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Samantha Frost's Articles in Education

  • What Is TEFL Certification?
    Instructing English as a foreign language can be a difficult and satisfying profession. Many individuals decide to instruct English part time to make money while they take a trip the globe. For me, it has actually come to be a full-time employment that I genuinely take pleasure in. You will certainly typically see the abbreviation "TEFL" which merely suggests Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Many individuals are uncertain ways to get TEFL certification, nor just what precisely it is.
  • Transitioning to Montessori: Independence (Part 1 of 5)
    Every fall, children transition to our Montessori programs from other preschools or elementary schools. What can parents do to help with this transition? In this series of blog posts, we lay out a few Montessori principles that apply at the later preschool and early elementary school level. Our focus is on children who transition into Montessori during their kindergarten through 2nd grade years, but many of the ideas suggested here are helpful for preschool children, too.
  • Tips Before and When You Take Music and Vocal Lessons
    Being able to sing to your heart's content and play the music you like with your chosen musical instrument can give you immeasurable happiness. Not only that - these activities can also lessen any stress you might be experiencing because of your day-to-day activities. And without you being aware of it, taking music and/or voice lessons instills discipline and focus - both of which are values that can help you accomplish your bigger goals in life.
  • Dissection Versus Prosection In The Study Of Human Anatomy
    Anatomy is considered as one of the most fundamental studies in the field of medicine. It is also considered one of the most difficult subjects to study due to the various body parts and internal organs involved. Still, the human anatomy is persistently being studied because it is the cornerstone of education of any medical practitioner.
  • A Historical Analysis of College Courses
    Have you ever wondered what is the all-time most selected college course major in the US? Wonder no more, then. Based on analysis of raw annual data from the National Data Book of the US Census Bureau, Business is the top course major choice among college students. Business courses constantly held the distinction of having the most number of graduates for the last 40 years. From the latest available statistics , a total of 8,969,329 American students finished Business courses since the year 1971, or an annual average of 229,983 business graduates.
  • On College Courses and Career Paths
    Your decision to take a particular major in college is your first step in the establishment of your career path. Is this true or false? The statement may actually be a matter of argument, but this article tends to support the "false" side or the position that the crucial choice for a college major is not the first step in one's career path. Try asking high school students about their career path. They sure will not retreat in terror but expect signs that "career" is a term that scares the hell out of them.
  • Finding College Scholarships For Women Is Not Difficult
    College scholarships for women are specially earmarked to be awarded to women who wish to start or continue a college education.
  • Schooling And Education In The Age Of Technology
    Children and teenagers' schooling and education come first, but with parents' busy schedules, they cannot always help with homework. Online tutoring saves time on commuting, keeps children and teenagers actively engaged, helps children and teenagers to successfully learn, and provides them with safe fun while they're at home.
  • Finding the Right Online Masters Degree Programs
    There's a myriad of sources offering online masters degree programs these days. If you are looking to advance your education and career, then these online degree courses can be a very good way to achieve it. They can open a lot of opportunities for you like higher job pays, job promotions, or even a totally new career if you wish to discard your old job and take a new one.
  • A Guide Towards Acquiring an Online Degree
    Are you interested on getting for yourself an online degree? Want to learn more as to how it's done? Need further details with regards to the process and the things you need to watch out for? Well, keep on reading. This article can be of great help to you.

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