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Samantha Knowles's Articles in Infants and Toddlers

  • How To Choose The Best Daycare For You
    It really goes without saying that cost should not be the determining factor when finding quality care for your child. However, it is an inevitable consideration and you need to make sure you have budgeted for this expense.
  • What Are The Top Ways To Communicate With Your Baby?
    Communicating with your baby is something that naturally happens when you become a parent. Every look, sound and touch between you and your little one is a form of communication and helps your relationship to get off to a good start.
  • The Toddler Cheat Sheet
    Are you the mother of a toddler? I was, twice, and both times I remember wishing that there was a toddler cheat sheet that would tell me all I needed to know about that stage. Babies and teenagers are challenging but the toddler phase is the most frustrating by far. Here is my toddler cheat sheet:
  • Good Advice On Getting Through Daycare Drop Off
    Getting used to childcare, the drop off can be challenging for both child and parent. Below are some of the top tips to ensure the departure is both fun and even rewarding for both parites.
  • How To Potty Train Without Going Crazy
    Potty training, it is tough on everyone. For the parents, we are hopelessly running around with diapers hoping to throw them away. For the little ones, they are eyeing the big boy pants, but still rely on the diapers. When will it end, and when can we finally throw the towel in (no pun intended)
  • How To Care For Your Toddler
    Whether you are a busy working mother or a stay at home mother, we all have something in common: The need for child care. Lets face it, we all work, whether it is inside the home, outside the home, part-time, full-time, it is all work. Even if you are the best mom in the world, there are times when we all need a break. The problem is, how do you get that break? With work and home demands, it is easy to get lost in all of your obligations!
  • Can You Potty Train My Toddler?
    I have a toddler (who has 2 older brothers) and while potty training was easy for the first two, for some reason, the youngest has decided that he will not be trained. Not by me. It is frustrating, demoralizing, and I am just exhausted from trying. I have promised this kid half of the Hawaiian Islands and a Unicorn to poop in the potty. Clearly, my tactics are not working on him. Back to the drawing board.

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