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Robert Corter's Articles in Computers

  • How to Fix Speed-Related Errors
    From catching up with faraway friends to managing businesses, people are reliant on their computers for so many things It is thus a source of great distress when a PC that used to function smoothly and speedily suddenly slows down to a snail's pace
  • How to Fix Common PC Problems - Read More About It
    If you are using Windows and you are experiencing some problems on your computer, do not call customer support just yet If you know a thing or two about troubleshooting, you may be able to fix the problem yourself
  • How To Fix the Problem With Kernel32
    There are files that are saved in your computer in order to perform functions One of these files is the Dynamic Link Library or the DLL files
  • The Importance of the Registry in Windows Operating Systems
    With so many files stored in your computer, you may be wondering what should be kept and secured It may be a photo, a word document, or an important personal file
  • Top Six Common Tools Used For Fixing Computer Errors and Performance Issues
    Computer errors are common among systems and they affect computing procedures in terms of efficiency Furthermore, errors lead to sluggish computer performance
  • 6 Quick Tips For a More Efficient Start Menu
    The Start Menu is the most accessed tool in the Windows environment It houses all the programs and files in your computer so it provides an easy way to access all these data
  • The Truth About Windows Registry - Learn More About It
    Aside from defragmenting your Windows PC, many technicians and advertisements on the web always recommend cleaning and defragmenting your computer's registry to optimize your computer's speed Certain system errors could also be fixed by cleaning up the registry
  • How to Fix Audio Errors
    Turning on your computer to listen to your favorite song only to meet errors with your audio devices is not rare If your speakers are not working as necessary, chances are, the device may be faulty
  • Tips to Boost Computer and Start-Up Speed
    Computers are made up of electronic components and circuits with firmware, application software and an operating system If these components work the result is the optimal performance and speed of a computer
  • How To Fix RSOD Error
    Seeing an RSOD error or seeing your computer screen turn red is worrisome You would be wondering whether the only solution is to prepare another bundle of cash to get it checked by a professional or purchase another PC entirely
  • How To Fix A Computer That Turns On and Off
    Have you ever seen your PC turn on and off while you are trying to use it This usually happens even before the Operating System loads
  • How to Fix an Overheating Computer?
    There are times when your computer suddenly freezes or shuts down while you are in the process of using it such as encoding videos or playing computer games There are also times when you will see the dreaded "blue screen of death"
  • How To Remove Pop-Up Ads
    Pop-up ads are usually annoying While they're mainly just advertisements, they may slow down your PC in more ways than one
  • How to Clean Up, Boost, And Restore Your PC Performance
    Every PC user may encounter a computer problem Even the most stable, secure PC is not safe from failing hardware as well as buggy software and system errors such as missing DLL and exe files
  • A Faster PC: The Other Tips
    The world of technology keeps on evolving at a lightning-fast pace, and what may be a modern marvel to day may become history tomorrow It is no wonder that newer and more capable computers are being released periodically, in all shapes and sizes
  • Utility Tools That Could Fix Common Pc Problems
    Deep within your computer are dark forces that are lurking to destroy your Operating System Those dark forces are equipped with some crafty tools, which allow them to stay hidden
  • Junk The Junk Files For Better PC Function
    A computer or laptop will slow down over a period of use One of the main reasons is the accumulation of junk files
  • PC Optimization: The Hardware Solution
    Think back to the times when you first bought your computer: aside from sporting a smooth-as-silk exterior, it is also remarkable for its snappy speed, opening any file and program you throw at it in a jiffy However, like most good things, this did not last for quite as long as you wished
  • A Solution to System Errors and Performance Issues: Clean Up Your Hard Drive
    Computers performing at a crawl are most often due to a full hard drive Programs accumulate with every use, taking up huge disk space
  • A Simple Guide to the Windows Registry
    A lot of users are finding ways in order to customize and optimize their pc to improve its performance and get rid of system errors However, there are certain components of the computer that cannot be modified without resorting to the Windows registry
  • Top 3 Common Computer Issues - Solved!
