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Samantha Frost's Articles in Home Improvement

  • Danger - Water Leaks In Your House
    In March of every year, there is such a thing as "Fix A Leak Week". Sounds crazy? 10 % of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day. And this is AVERAGE! Wherever water is, there is a huge risk of mold, and mold is very dangerous! It's important to check for leaks.
  • Upgrade Your Tub To a Step In Bathtub
    Many people would readily agree that a great home should be a safe home. One of the places which could be a site for potential hazards is the bathroom. Slipping on wet surfaces is a serious danger. Another is tripping on tubs causing minor to severe physical injury. In fact, statistics have shown that 70% of accidents at homes happen in the bathroo
  • The Problem With Gutters Having An Incorrect Slant
    The strength of the rain.
  • Tips on Finding the Right Siding and Gutter Guards
    When dealing with home improvements, your principles in style and purpose should be applied. But unlike your own styling, doing a makeover for your home should lean more on a timeless look than a trendy one. This is simply because you cannot just change the features of your house as frequently as you do with your looks. An easy way to give your quarters a fresh look is by changing your siding, gutter guards, and panels.
  • The New HardiePlank Siding Colors
    Apart from the normal HardiePlank siding colors, the James Hardie company has come up with a new way of bringing color to a house's exterior walls. Their new discovery is called the "ColorPlus" technology. Many of the company's HardieZone products use it. But what exactly is this "ColorPlus" technology and what makes it different from the usual colors which the company formerly used?
  • Exciting Home Improvement Ideas To Think About
    It can be a real struggle to try to balance home improvement projects with a full-time job. We also realize that perhaps you would rather spend your weekends and time off catching up on relaxation. But we do what needs to be done, and if you have to put a home improvement, or remediation, project together than you do. When things are in need of repair they just get worse over time. When you put them off, you'll find yourself investing more time and money in the repairs later. It really is best to bite the bullet and make repairs when they are needed.
  • The Advantages of Metal Roofing
    If you are planning to build a new roof or need to replace your old one, you may want to contemplate on getting a metal roof instead. Not only will it make your house more energy efficient, a metal roof will also add a unique and beautiful design element that will make your house stand out from the rest. On top of that, this will be the last time you'd ever replace your roof because metal roofs are so durable they can last a lifetime. It will be there for as long as the house is standing. (Most metal roofs are even backed with warranties up to 50 years by their manufacturers!) It is also easy to seal off plumbing pipes that go through the metal roof using readily available flexible pipe boots made of synthetic rubber EPDM and Silicone. (Rubber pipe boots has a flexible base that can conform with any shape or contour of metal roofing and are easy to install.)
  • Antique Heart Pine Secrets
    Recovered antique wood manufacturing process offers new life to old logs which have been lost, sometimes for hundreds of years. Many logs are located on stream bottom. Most found their way there via storms or floods. The second growth logs are not worth the time and effort to recover. But the valuable timber can be distinguished by the end of the log, it is "axe-cut". This indicates they were likely cut sometime prior to the mid-1880s, before the steam engine came into use in the South.
  • Re Roof Cost - How Much Should You Pay
    Do you remember how many times you have had to mend leaking ceilings and have it repainted afterwards? If you cannot remember anymore, it probably means you are better of re roofing your house. This should prevent you from having to do such painful tasks repeatedly. The question is how much should the re roof cost be?
  • Is It Time For a Kitchen Replacement?
    Has your kitchen reached the point of no return? Maybe what you need to invest in is a full kitchen replacement. You should recognize right from the start that a kitchen replacement requires a big investment of both time and money. A full kitchen replacement means removing old fixtures, upgrading the electrical system, replacing old appliances, flooring, counter tops, and cabinetry. What are some indicators that you kitchen may be due for a major overhaul?
  • Things to Consider When Re-Roofing
    Re-roofing should be done at least once every 20 since this is the average lifetime of the roof materials . Usually though, the roof would start to show problems by the 10th year, making it important for homeowners to do some maintenance on their house. Of course, that does not mean that individuals can re-roof anytime they wish. Aside from the time factor, there are actually several things homeowners must consider before deciding to replace the top portion of their homes .
  • Planning a New Kitchen Cabinet Installation
    There are many different things that can be done to your kitchen to make it look like new. For starters, you can have a new kitchen cabinet installation done by a local contractor. With new cabinets, it can bring your kitchen to life. Combine this with new counter tops and appliances and you have a complete kitchen makeover. You can locate a kitchen cabinet installation company with the use of the Internet. Browse around in your city to see who can offer you the best rate for the new kitchen cabinet installation.
  • Should You Re Roof or Repair?
    Most homeowners are reluctant to re roof their home in fear that it will be too expensive . Considering how much space the roof covers and the cost of materials today, this kind of fear is completely rational. The good news is that reroofing is not something that should be done on a routine basis. If homeowners know what to look for, then they will be able to start saving enough money months before the actual re roofing upgrade will be necessary. That being said, following are some tips on how to recognize when a roof needs attention.
  • How to Take Care of Your Asphalt Shingle Roof
    An asphalt shingle roof can not only provide you with ample protection from harsh weather; it can also improve the look of your home. Asphalt shingles - provided they are of high quality and were installed properly - can last for decades. However, this does not mean that you should not take care of your roof. If you overlook this part when you do periodic checks on the state of your house, you are shortening the life of your asphalt shingle roof.
