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Robert Corter's Articles in Good Housekeeping

  • Things to Consider Before Hiring a Demolition Contractor
    Homeowners and builders who desire to get rid of buildings, roads or any commercial structures often ask quotations from various demolition companies However, before choosing a demolition contractor, one should take into consideration some factors that would influence its eligibility
  • Basics of Asphalt Removal
    Paving methods are never perfect nor permanent With the unending occurrence of rain and wind, asphalt roadways and paths are inevitably damaged
  • Sprinkler Repair
    One of the great traditions practiced by folks living in the suburbs is the cultivation and maintenance of grass in their front yard There's something about green grass growing in the yard that makes you feel serene and secured in your own house
  • Utilizing Residential Storm Drainage
    One of the best ways to remove rainwater is through the use of residential storm drainage A storm drain allows the excess of water to be collected and to be removed in various properties
  • Facts About Concrete Removal
    Concrete is widely used today for various purposes It is used as a material for building commercial buildings and homes
  • About Swimming Pool Demolition
    Most homes have pools Swimming pools are said to increase both the value and the aesthetic sense of a home
  • Benefits of Tractor Services
    Everyday, people are faced with problems on machines and equipment Depending on the type and model of the equipment, finding the solution provider may be quite difficult
  • Quick and Easy Steps in Swimming Pool Removal
    Swimming pools are water-filled containers commonly known to provide relaxation, therapy and recreation Most pools can be found at hotels, massage parlors, schools, gymnasiums and even homes
  • Simple Steps in Residential Tile Removal and Replacement
    Tiles are manufactured pieces of hard materials generally used for floors, roofs, and walls at our houses The common materials used for its production are stone and ceramic
  • What is Residential Storm Water Management?
    Roofs can often be damaged because of the weather and because of the ever changing elements Because of the damages, it can ruin the foundations of any home of commercial building
  • Concrete Stain
    When people talk about concrete stain nowadays, they discuss the different colors that can be placed on concrete structures In these discussions, they also chat about the designs that they prefer to see on the floors, walls, façade, and other concrete structures in houses and buildings
  • Pool Decking Repair
    When you need to repair your swimming pool deck, you have to call a professional concrete contractor to make the renovations for you For this purpose, pool owners in St
  • Concrete Contractor
    Concrete residential houses are subject to gradual deterioration after years of use and will need some repairs as the years go by If you live in St
  • "Eavestrough" Installation - Don't Skip Out
    Many homeowners don't think about updating their water management systems until the rainfall comes pouring down and issues with flooding, and more start to become a reality It's important to try and make sure that your home is up to date and ready to take on whatever nature might want to send your way through the seasonal changes
  • Benefits of Aluminum Siding
    When it comes to getting your home's value up, a great idea is to look into the many benefits of aluminum siding That's right, you could benefit greatly from looking into this option as it will provide you with a great deal of opportunity to increase the curb appeal that you have, or at least make sure that your home looks great through all the seasonal changes
  • 3 Things to Consider Before Getting Siding Installed
    When it comes to updating your home and making sure the value rises through the hard times, you'll need to look into a variety of different things It's not advisable for anyone to move forward with installing anything without first going through the planning phases and establishing that it's not only a good plan moving forward, but also it's also cost effective
  • Searching Through Siding Contractors - Finding the Right One
    When it comes to home improvement in these modern times, you'll often times end up dealing with a variety of issues that will not easily be diminished Even if you put your best efforts forward you will still deal with a variety of issues that will cause you headache
  • "Eavestrough" Installation - Protecting Your Home
    There is no telling how Mother Nature is going to impact your house, especially when all seems calm You could look outside right now and everything could look fine but when the clouds come in and the storms start to rise up, you could end up with a serious issue if you're not prepared
  • TLS: Lawn and Landscaping
    You put so much effort into the inside of your home and business but doesn't the outside deserve the same You want your visitors or customers to notice the front of your building or office but don't have time to do the work that it needs
  • Tim's Lawn and Landscaping Service Making Beautiful Yards
    With 16 years' experience, Tim Lawn and Landscaping Services know what in needed to look after your lawn and outside area Tim's Lawn and Landscaping Services know that their customers want individual attention and care that their outside area deserves
