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Samantha Knowles's Articles in Health

  • Getting Started With Exercise - It Doesn't Need To Be Hard
    I used to live my life without being true to myself. I used to concern myself with what everyone else believed was best for me. I let the opinions of family, friends, and even neighbors shake my confidence as a working woman and as an adult. Looking back, I think even portrayals of happy families in the media may have influenced the way I lived.
  • Top Ways To Get Rid of A Stubborn Double Chin
    To learn how to work out while working, check out the Modern Womans Guide Strength Training Review To make the most of the foods you eat and shouldn't, check out The Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review
  • Fixing Your Diet
    As a working mom I don't have a lot of time. On top of that, I am on a diet. That stinks. So not only do I have less time to prepare meals for myself and my family, but I am now being carefut about what I am making. It is a stressful process for me and one I am not enjoying.
  • Our Kids On A Diet?
    With obesity on the rise, I hate having to address the issue of kids and diets. Whether it is writing about it or addressing it in my own home, no one wants to tell their kid "no". My childhood days were filled with all kinds of wonderful things. I remember how great that chocolate milkshake tasted or those chicken nuggets at my favorite restaurant. The key here is that those memories are vivid because they were few and far between.
  • Why Separation Anxiety Is Difficult For Everyone
    Another tip on accepting separation is acknowledging that the source of your child's emotions is often more centered on transitioning to something new and less about the actual separation itself. It isn't that they do not miss you (they do), it's just that your absence forces them to make a change.

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