    No matter what your operating system is, you're bound to encounter technical problems such as system errors, missing DLL files and corrupted drivers every time you use a computer And so before you run into one of these issues, you should at least have an idea on what to do during these scenarios
  • Why Calibrate Laptop Batteries?
    Did your laptop suddenly shut down even if there's still about 10% of the battery left in your device Or worse, you're absolutely sure that you still got 25% power left, and yet your laptop still died on you
  • Tips For An Optimized Hard Drive
    Although solid state drives or "SSDs" are currently the 'in' thing with their blazing-fast read and write benchmarks, magnetic drives are still the most used and probably the more reliable choice as SSDs are more vulnerable to wear and tear Furthermore, the magnetic hard drives still deliver the lowest cost per gigabyte ratio when it comes to stora
  • The Benefits of Defragmentation
    Do you remember the good old days when your desktop or laptop was as good as new It boots in a jiffy, and any task that you do gets executed in a snap
  • The Windows Disk Defragmenter Tool: Benefits and How-Tos
    Disk fragmentation is one of the most common and yet unnoticed issues that occur in modern computers In our current world where media and files are so readily accessible, and where storage media comes at a dime a dozen, we often forget about the very basic issue of disk fragmentation and the different issues it could cause
  • How to Keep Your Computer Healthy
    Computers are expensive and you probably want to maintain it so that it can work well physically and internally To have a healthy computer, consider a weekly or monthly maintenance by performing the procedures below
  • How to Free Up Space in Windows 8
    Are you sick of being prompted for low storage space Do you always find your computer in a freezing state
  • Cleaning Your Computer Inside Out
    Indeed, it's only when you've first purchased your gadget that you really care for it You bought different kinds of protector in order to keep it in a good shape, such a keyboard protector, a screen protector, and a laptop sleeve
  • The Basics of Defragmentation
    Oftentimes, disk defragmentation is suggested by computer experts to boost your PC's performance However, only little information is provided on why such process is important to your computer
  • How to Boost Windows 7 Performance
    Although Windows 8 has been rolled by Microsoft about two years ago, the average computer user is probably still using Windows 7 and will continue to do so for quite a long time The patch updates for the said platform did not stop even after the release of a new Windows OS
  • How to Fix Problems With Executable Files
    A computer can only be useful if the program you need is on your computer Without the necessary program, it is impossible to carry out a specific task that you want to get done
  • General Tips in Fixing System Errors
    You are likely to encounter error messages during Windows start up or shut down, during installation, uninstallation, or change of a program, or while running a specific function in a program

    To fix these errors, here is a list of troubleshooting steps that might be able to help you
  • Tips For a Faster PC
    Everyone likes a new PC-it's fast and efficient But over time, the computer's speed starts going downhill and one experiences frequent lags and crashes which can be quite a pain in the butt
  • Advantages of Defragging Your Hard Drive
    If you want your computer to keep functioning at its best, you should defrag its hard drive once in a while Hard drives usually have spinning platters that contain data
  • How to Free Up Hard Disk Space
    All humans-on some level-are sentimental and it shows in your computers People save print screens of your first high scores, random but memorable pictures, movies you swear you'd watch again but never really get around to doing it
  • How to Fix Errors With Your Dynamic Link Library Files
    Computers may look like a simple machine that helps in accomplishing tasks faster, but they actually are not These machines heavily rely on data, and they cannot operate any program if the necessary data is not accessible
  • Windows 8 Pro System File Errors
    Like many, you're searching for the answer to one important question what is "igdkmd64sys"
  • How To Fix Dynamic Link Library Files
    Dynamic link library files, like Accessibilitydll, are comparable to executable files
  • How To Fix Missing Error Files
    A lot of people get the wrong idea when they encounter the words "winloadexe
  • How To Fix DLL Files Errors
    "Acluidll" is just one of the many DLL files loaded in your computer
  • How To Fix Blue Screen
