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Samantha Frost's Articles in Diseases and Conditions

  • Ebola and Stem cell Activation
    Stay safe and boost your incredible body's immune system - naturally:
  • The Weather and Your Joints
    Some folks inspect the information for the weather forecast. But also for many people with arthritis and also related joint discomfort, they already recognize when a storm is on the way.
  • A Cure for Fibroids
    You have probably come here today because you or someone dear to you has been diagnosed with fibroids. Fibroids, or intrauterine tumors, are abnormal growths that occur in and around the uterus. There should be a clear delineating between fibroids or myomas, and cancer.
  • Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of an Over Active Bladder
    What makes an over active bladder over active? How do you know if you have one? There are many different symptoms and causes for it, but the treatment options could be wide, and the processes could be very basic. But because millions are suffering from it, there are still millions of others who have left their cases unsolved and untreated.
  • Over Active Bladder - Causes and Symptoms
    Over active bladder (OAB) is a form of urinary incontinence. It basically refers to a person who has an unexpected and very critical need to urinate, even if they are only releasing a small amount of urine. What happens is that muscle wall of the urinary bladder contracts, triggering the need for release even if the body is still perfectly capable of holding it in. The problem is also known as urge incontinence.
  • A Case of Ophthalmological Limitation Regarding Eye Therapy
    Some ophthalmologists openly state that vision eye therapy is not scientific or effective, almost to the point of labeling it fraudulent. However, it must be kept in mind that this is just an opinion, albeit a professional one. Ophthalmologists do not have the final say when it comes to non-surgical eye therapy. They have little information regarding vision therapy. They criticize the practice of vision therapy without going deeper into studying it. On the other hand, optometrists specializing in vision therapy have more information and expertise regarding this field, as well as in other fields of developmental vision.

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