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Robert Corter's Articles in Real Estate

  • Foreclosure Causes 3 Kinds of Instability
    In a tough economy, more and more people have to face money problems Sometimes this is because inflation has simply made things difficult and sometimes it is because employers let people go in order to save some money
  • 5 Steps to Stopping Foreclosure
    Every year, millions of people across the United States will have to question if foreclosure is the only option they have left when it comes to paying their mortgage and, unfortunately, this is a trend that may not change much over the next few years This is why it is important to start looking at the process and understanding all of the options and strategies available before foreclosure becomes a reality for you
  • Trust Experienced Experts to Avoid Foreclosure
    According to the company founder Allan Garfield, SellFastUSA is uniquely positioned as a real estate industry leader that can help any homeowner struggling who may be facing foreclosure With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, he knows that there are many reasons why people fall behind in their mortgage but the result is always the same
  • Upside Down in Your Mortgage No More
    Home ownership is a big part of the American Dream Whether you are from a family with a long and celebrated history of citizenship or an immigrant coming to find a more fruitful life, the common goal is to eventually move into a house of your own
  • What to Do When Forecasting a Foreclosure
    If you are starting to fall behind on your mortgage you may be dealing with all kinds of emotional turmoil Yes, it may be embarrassing when you cannot make your payments and fulfill your obligations
  • Call an Expert to Help With Your Potential Foreclosure
    As a real estate investor with more than 20 years of experience, Allan Garfield knows a thing or two about mortgages Perhaps this is what led him to have a desire to educate people about their borrowing and home ownership options, especially in regards foreclosure
  • Choose SellFastUSA Instead of Foreclosure
    According to recent news outlets, the unemployment rate in the United States is the highest it has been since 2008, at 8% (with some states registering much higher) This is the highest it has been since 1983
  • Finding Alternatives to Foreclosure
    Home ownership is one of the great components of the American Dream In fact, thousands of people from all over the world come to the United States in pursuit of the freedom to choose a career and own a piece of personal property
  • The First Rule of Foreclosure: Ask For Help
    It is hard to deny that this is a tough time for American citizens The global economy is quite unstable and the economy in the United States is greatly intertwined in all of it
  • Dos and Don'ts of Hiring a Local Moving Company
    Hiring a local moving company provides you with a lot of benefits Just imagine how convenient it would be if you do not have to worry about carrying all your heavy furniture to your own van and driving to your new house all by yourself or with friends who are grumpy after lifting and carrying your things
  • Choosing Safe Movers For Relocation
    There could be a number of reasons for wanting to transfer abode It could be due to job relocation, better opportunity, healthier surroundings, and the like
  • Finding Reliable Movers
    Moving could be very difficult and stressful The fact that one is leaving a place he has lived in for years or decades even is itself hard to bear already
  • Free Moving Eestimate
    Moving is never easy If it is not emotionally challenging to leave friends and neighbors behind, it must be at least physically exhausting to say goodbye to one's home for many years and move to a whole new place
  • Going For Cheap Movers
    Cost is the most valid and most common concern of everybody in this age of economic crisis This is also the same when looking for a company to take care of a person's moving needs
  • Local and Interstate Movers
    There are basically two kinds of movers: the interstate movers and the local ones The difference is what the name says it is
  • Tips For Finding Movers in Columbia, MD
    Are you searching for movers in Columbia, MD but you do not know where to begin You are in luck because this article will give you some tips and information about finding the right mover in this location
  • Tips For Choosing the Right Local Moving Company
    If you are planning to move to a different house but within the same city or state, you should consider hiring the right local moving company Many people think that hiring a moving company is just a waste of money because they can easily transport their properties as long as they have their own van
  • Benefits of Hiring Interstate Movers
    Moving from one state to another can be a bit complicated without the help of interstate movers This is because you have to ensure that you are adhering to interstate policies and regulations regarding moving properties and belongings from one state to another
  • Apt. Movers-Useful Moving Out Tips
    If you live in an apartment and you are planning to move somewhere else, you should consider hiring one of those apt movers
  • The Truth About Foreclosure
    Foreclosure is the act wherein a lender takes over the ownership of a particular property after the borrower failed to pay off his or her mortgage It would be placed under the possession of the same, a court, an authorized entity, etc
  • Find the Best Real Estate Deals With Foreclosures
    If you are looking for a great real estate deal, you should consider taking a chance at foreclosures Normally, when a mortgage or loan on a property has gone past due, the lender or the bank is reclaiming the property and that means is referred to as a foreclosure
  • Facts About Canada Foreclosure
    It is a fact that foreclosures in Canada are on the rise Whether it is an effect of the 2008 United States housing meltdown or a sign of poor financial planning, is debatable
  • Canada Foreclosure List: Find Homes For Up to 50 Percent Below Market Value
    So, you are an investor who is looking for multiple properties that are up for sale in Canada The best place to start your search is the Internet
  • What You Should Know About Online Foreclosure Listing Services
    When a home mortgage has become past due, lenders like banks tend to repossess the house from the borrower This is what's referred to as a foreclosure
  • Listings of Canada Foreclosures: Buy Homes at a Discount Price
    If you are searching for homes at a discounted price, you should check out some sites on the Web that are offering listings of Canada foreclosures Not only can you find foreclosed property listings online but you can also have access to different real estate sales, fixer upper listings, tax sales, motivated seller listings and probate sale listings
  • 3 Facts You Need to Know About a Canada Foreclosure List
    A foreclosure list is a list of properties that have come into the possession of a bank or lender after judicial or extrajudicial foreclosure In other words, these are second hand properties that may or may have been vacant for a few months to a couple of years
  • Real Estate: Buying Foreclosed Houses
    Purchasing foreclosed houses is one of the best options preferred by many bargain home buyers It is not surprising
  • How to Decide Whether to Relocate or Not - Read More About It
    Relocation is a tedious task that can have great impact on your life Although it's generally a hectic process, it can help open you a wider range of opportunities that may help improve your living conditions
  • Helping Physically Challenged Persons Move
    Moving in itself is a challenge and when it comes to a physically challenged person, it can even pose more serious challenges But if the move is not avoidable, there are a few things that can be done to make it a little easy for the physically challenged persons to move

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