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Sean Goudeloc's Articles in Finance

  • What is Forex Technical Analysis Market?
    Technical analysis market is a type of Forex analysis technique that heavily relies on numbers and historical data It makes use of charts, quotes, indicators (both simple and complex), supply and demand volume, and most especially, the data about past market performance
  • A Brief Introduction to Technical Trading
    Many people aspire to get some cash out from the stock market Even though it is difficult, many have found Forex to be an excellent gateway to become rich and to achieve their long-term goals
  • Forex Trading Markets: A Heads Up For Newbies
    Forex trading markets operate all around the world And in each of these markets, currencies change hands in minutes and hours
  • Introduction to the Candlestick Chart
    Forex, short for the Foreign Exchange Market, is an electronic market wherein people trade currency and speculate on the fluctuations of currency exchange Many traders who earn a decent amount of money in Forex are mostly driven by or dependent on chart usage to help them make successful traders
  • Importance of Day Trading System Software
    Day trading is the practice of opening and closing a trade on the same day Traders doing this often enter and exit several trades in one day
  • How to Choose the Very Best Among Available Binary Options Brokers
    How does one choose the best among the many binary options brokers available today The answer will depend mainly on one's preferences with regard to the act of trading these financial instruments
  • A Winning Binary Options Strategy
    No single binary options strategy will deliver the same results for all who use it as different people use different ways of reading, analyzing, and playing the ever risky financial trading game This, however, should not deter you from investing in this opportunity and possibly make a considerable return if that is your desire
  • A Winning System For Binary Options
    Choosing a binary options trading system that will work best for you is similar to actual binary options trading in that you have to exercise an eye for detail, a scrutinizing mind, and good judgment Trading in binary options is inherently risky, but with the possibility of return of a hundred percent or even greater on your initial investment, it would be difficult to ignore such a potentially lucrative opportunity
  • The Benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance
    There are many benefits of the long-term care insurance that the policy owner would be able to enjoy Such a plan would take care of the activities and services of disabled people and the elderly which are not always included in the traditional health insurance plans
  • Personally Speaking
    Saving up nowadays is very hard for every person There are a lot of temptation and a lot of things to buy especially gadgets and other cool stuff
  • Becoming a Medicare Provider
    Medicare is a health program administered by the government of the United States of America that provides health benefits and health insurance to people who are 65 years old and above They also provide health benefits and aids to those who are not 65 years old but are physically disable or have congenital disorder
  • Health Benefits Through Medicare
    In July 30, 1965, a momentous event happened when the Social Security Act of 1965 was signed into law by President Lyndon B Johnson as revisions to the existing Social Security legislation
  • Cheap Treatment
    Some people refuse go to hospitals and other medical institutions because of the fees that they are afraid to pay So even if they almost throw their throats out because of heavy coughing or they can barely walk because of some bone problems, they would not go to the hospital
  • Change in Medicare
    Medicare has been providing service to the citizens of the United States of America for almost half a century It has helped a lot of people since its creation in 1965
  • Medicare and You
    It is important for one to have Medicare coverage, but then we cannot deny the fact that the costs for insurance, medical and pharmaceutical are getting expensive There are instances that people of retiring age do not find the costs of this medical insurance plan convenient at all
  • Supplemental Medicare Plans
    What are supplemental Medicare plans These are medical insurance coverage that is designed to close the gap in terms of insufficiencies in original Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
    There is no need to emphasize the need for Medicare coverage Everybody knows that medical coverage can be very helpful especially in times of medical necessity
  • Medicare Advantage Programs
    Medicare Advantage Programs or Medicare Part C is one of Medicare's supplement programs to compensate for additional needs of those insured under this medical plan

    What is Medicare Part C all about
  • Medicare Offices
    Medicare has in one or another has become part of American's lives when it comes to health services Many Americans are enrolled in this program in hopes of lessening their financial burden when it comes to health care
  • The True Cost of Medicare
    Medicare is a socialized health insurance benefit granted by the state to individuals who meet certain criteria In general, Medicare benefits are given to those who are above 65 years of age or below it but are incapable of maintaining proper medical treatment due to personal circumstances i
  • Things to Consider When Applying For Medicare
    Medicare is a socialized form of health insurance used by some countries This usually works by taxing or deducting a certain portion of an individual's wages, salary, or income and then applying it to a fund that is governed by a governmental or quasi governmental body
  • The Benefits of the Physicians Medicare Fee Schedule
    Medicare aids individuals who have reached retirement age or are otherwise partially or totally disabled to meet medical needs without having to pay huge sums of money This is because Medicare is a government organized medical and health benefit plan
  • A Primer on Medicare Premium
    Medicare premium payments may increase or decrease depending on an individual's income In order to determine the income and the resulting premium payments an individual may conduct a "means test"
  • The Advantages of Having a Medicare Card
    A Medicare card allows its holder to avail of medical procedures, professional consultations and even prescription medication for free or for a lower price This benefit can be availed of by contributing to a Medicare fund which is then augmented by the government

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