    Blue screen triggered by "adpu320sys" problems can be worrisome since the blue screen of death is often associated with a completely corrupted operating system, which calls for immediate OS reinstallation
  • How To Fix Apple Push Errors
    "APSDaemonexe" or more commonly known as the "Apple Push" is a Windows executable program
  • How To Fix Robocopy Errors
    "Robocopy" is an executable file that was developed for the Windows Operating System by Adobe and Microsoft Robocopy This is the kind of file that helps your computer understand what it's supposed to do by giving it step-by-step instructions
  • How to Fix Blue Screen
    Blue screen triggered by "adpu320sys" problems can be worrisome since the blue screen of death is often associated with a completely corrupted operating system, which calls for immediate OS reinstallation
  • How to Fix Window Updates Errors
    "RpcRtRemotedll" initializes Windows update components
  • How to Fix Windows Error Reporting Service Errors
    Surely, most, if not, all of us have experienced a system crash at least once in our life As soon as we reboot the computer again, automatically we are asked if we want to send an error report to the Windows website
  • How to Fix Windows Operating System Errors
    Developed by the Microsoft Windows Operating System, "KBDITT" is a "DLL" file Just like executable programs, they allow software to function the way that they're supposed to
  • How to Fix Windows Desktop Search Errors
    "Propsysdll" is a Windows system file formerly known as the "Windows Desktop search"
  • Why Max Utilities is the Best Registry Cleaner?
    Max utilities is an all-in-one system utility registry cleaner that could optimize your system, clean up registry errors, protect privacy, uninstall software programs, defragment registry and hard drive, boost system startup, get rid of disk junk, and a lot more to improve system performance If you are looking for something to boost your PC's speed and tune up your system performance, Max Utilities is the best registry cleaner and disk cleaner
  • Registry Magic: Fix Your Broken Registry With Max Utilities
    If you are one of those people who cannot live their lives for very long without being in the company of their beloved Windows PC, then you must have heard or read about the word "registry" at least once in a while If you are a fairly experienced user, seeing this word pop up in an error message on your screen would be enough to ring some alarms in your head, and for good reason the registry is actually one of the most sensitive parts of a Windows system
  • How to Fix Kernel32.dll Error With Max Utilities?
    Kernel32dll error is a problem in the computer that makes every regular user jump off their seats
  • Nokia Lumia Windows 8 Is A Big Hit
    Nokia Lumia Windows 8 is ready to be released in November of 2012 and many individuals are watching for it to come out this Holiday season The Nokia Lumia has some unique featuresWith Nokia Lumia Winsows 8, the world is faster and brighter
  • Practical Tips For Data Capture
    Data capture is a simple procedure where in paper documents of texts or images are scanned and converted into files of digital nature Paper management is a tedious job and so more and more people opt for capturing digital data
  • Data Capture and Its Advantages
    For the last few years, a good amount of innovation has changed how paper works are being handled Now handwriting and typewriting especially when it comes to formal texts are almost unheard of
  • Going Digital With Data Capture
    The world clearly has undergone some big changes in the past few years Practically every aspect of human life has been in one way or another influenced by technology
  • Data Capture: Easy Tips to Follow
    If there is anything that humans are great at, it's their ability to take a process and try to improve it in all ways possible It's not that people are lazy
  • Data Capture and Stopping Time
    Pictures are great ways of preserving memories That is exactly why people make sure that for every special event they would have photos to remember the occasion by
  • Changing the Workplace With Document Imaging
    Any business owner will benefit much from the new technology that is document imaging You can say goodbye to any administrative woes with this computer software
  • Document Imaging and the Paper-free Workplace
    At the onset of the 21st century, the paperless movement has gradually begun gaining steam Some businesses have begun realizing the potential of having a paper-free workplace
  • Document Imaging for the Modern Office
    A slew of different innovations have taken over everyday life This includes the work office where many people spend most of their day earning their keep
  • Is There a Need For Document Imaging?