  • Improve the Look of Your Basement or Garage With Decorative Concrete
    You can improve the look of your basement or garage with decorative concrete Concrete has been used for a long time as only a construction medium
  • Differences Between Garage Floor Epoxies
    Epoxies can be the solution you have longed for since your garage floor started to get dirty and oily There are many options and you have to know the differences between garage floor epoxies before you take a pick
  • Hugh's Services Can Help With All Your Contracting Needs
    For the past 12 years, Hugh's Services has built a name for itself in the Maryland area for its quality and value for money home improvement Whether it is general contracting you are after or painting and landscaping, Hugh's has you covered
  • Want to Improve Your Home
    Want to improve your home Want a grand renovation
  • Clean Service Pros
    If you have need of professional service for different types of cleaning, repairing and fixing in and around your home then these are the experts that can help you – Clean Service Pros So if you are in the Maryland area, in Frederick or Columbia take a look online and see what these professionals can offer you
  • Concrete Overlays
    Basically a concrete overlay is a thin coating of concrete which is layed over an existing concrete surface It is done if a concrete surface has certain imperfections due to salt being spread on it in winter to melt ice or perhaps imperfections because of age
  • Stamped Concrete
    A type of outdoor flooring is known as stamped concrete and it is often found on patios and around pool areas which contain decorative like patterns and designs Stamped concrete contain a sealant which is to protect the stamped pattern from such elements as sun rays, weather changes and dust
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning in Maryland
    Home improvement has always been a time consuming and daunting task for most home owners Some really prefer to do it themselves and then there are others who leave it for a later decision
  • Home Improvement
    If you're looking to remodel you home then you should seek the services of an affordable professional If you happen to live in Howard County, Maryland you can seek the services of the best professionals located right in your area Hugh's Services, Inc
  • Landscaping
    More and more people are looking to spiff up the environment around their homes They want professional looking gardens and a lot more people are longing to have lovely areas in their backyards where they can entertain their friends and family
  • Mt. Airy Mattress - Read More About It
    People can get all sorts of sleep disorders which can result from a bad or worn out mattress A worn out mattress can give you pain in your back along with muscle aches from sleeping on lumpy or sagging mattresses
  • Mt. Airy Mattress
    Sleep disorders which can result from a bad mattress are many various kinds A bad mattress can give you pain in your back and muscle aches from sleeping on lumpy or sagging mattresses
  • Choosing a Home Security Company
    A home security system is an excellent way to keep yourself, your home and those that you love protected around the clock, however there are more than a handful of companies offering you protection, making it more difficult than ever to choose the right company

    Although home security companies offer monitoring of your home, they are not all created the same, making it a must that you take the time to compare companies, the services they offer and, of course, prices
  • Are Home Security Systems Worth the Money?
    Are home security systems really worth the time and the money Ask any homeowner who has had one installed and you will always get a resounding "yes, they are
  • Home Burglar Alarm Systems Suit All Needs
    If you've turned on a TV or read the paper in the last few years you've certainly seen the changes in crimes that have progressed with time It seems that no one is safe nowadays as more and more people steal, rob, break-in and commit other heinous crimes just to get what they want
  • Staying Safe in Your Home
    The olden days when kids could play outside all day long and you could leave your front door cracked open to allow the sunshine to come in are long gone Now it seems that you can't take your eyes of the kids for 2 minutes much less allow them outside all day long
  • Finding the Right Chicago Moving Company
    Anytime that you know you are going to be moving your family and your home, it can be a stressful occasion There are so many details you need to be concerned about - new schools, new jobs, new area, your new place to live, closing everything up - it can be very easy to overlook a lot of small details
  • Atlanta Movers Can Be a Big Help
    Whether you have finally decided to move back to your home area to be near family or you have a new job to start in a new area, you are going to need some help with moving Taking everything from one place to another can be quite a chore
  • A Stress-Free Moving Day With Philadelphia Movers
    If you live in the Philadelphia area or are planning a move to this area, you know just how stressful this undertaking can be for a person Anytime you move into a big city there are many things that you need to consider and worry about
  • Gas Grill Reviews - Read More About It
    Searching for a framework can be a discouraging strain There are hundreds of programmers to determine from and notto honor the last models in the series
