Person Business
    If you have a profitable one-person business, then consider setting up a Solo 401(k) for more pre-tax contributions to your savings. I.e. more than either a SEP or SIMPLE can offer you. Here's how the numbers work in 2012...
  • What Are The Investment Advantages Of Mutual Funds
    Mutual funds offer some key investment advantages for those with deep or shallow pockets. But small investors are particularly advantaged by them. Let's consider some of them.
  • Opposing Lawyer In Family Court Wants To Undermine Your Credibility
    Lawyers have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution, their state constitution and help uphold justice in court actions. But they understand the prejudice of judges to deny fathers their rights based on finding fathers as 'uncredible witnesses'. So when opposing fathers, lawyers use tactics that will unfairly foster such a perception.
  • Life Insurance Tips For Retirees' Retirement And Estate Planning
    Life insurance can still play a vital part as you move into your retirement phase. Then you'll be assessing your plans for retirement living and the eventual disposition of your estate. Here is a list of life insurance tips you can use for both your retirement and estate planning.
  • A More Direct Confrontation Is Needed For Fathers To Regain Their Rights
    Normal processes for the redress of family court's unjust denial of constitutional rights to fathers are foreclosed by a state-based tyranny that profits and benefits its benefactors based on such denials. This forces fathers to take a more direct confrontational approach to restoring their rights for the sake of themselves, their children and freedom for all.
  • Beware Of The Tactic Used Against You By Family Court Judges
    Family court judges have sworn to uphold the U.S. constitution - and the rights and due process it presupposes. But in fact they use tactics that undermines your right of due process. Lack of an informed jury and the prejudice of the judge make the family court a Kangaroo Court where the trial judgment is almost assured at making the father lose his children and other rights.
  • The Futility Of Redress Or Repair Of Family Court Tyranny
    Oppression has come upon us, specifically aimed at fathers, the family and freedom. But it's disguised under 'greater good' excuses as judicial perversions for helping 'women's safety' or determining 'the best interests of the child' all at the clear denial of the constitutional rights of fathers and other men.
  • What Are The Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face In Family Court
    Here are the tyrannical denials of constitutional rights and malicious actions that the government - through the family court - imposes overwhelmingly on fit and decent fathers at the whim of a single judge and a mother. Constitutional rights cannot be denied without constitutional due process and parental unfitness in the case of parental rights - proved by clear and convincing evidence. Otherwise, tyranny exists and your rights mean nothing.
  • Stay Alert To Prevent Identity Thieves From Stealing Your Money Or Identity
    Thieves make money using identity information of other people. They're out there finding ways to steal whatever ID information they can get from you. Elderly are often easy prey for them. Your best defense is to be aware of when your identity information is vulnerable to be stolen.
  • How To Apply for Social Security Online
    No, you don't have to go to your local Social Security office to apply for your Social Security Benefits. You can do it from anywhere - because you can do it online. That can be a benefit if you're vacationing in Europe or live in Utah when you want to apply - or whatever your circumstance.
  • Preparation Steps For Making Your Argument In Court For Pro Se Fathers
    When fathers represent themselves in family court, they must argue for what they want - clearly, concisely, and authoritatively. Below is a quick overview of how to approach 'making your argument in family court' for what you want...
  • Several Ways You Can Buy Gold for Diversifying Your Portfolio
    Should gold be a part of a retiree's portfolio? I would say yes, as long as he understands his purpose for buying gold. Gold is a volatile investment. People buy it as a hedge against declining purchasing power of their money - i.e. inflations; and speculators try to profit on expected moves in currency values. But over the long run it has shown an upward trend and that's what's good about it for the 'buy and hold' crowd.
  • Know the 5 Year Rule To Avoid Tax On Your Roth IRA Distributions
    Converting from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA gives you an investment account that grows tax free, allows tax free withdrawals and hasn't any minimum distribution requirements after you turn 70 1/2. But you have to abide by the 5 year rule; otherwise you may trigger tax consequences on your withdrawals. Retirees who find themselves making large Roth withdrawals should take note.
  • You May Be Able to Use an Immediate Annuity in Your Medicaid Planning
    Medicaid will cover your long term care for free but only after you have no more than a minimum amount of assets. It is essentially a welfare program for the poor. These Medical limits are set forth by each state. Medicaid can claim any assets you have that are in excess of this limit first to pay your long term care costs. Only when these excess assets are depleted can the Medicaid's 'free' benefits start.
  • Judge And Lawyer Prejudices Against Fathers Facing A Family Court Trial
    State-affiliated people and organizations rack up benefits or fulfil their agenda by maintaining unconstitutional perversion of justice in the family court that assures easy denial of parental - overwhelmingly to fathers. Judges and lawyers are no exception to such unconstitutional prejudices. Fathers in their trial must be aware of this to better protect their interests. Here's why those prejudices are always present...