  • Traits to Look for in a Residential Window Replacement
    The whole point of replacing your windows is to improve the quality of your home. You don't want to just go out and purchase windows that are exactly like or worse quality than the windows you are replacing. You want to do some homework and make sure that you are upgrading. There are some features that indicate that you are looking at a good quality residential window replacement for your current windows.
  • Types of Shingle Roof Installation
    The fact is that there are several types of shingle roof installations. You can get asphalt, clay and concrete tiles. The shingle roof installation should be handled with care. You will want a roofing contractor that has experience and a record of excellence. Asphalt shingle installation is very popular and in demand in the U.S. It can be used on residences and commercial buildings. It is available and affordable. It comes in different colors and styles. These shingles are also easy to repair.
  • Very Simple to Use Genie Garage Door
    My spouse adores the notion that we should get a brand new Genie garage door. I'm pleased that we really should be getting a simple and easy opener for our carport. I realize that this lady is most likely thrilled pertaining to it also considering that she dislikes needing to get out of the vehicle to perform it. The previous opener busted a while back. Subsequently we presently have certainly been applying various strategies to open up the door. That I have certainly found out to be very nasty. We had to invest reduced simply ahead of we might manage this, and furthermore I seem pleased that we are ready to accomplish it. It is fabulous to be skilled to improve our household one job at an occasion. Sooner or later, every little thing around here is going to get an upgrade. All of us just may find out exactly what appeared to be the most necessary problem to repair at first. Since we all use our own cars everyday. The garage place seemed the most considerable concern we experienced. It's virtually winter season currently and the weather is adjusting for the worst. I dread shoveling the snow. Driving in the winter season can be risk even. After fighting the rigid climate and traffic I'm in no frame of mind to struggle with a hefty garage area house in theses components. Thanks to my Genie Garage Door Opener I will might may handle that. I push up click the button on my opener as well as pull within my dry and hot car port. As I look back to the days when I would may jump out within the cold wind as well as snow. Exactly what was I doing? By having all the modern technology of today why would any person still open there garage residence manually. My next-door neighbor George learned the hard way. He will struggle with that traditional garage home till one day his back went out. Concerning a week later on I saw a buggy pull up to his garage. It was the installers entering his Genie Garage Door.
  • Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Equipment As Seen on TV
    Anyone who's ever seen a cooking show on television would have admired those kitchen sets as seen on TV. There are many reasons why home owners would want to get a new basic set of kitchen equipment. Some people may have just moved into a new home. Others may have thought of giving a set of kitchen equipment as a gift. On the other hand, some people may even just want to get rid of the clutter in the kitchen and start things over.
  • Tubular Steel Fencing: Strength and Grace Combined
    Metal fencing is generally accepted as a standard of safety both for industrial and residential use. Solid steel fences are, however, costly, and this limitation tends to obscure the security feature it can provide. Along came tubular steel fences, where various parts are hollow, but are still considered as strong fences because the vertical elements are manufactured to run through railings of the same material at the top and bottom. After years of acceptable performance from satisfied homeowners and artisans, tubular steel fencing is now a popular choice, not just for strength but also for the wide range of elaborate styles it offers.
  • Remodeling Kitchens That Are Small
    Many people unfortunately have rather small kitchens in their home. If you are one of these unlucky people, maybe you should consider remodeling your small kitchen. This sounds like a lot of work; however, there are many things that you can do that are simple as well as affordable in order to free up extra space in your kitchen. In fact, changing just a few things can cause you to have a lot more room and space in your kitchen.
  • Kitchen Replacement Windows
    Many people consider the kitchen the heart of their home. This is the common place where family members gather to drink a cup of coffee in order to start their day. Also, in the evening, the kitchen may be the only place where all of the members of a household come together at once. With the exceptionally busy lifestyles of many, the kitchen is a very important place. Because of this, you want to be certain that you keep your kitchen in the best possible condition, with the most modern appliances. One particular item that is important to have in your kitchen is windows. Kitchen windows allow you and your family to enjoy their coffee or meal while looking outside and watching the weather. When your kitchen becomes outdated, consider kitchen replacement windows for your home.
  • Shower Replacement
    Showers are perhaps the most important element of any bathroom. This is because a large portion of the time spent in a bathroom is spent in the shower. However, showers do not last forever, their constant use can leave even high quality showers looking warn and aged. If the shower in your home is showing signs of age, you may want to consider taking on a shower replacement project. Updating the shower in your home is an important investment, however this doesn t mean it needs to break the bank. Shower replacement is a relatively affordable process with proper planning and it can also add value to your bathroom and your home. While this process is important, it isn t always easy. There are numerous decisions involved with any shower replacement project, but with proper planning and a handful of visits to your local home improvement store, this is a very manageable project for any home improvement novice or DIY enthusiast.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Remodel
    If you want to change the look of your kitchen, consider a kitchen cabinet remodel. Cabinets can completely change the overall appearance of a kitchen and they can also significantly improve the market value on a house. Sufficient storage is something every buyer wants to see within a bathroom or kitchen. Cabinets help the home maintain a sense of orderliness. They can also be very attractive and add to the overall look of the room.

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