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Samantha Knowles's Articles in Lifestyles - Personal Development

  • Learn Five Minute Techniques To Become Efficient In Whatever Your Do
    Have you ever been speaking with someone and then noticed that they weren't actually paying attention? They were nodding along, but you could see that their mind was elsewhere. How often do you think about your work or your endless to-do list when your child is telling you about their day? Have you ever eaten a meal only to realize that you don't even remember what it was?
  • How To Make Departures Easier
    Don't sneak away: I admit it. I used to do this. In the early years, I would enter daycare with Megan, get her distracted in her breakfast or some kind of activity, and when she wasn't looking, I would make my escape unnoticed. Although I "won" in the moment by mitigating the drama from my exit, I lost over the long haul. I know now that what I was doing was teaching her that she couldn't trust me.
  • How To Tune Out Criticism
    Recently I was on the phone with an old friend from high school that I hadn't spoken with in years. It was good to reconnect and catch up on our lives. After reminiscing about old boyfriends, the conversation shifted to our children.
  • How To Attack Separation Anxiety
    Even after being a working mother for more than thirteen years, I still find long separations away from my children to be a challenge. Being away, whether for only a few hours or for days, can create tremendous guilt if not managed correctly.
  • The Cool Things About A Girls Weekend
    Every so often it's a nice, relaxing break to get away with your closest girlfriends. A girlfriend getaway can be a great time to focus on friendships that may have been neglected in the busy times of life. You can go with one best friend, or a group of close friends.
  • Are You Being Manipulative?
    We've all told some form of a lie at some point in our lives. Some seem small, and others have much higher stakes. If you find yourself purposely misleading others, this is a form of manipulation. It could be that you are pretending you forgot a conversation that makes you sound bad, or you may be outright lying about circumstances in order to stay in control in a relationship.
  • Overcoming Childhood Anxiety
    As adults we all know what anxiety looks like. If you have not experienced it first hand, we all know people that have struggled with it. It is defined as worry or uneasiness about what may happen. So what do you do if you start noticing that your child has anxiety? It is an unfortunate but very real fact that stress and anxiety in children is a common problem.

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