    In today's fast-paced world, technology is at the forefront of almost everything if not everything In our daily lives we are bombarded with the latest technology
  • Boost Your Productivity With ABBYY FlexiCapture Data Extraction Software
    If you are running a small or medium sized business, a document processing application and data extraction software can help boost your productivity no matter what industry you are in ABBYY FlexiCapture software offers both scanning and extraction of data features
  • Document Processing Software: Accomplish Paperwork in No Time With ABBY FlexiCapture
    These days, a lot of business are depending on a document processing software and data extraction software to process and manage data accurately Millions of documents and files can now be captured with just a click of a mouse and everything from transferring, sending, organizing to monitoring is automated
  • Document Processing and Data Extraction Software: ABBYY FlexiCapture Adds More Functionality
    In today's business world, there are a lot of thing to expect from a firm or organization when it comes to management and services offered Companies today are expected to provide first rate services to their clients in order to increase their profitability and reduce their costs at the same time
  • Make Data Entry Jobs Easy With ABBYY OCR Software Solutions
    Currently, the market is filled with a variety of optical character recognition (OCR) software that can be used by businesses for data entry jobs But just because there are many of them does not mean that firms should select the first OCR service they come upon
  • ABBYY OCR Services: Restructure Document Processing in Your Firm
    ABBYY OCR technology allows the conversion of PDFs and images received from a digital camera or scanner into searchable and editable text documents For instance, you wish to digitize a printed contract or could be a magazine article
  • Live The Source An Overview
    By now, you must've already heard about Live the Source and the multitude of products that they produce But of course, there's more to this company than just their products
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture: A Powerful Data Extraction and Document Capture Software For Any Business
    Designed for any document type automated data capture, ABBYY FlexiCapture offers a one entry point to instantly transform the flow of various documents and forms to usable data for exporting into business databases and applications The software application simply replaces manual document sorting as well as data entry processes with accurate and automatic data extraction and document classification
  • Web Based Scanning Basics With CAPSYS
    CAPSYS is currently the #1 developer of web based scanning tools for distribution of centralized data and document capturing software The company continues to create an impact in the entire web based scanning platform by streamlining processes of acquiring information and documents efficiently and securely for document imaging, ECM and case management
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture: Automatically Process Different Types of Document in a Single Route With a Vibrant Data Capture Solution
    In any type of firm, document processing and management is a necessity and that is why there is a growing demand for an optical character recognition data capture software ABBYY FlexiCapture offers an all-inclusive solution for your paper document processing needs
  • Staying Protected With Home Security Systems
    It is true that having a home security system in your home provides you with peace of mind and assurance, but it does so much more than that When you have a home alarm system, you are protected around the clock, when you are home and when you are not
  • Go Wireless and Stay Protected
    There's no better way to protect your family and your home than with the addition of a home security system Although you may understand the importance of adding a security system to your home you may not be quite prepared for the different systems that are being offered
  • Web Based Scanning As Anti-Hacking Solution
    Web based scanning is a "third generation" scanning engine that allows you to scan documents and arrange them into timely records using the internet OmniScan is the commonly used web scanning solution which enables bulk scanning and pre-scanning
  • Web Based Scanning For Ensuring Security
    All websites are prone to security risks Hence, any network that is connected to web servers must be backed up with resources
  • 5 Web Based Scanning Tools
    As attacks on web based scanning application continue to threaten the internet platform, the demand for tools on website scanning and security check continues to grow Gone are the days of checking out on common hacks and picking websites at hand - software developers and IT pros can now use automated web application testing tools to gather reports and use them as guidelines in fixing security-related bugs or issues
  • Make Document Processing and Management Simpler With ABBYY OCR Services
    A lot of businesses are struggling as to how documents will be managed constantly Many keep looking for extra solutions that can simplify their work and make them more productive, which sometimes seem to be impossible especially when doing manual data extraction
  • How ABBYY OCR Can Help Your Business
    Today, ABBYY OCR software allows different companies to properly handle documentation issues Around 40 percent of companies and organizations across the globe are suffering from misfiled documents
  • Electronic Document Scanning Vs. Web Based Scanning
    There is a question about which among the two is more important and useful; whether it is electronic document scanning or web based scanning Well, none of them is actually greater than the other because each has its own purpose and its own function
  • Who Will Benefit From OCR Scanning Software?