  • Use These 4 Elements In Your Strategy For Going To Family Court
    Because the family court - including judges, lawyers, and the rules - are stacked against a father, he must cover protect his rights and what he wants. Four key elements to his strategy are developing a responsible perspective to what he's up against, knowing his issues, rights, and the rules, preparing his oral delivery well , and controlling the direction, orders and accountability of the judge - as best he can. Here's what this means...
  • What Can Life Insurance Companies Ask You When You Apply?
    Life insurance companies are in business to make money . They charge premiums to their customers to cover costs and benefit payouts. Their key determinant of how much to charge is based on mortality tables. Underwriting factors are aspects about you that the company must find out to assure you're assigned to a life expectancy appropriate to your true health status. Let's consider what the company must know about you.
  • Feminists Use Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) To Impose Tyrannical Abuse Policies On Fathers
    Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) seek to protect human rights around the world. But hiding under 'women's rights', feminists hijack many of these NGOs to use their political clout to impose feminists' tyrannical policies that deny fundamental rights of fathers all in the name of 'ending abuse of women'. It's a way for feminists to reform a country's society into the fatherless and mother-based families they've fostered in the West.
  • A Few Reasons For Creating An Estate Plan
    Estate planning essentially makes provision for your beneficiaries when you die. Not having made an estate plan can produce a lot of problems later when you aren't there to fix or clarify them. It's easy to put planning off with day-to-day cares, but don't. Here some reasons to push you to get going.
  • Use A GRAT To Save On Gift Taxes To Your Kids
    If you expect to have several million remaining in your estate, arrange to transfer some wealth while you're living in a way that triggers little or no gift tax. You can use a grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) to do so. A GRAT is an irrevocable trust set up for only a certain term of years and designed to transfer the appreciation on assets contributed to it with little or no gift-tax consequences.
  • Allocate Your Investments More Conservatively As You Approach Retirement Age
    Sticking to your retirement plan as you approach your retirement date includes timely investment allocations to help assure you achieve your goals. That's because you can't recover from downturns when you get too close to your retirement. John and Jean forgot that and suffered for it. Here's what happened.
  • What Are The Differences Between Orders, Judgments And Stipulations
    Every suit begins with the filing of a complaint. The complaint 'complains' of a problem for which it seeks the court to resolve. The complaint initiates a standardized process that may include hearings and that aims toward a trial on the issues of the complaint followed by the judge's resolution of these - unless the parties agree on a settlement. Orders, judgments and stipulations represent resolutions, some temporary, within this process.
  • Spouse's SS Entitlement Is Reduced for Taking Her Working Benefits Early
    Be careful not to undermine the Social Security benefits you expected. It's easy to be confused by all the ramifications the Social Security system puts on benefits. Here's an example of how a spouse who begins her own Social Security benefits early undermines her later 'spousal' Social Security entitlement.
  • What Are The Types And Purposes Of Complaints And Hearings In The Family Court
    During the court process initiated by filing a complaint, many different types of hearings take place. Being aware of the nature and purpose of a complaint and its hearings is essential to your adequate preparations for dealing with them.
  • Different Qualified Plans Have Different Minimum Required Distributions Rules
    Qualified plans were created to help workers save for their retirement. Most plans allow tax-deferred growth of tax-deductible contribution made during your working career. And most plans require an annual minimum required distribution (RMD) after age 701/2. All RMDs are taxed as ordinary income. But what rules apply for different qualified plan distributions?
  • Are Fathers' Rights Advocates Part Of The Problem Or The Solution?
    Under divorce and paternity suits, a judge orders one of two fit parents into a non custodial status, while the other takes on custodial status - i.e. living with the child. Fathers are overwhelmingly targeted to be non custodial parents for operationally one reason - they are men. So, what should fathers right advocates advocate about this?
  • Take an 'In Kind' IRA Distribution of Depressed Equities for Future Tax Benefits
    Once you've reached age 701/2, you must begin making minimum required distributions (MRDs) from your IRAs each year. But if you don't need the cash to live on and you expect your IRA stock to increase in the future, consider taking an 'in kind' distribution for improved tax benefits.
  • Is It Worth Donating Your Life Insurance to a Charity?
    The benefits of donating your life insurance policy to charity can be varied and, perhaps, dubious. To see the ramifications of doing so, first check out what you'll be accomplishing for yourself - and for the charity. It all depends on the circumstances: your circumstance and the charity's. Here's the scoop...
  • Know How to Fund Your Trust
    Trusts serve many uses; they're important estate planning devices, too. But the majority of trust must be funded with your assets for them to fulfil their purpose. The apparent hassle of funding a trust delays many people from doing so. Unfortunately, not funding them properly defeats their purpose. Here's the lowdown on trusts and how to fund them.
