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Robert Corter's Articles in Sports

  • Achieving Higher Jumps By Strengthening Your Legs
    In order to successfully learn how to jump higher, you'll need strong legs and this is achieved by strengthening your legs Without strong legs, you won't endure the high jumps and your legs will give out quickly
  • Training For Higher Jumps
    If you're preparing for a basketball game or high jumps in track and field, it's important that you learn how to jump higher if you want to improve your performance in these sports There are instructional DVDs and fitness magazine articles which give good tips on how to jump higher and your coach can assist in the training
  • General Ways to Jump Higher
    If you play basketball, football or volleyball, it's important that you learn how to jump higher because this increases your performance in the sport If you feel you don't jump as high as you should, meet with your coach to discuss how to jump higher with certain exercises
  • Low-Cost Ways To Learn To Jump Higher
    If you're a track and field athlete and you do high jumps, you're looking for ways to improve your high jump but you're not able to afford expensive exercise equipment or a personal trainer It's possible to learn how to jump higher without spending a dime by doing low-cost exercises at home or at public parks
  • Aiming for the Chi
    In terms of martial arts, martial arts website is one online site catering to potential athletes and any interested citizen looking for a boost in physical education and physical health Armed with their offers to catering martial arts and skills such as tai chi and kung fu, this athletic-related online service site serves its purpose to improved health, physical skill, and so much more

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