  • Orbit Baby G2 Pram: Give Your Baby the Right Pushchair
    The introduction of a new member of the family is a very welcome addition in any home Having a baby can be one of the most gratifying experiences you can possess
  • Child Transportation at Its Best: Orbit Baby G2 Travel System
    Writing reviews for different baby strollers is standard fare at times The reason behind this is that most baby pushchairs are similar in design and functionality
  • Why Orbit Baby G2 Pushchair
    When you visit any popular baby stuff supplier, you will find that there are countless of baby strollers offered to the public Having a wide range of choice is good, but the problem starts once you make that purchase and discover in time that what you bought was not worth it at all
  • The Basics of Woodworking
    There is nothing more fulfilling than having to accomplish a project by one's self This is what most DIY fans are loving – the ability to create projects in one's own home
  • Doing DIY Furniture Projects
    The reality of life says that everything has a cost This is true in buying commodities, shopping goods, and even emergency items
  • Ideas For DIY Craft Projects
    Crafting is one of the popular hobbies to have Basically everyone can do it as long as they have the proper materials, time, and effort in making a project a success
  • Cleaning and Damage Control For a Travertine Surface
    Installing one's home with travertine surfaces is indeed a delight, and does wonders for accentuating it However, a simple method of cleaning the travertine surface just won't do
  • How to Care For and Maintain Travertine Surfaces
    Travertine is that type of limestone deposit that can be found in mineral springs, particularly in hot springs The most popular travertine formation in the US is the Yellowstone National Park
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Travertine Floors
    Although cleaning travertine floors is now made easy with the right concentrate available in the market, there are still several measures that one can take in order to preserve one's precious floors for many years to come When one's home is accented with travertine surfaces, especially floor tiles which are fairly common these days, it is important to allot some time to dust-mop the floors frequently
  • The Perfect Companion For Travertine Floors
    Travertine floors are those that are made of travertine, a type of limestone deposit found in mineral springs, particularly hot springs The minerals that compose this limestone family are primarily dissolved in groundwater and afterwards deposited on the earth's surface with the movement of river and spring water
  • Why Having a Travertine Cleaner is a Good Investment
    Installing travertine stone tiles accentuates the beauty of one's home, and can remain as such with proper care and maintenance Along with adding this type of limestone to one's home are the responsibilities of cleaning it thoroughly and keeping it free from harmful elements
  • Tips on Purchasing Sliding Wardrobe Doors
    Due to the increasing number of available sliding wardrobe doors in the market today, the choices can be very overwhelming when you only have to buy one Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do now in order to find the best one for you without having to rummage every sliding door store that you can find
  • Finding Your Perfect Replacement Wardrobe Doors
    You will never have to worry when you're looking for replacement wardrobe doors because there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from

    * Folding Doors - This is the type when you open the door panel, it will fold into two
  • Purchasing Sliding Doors Online
    Aside from the perfect ease and convenience, there are many other advantages and benefits that you'll get when you opt on purchasing sliding doors online

    * Easy to Access - You can easily browse on different sliding doors with simple clicks on their website
  • Find the Perfect Sliding Doors For Your Bedroom
    Sliding Wardrobe Doors are becoming increasingly popular today This is probably because they are very easy to install and doesn't take too much space when opening
  • What to Look For When Buying New Replacement Wardrobe Doors
    No matter how you try your best in maintaining your cabinet in perfect condition, overtime usage will only result to one thing: some parts, if not all, of the cabinet will loosen, get broken or damaged And since the doors are the most-used part of the cabinet, it is also the first one to collapse
  • Lead Lined Drywall
    Radiation shielding is a discipline aimed at protecting humans and the environment from harmful effects of particle radioactivity and electromagnetic radiation Ionizing radiation, although used in industry and medicine, is a serious health hazard
  • Glass Signs: A Touch of Class in Signages
    A signage is a visual representation to display information for an intended audience It is usually a manifestation of places or names or positions
  • Phoenix Roofing Businesses Reporting For Duty
    Phoenix roofers serve a very typical aim in construction: to provide secured and high-quality roofing to any infrastructure needing a roof over its head Of course, all other roofers can do a similar job such as placing a sheet of galvanized iron or laid-out strips of plastered clay; but then, roofing businesses from Phoenix do pose certain advantages