  • Fathers Should Take Control of Their Family Court Trials - Pro Se If Need Be
    Effectively proving your case in a family court trial is essential for helping you to 'win' your case or to be able to make an effective appeal if you receive an unjust or unfair final judgment. You must be aggressive at proving the case for you and against your 'ex' on the issues at hand. Understanding how to prepare for and carry through your trial - with or without a lawyer- is your responsible approach to protecting you and your children.
  • Difficulty Disputing a Life Insurance Beneficiary After the Owner's Death
    The hallmark of life insurance is the assurance that the assigned policy beneficiary will be paid the death benefit after the insured dies. So, keep the assigned beneficiary of your policy updated while you're alive. But if you've incorrectly made the designation or haven't updated it, it's pretty difficult for you to change it after you die - and for anyone else to do so who's still alive.
  • What Type of Annuity Is Safe for You?
    Retirees who want to supplement their Social Security and pension income can look to their savings. They can invest those savings to generate an income or they can annuitize all or part of them. The annuity - as an insurance product - can offer a lifetime income. But are annuities safe? Well, that all depends on what you need to be safe from?
  • How a Mutual Fund Works As an Investment And Its Cost to You
    Investing in mutual funds is attractive to retirees because they offer the advantages of diversification and professional management. But investors should understand how a mutual fund makes money for them and at what cost to them. Here's the scoop...
  • Make an Argument That Puts the Family Court Judge on Trial
    The family court ignores the constitutional due process required when ruling on a litigant's fundamental rights. But that's what it does all day long. It's not just unfair to fathers, but geared to making your children effectively fatherless and you into a slave. The family court's process is stacked against you. So, you need to argue your case in a way that puts the judge on trial.
  • What to Withdraw From and When To Maintain Your Wealth
    Retirees are interested in preserving their wealth as long as possible. But because different assets are taxed differently, sometimes yearly where required, the order in which you withdraw income from your assets can significantly affect how fast you'll deplete your wealth. So, in what order should you withdraw from each type of asset?
  • Why Family Court is a Kangaroo Court With Predictable But Unconstitutional Outcomes
    The Family Court is a kangaroo court because of its predictable and unconstitutional outcome - an outcome that deprives a father of his children, and most all his fundamental rights. It's maintained so by the power, money, and agenda of the state-based divorce and domestic violence industry. And here are the perverted and unconstitutional characteristics that allow this to be so.
  • Provide For Your Heirs But Let Them Live Their Own Lives
    Estate planning allows you to decide how to provide for your loved ones after you die with what you've accumulated. And, you want to transfer your assets to those you intend efficiently. But be sure to transfer your wisdom to them and not your power over them. That's part of estate planning, too. Here are some points to consider...
  • You Can Unconvert Your IRA-to-Roth Conversion to Offset Investment Loss
    The taxation that accompanies converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA can be substantial. Presumably, you determined that you'll eventually gain more benefits from making the conversion to a Roth than keeping that money in your traditional IRA. However, if those converted funds 'go south' in value as the market falls, you can 'unconvert' your Roth to recover the conversion tax you paid. Here's how it works...
  • Make A Strong Legal Argument For What You Want In Family Court
    Family courts violate virtually every maxim of fairness and equal rights. Results rely on the whims of judges influenced by feminist nurturing, propaganda, incentives and threats that pervade the divorce and domestic violence industry for all those that don't 'go along' with it. A father should never leave himself wholly at the mercy of the family court's judges and lawyers. Among other things, he should know how to make his argument powerful.
  • Fathers Must Protect Themselves Through The Family Court Process
    Fathers face unfair and unconstitutional treatment in family courts. Judges deny them their parental rights, then enslave them with impoverishing child extortion payments for whatever the mother wants. Lawyers promote what the judge wants and Guardian Ad Litems (GALs) assist them with the results he prefers. What are the ways, you as a father, can protect yourself against such court personnel and the injustice they participate in?
  • Get Health Check-ups and Treatments To Maintain Your Health and Life Insurance Options
    As you approach or begin retirement you may find that life insurance can help fulfill some of your wishes. But applying for or renewing a life insurance policy often requires you to take a physical exam. Life insurance companies want to bet on you living longer. You can take that bet but only if you keep healthy.
  • Keep All Your Beneficiaries Updated On All Your Accounts
    Efficiently getting your property to the beneficiary of your choice takes a little know-how and awareness. Generally speaking, pensions, qualified plans and life insurance go to their designated beneficiaries immediately at your death; they don't have to be probated. But you've got to be on the ball about who's designated as a beneficiary and where.
  • A Fixed Annuity Offers You Many Protection
    Asset protection is an important consideration when deciding on retirement investments. One investment of particular interest to retirees is the annuity. Annuities are geared to protect you from running out of income while you're living.
  • Use Solid Equity Investments to Offset Inflation
    Offsetting inflation's effect on your portfolio requires you to seek higher returns than conservative income investments can offer. That means moving your money into equities and that often means assuming more risk. Here's why...

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