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Rodney R Robinson's Articles

  • What Is A Rapid Detox Program And How Can It Help?
    Rapid detox programs, even if they use the safest methods available for such a practice, are still a gamble because the body does not have the ability to cope with such a massive change in chemistry. Tolerances to drugs and alcohol aren't built up in a day, so why would we think that they would suddenly disappear overnight as well?
  • Affordable Interventions For Drug Addiction Can Bring Successful Recovery
    Unfortunately, for many people, getting into treatment is only the first step of the
    battle. The real struggle comes from what happens within that program. If the
    addict or alcoholic in question is only attending because they want to get the heat
    off, or if they are being forced into going, then the chances of recovery are slim at
  • Crystal Meth Rehab Is Part Of Drug Addiction Healing
    There are things that are so painfully obvious in the world of drug addiction that all we can do is laugh about them in hindsight, and this can be exceptionally true when entering a crystal meth rehab program. Today, we decided to provide some of our favorite telltale signs that such a program might be helpful to a potential addict.
  • Understanding Dual Diagnosis Programs And Their Benefits
    Dual diagnosis programs can bring moments of clarity. Even for alcoholics and addicts not suffering from dual diagnoses, catching them at precisely the right moment, with the right words and/or consequences is key. Without that moment of clarity, there is always the possibility that a person will go back to drinking and using.
  • Using Coping Skills For Drug And Alcohol Treatment
    Our alcoholic coping skills were never anything to write home about. After all, they are what drove us to drink and use in the first place. So what does an addict or alcoholic do when they can't drink or use anymore?
  • How Do You Know When It's Time To Go To Detox?
    It is one thing to find a drug and alcohol treatment center that is good for you or your loved one. That is not procrastination--that is due diligence, and something everyone should do before going to a program. However, there are risks with taking too long to make the decision on where to go. In many instances, this is a calculated risk that works out in the end, but as with any risk, there are other times where it can lead to tragedy.
  • Family Counseling Is Mandatory To The Recovery Process
    Unfortunately, a lot of the time, friends and family of an addict or alcoholic don't think family counseling is necessary. They basically just drop the addict or alcoholic off, expecting them to be "fixed" (not in the veterinary sense of the word), and have them back as good as new. Family counseling is mandatory. If it were that easy, then that would be great. However, it doesn't work like that.
  • In-Home Treatment: Is It Right For You?
    There will never be a solution that fits every addict or alcoholic, and in-home treatment is one example of how different approaches to recovery can help. The solution isn't for everyone, though, despite most alcoholics and addicts preferring this approach when first introduced to the idea of going to rehab.
  • Dealing with Illness While Sober From Drug Addiction
    Perhaps the most difficult thing for newcomers and old-timers recovering from drug addiction is how to stay sober while sick. There are a lot of concerns and false information out there, and seeing as it is flu season (and some have already caught it…), we thought now would be a good time to dispel some of those myths.

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