  • Turning Tables With an Office Furniture Website
    It is no question that office furniture is one of the most important assets of any operating firm, be it a small-scale firm or a corporate conglomerate – which is why an office furniture site is created to provide these assets to any firm This furniture-dedicated website promises easy access to purchasing and delivering furniture such as office desks, chairs, tables, and other needed pieces of furniture for any office
  • Test For Asbestos in Home and Workplace Settings
    When planning to test for asbestos in your home, it is important to find an unbiased accredited laboratory with enough extensive experience in doing analysis of samples sent by homeowners for asbestos testing This will ensure that you get the results you need accurately before carrying out your home renovation or remodeling plans
  • Identifying the Dangers of Asbestos in Floor Tiles
    Asbestos in floor tiles are usually safe and even legal to keep in homes, unless they get disturbed in any way As long as floor tiles remain in good condition, harmful asbestos fibers will never be released into the air to pose any health threat
  • How to Safely Manage Asbestos in Textured Ceiling
    Before the 1980s, asbestos in textured ceiling was a common feature in homes Even after asbestos manufacturing was banned in 1978, it remained legal to use it until all stocks ran out through the 1980s
  • How To Do A Home Asbestos Test
    Although there are do-it-yourself home asbestos test kits available in the market today, most of them tend to be expensive and may sometimes give inaccurate results Instead of investing on these kits, why not try some easy-to-follow, home-based testing methods to test for asbestos in your home
  • The Importance Of Asbestos Testing In Homes
    Asbestos testing in homes is an important process that should never be overlooked, especially if you want to keep your house safe to live in for you and your family This naturally occurring mineral fiber has the ability to resist fire and insulate heat, and before the 1970s, was a primary component added to a variety of construction materials to keep them strong and durable
  • Vinyl Replacement Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages
    You are probably not aware of the fact that vinyl replacement windows are considered as the most popular in the market today The main reason for this is because of the fact that vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has a lot of advantages to offer to people
  • Looking Online For Tthe Best Deals
    A lot of people fail to realize that they should always make sure that their windows are maintained properly so that it will be able to give your home a brand new look; more than the appearance, you will also be able to experience a safer and cleaner environment inside your home through the wood replacement windows that are currently in the market
  • Compare And Contrast Leading Windows
    Whether you just want to give your home a new look, or you are tasked to design a brand new home, it is always a tough decision to choose between either vinyl or wood casement replacement windows The truth about choosing which particular product to choose from will definitely depend on different factors such as the budget involved, the preferences and also the currently available products in the market
  • Buying Windows From Local Experts
    If you are currently tasked to buy double hung replacement windows for a particular reason, but you are just not sure about the type of material that you should consider, you will definitely be pointed to choosing wood most especially if you ask the opinion of a lot of experts This article will give you the basic ideas behind why wood is considered as the best material for these double hung replacement windows
  • Benefits of Staging Your Home
    More people are driven to stage their homes these days It may be seen as a trend in the real estate market
  • Interior Designer - Learn More About It
    Interior design is an old impression but was originally limited towards a specific target market With the development in fashion trends, awareness increase among masses, significance of aesthetic art, and fashion sense, interior designing is growing big
  • Important Home Staging Facts the You Need to Know
    Without a doubt, there are a greater number of people jumping into the bandwagon of home staging now than ever before The way it has become prevalent these days has all the characteristics of a seasonal fad, much akin to the response of the market toward the latest electronic gadget making a public debut
  • What to Know Before and After Home Staging
    The benefits that come with staging a home are encouraging many people to get into it It allows the owners to beef up the price of their unit; notwithstanding, staging also increases the chances of closing a deal
  • Interior Design - Learn More About It
    Interior design is a multi-aspect career in which technical and creative solutions are related within a structure in order to attain a constructed interior setting The interior designing procedure follows a coordinated and systematic methodology, including analysis, research, and assimilation of knowledge into the artistic process, whereby the resources and needs of the customer are met in order to create an interior area that satisfies the project objectives

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