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Robert Corter's Articles in Food and Drink

  • Safe Cooking in the Outdoors With the Trekmates Flameless Cooking System
    These are just some of the things you have to remember for safe cooking in the outdoors:

    1 Have a bucket of water and sand ready for putting out fires and a rake for extinguishing hot embers
  • Outdoor Cooking With Trekmates
    People who love the outdoors are foolish to go on a trek without a way of cooking food or heating their drinks A hot meal goes a long way in rejuvenating the body for a few days of hiking, trekking, mountain climbing or even camping out in the wilderness
  • A Guide to the Kosher Food Guide
    The kosher food guide is a set of guidelines to what people can eat according to Jewish rules Also termed kashrut (fitness for use), food that is allowed to be eaten according to these rules is called kosher or kasher
  • What is Halal?
    What is halal You can see it when you come across meat shops, markets, food stalls, and the like
  • What is Haram?
    The Islam religion contains one of the more stringent rules with regards to how people can live their life Whatever the Qur'an tells, devout followers are expected to follow them by heart
  • Halal Food Guide
    Every religion has its own rules based on its faith And for the devout, to follow these rules is of supreme importance
  • A Beginner's Guide to Halal Products
    The Halal system is something that the Muslims strictly adhere to An Arabic word meaning acceptable or permissible, it designates any object or action that is deemed acceptable by Muslims
  • Espresso Machines: What You Need to Know
    If you're looking to buy a coffee maker that expressly makes an espresso there are several factors that you should consider, first and foremost of all, is your budget Are you a coffee addict who needs your coffee every morning, and anything will do
  • How Do You Like Your Pickles?
    The best thing about pickles is that you always eat them with something else Be it as relishes on hot dog sandwiches or slices between hamburger buns, they give the snack more variety in its taste
  • Pickles Home Made Style
    There is actually more than way of making pickles The easiest way is the quick process and the simplest can be made in 10 minutes
  • Cucumbers Are Not Only For Pickles
    First thing that comes to mind when you hear cucumbers are pickles This may be the most common way of serving them but cucumbers can be savored in many other ways

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