    There are a lot of benefits when it comes to OCR Scanning Software and a lot of companies will be able to utilize it Most companies now utilize such a program because they know that it has a lot of uses
  • Electronic Document Scanning: Is There More to It?
    Electronic document scanning is very essential in multiplying copies for documents as well as for transferring data from paper to the computer It has made the above mentioned easier and faster without sacrificing accuracy and correctness of data transferred or lifted
  • The Use Of OCR Scanning Software
    In any type of company, document management is very crucial and that is why there is a need for OCR Scanning Software Document management systems are essential in order for companies to handle important information such as Office documents
  • Telecommuting: Phone Work at Home
    Who would not like the luxury of being able to roll out of bed, stay in your pajamas, grab a cup of coffee and start your work day by walking twenty feet to your computer and telephone For many people, this is not just a dream, but what they experience every morning
  • Questions About OCR Scanning Software
    Company documentation was a challenge without OCR Scanning Software Before, companies need to file up millions of documents in several cabinets
  • What Are Workflow Software Applications?
    Operating a business in the information age is a lot more complex than that of the 20th Century Emails, printing and website designing are only among a few functions that enterprises should use to thrive and survive in today's economy
  • When to Use Open Source Workflow Software and How to Choose One
    Using open source workflow software can be beneficial to your business in a lot of ways This kind of workflow management software can be usually changed or modified depending on the user's needs and preferences
  • How to Choose the Best Workflow Software
    Workflow software systems could help you thrive and strive in whatever field you are in But determining the right one for you depends on which purpose you intend to use such software
  • How a Good Workflow Software Program Can Benefit Your Business
    Using a good workflow software system for your business can likely benefit your daily operations Having such software at your disposal would not only save time, it would also lead to improved business operations
  • If You Want to Know More About This Topic, You Can Read the Tips and Guide Below
    Sometimes when you are first starting out in any field or type of work, you need to do something that will make you stand out from the crowd so you get noticed first This is true in nearly all of the arts, such as painting, writing and in particular, music
  • How to Get Music Heard on the Radio
    If you're an aspiring musician, you want your music to get heard by potential customers and one of the best ways to do this is getting your music heard on the air Radio station program managers and disc jockeys are always willing to hear music from new artists and before you mail it to the station, you should make sure that your demo CD is neatly packaged and labeled because professionalism is always important when you send music to the radio station
  • E-Learning Software
    Do you have valuable information that you want to teach others Have a website with great content that you want to turn into an online training course
  • Satellite Direct Review - Get a Whole Lot of Channels
    Do you enjoy watching television There are so many different companies out there that claim to be the best providers of cable television
  • Satellite Direct Review - Just What You Need
    If you are like millions of people throughout the world, you enjoy entertainment While some of us go out for our entertainment, others find entertainment sitting on a couch in front of the television
  • The Uses Of A Samsung N7000
    The Samsung n7000 more popularly known as the Galaxy Note, is making noise for itself for being a useful and attractive all-around gadget A bit on the expensive side, the Galaxy Note is a worthy addition to one's personal gadget collection since its features can replace the many uses of just one device
  • Get Good Deals With Wholesale Cell Phones
    There are certain phones that can be bought wholesale This is good news to people who buy and resell phones for a living as well as for those who are looking for phones that will fit their budget
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Review
    The Samsung Galaxy Note is a cross-breed between a smart phone and a portable tablet Many customers have expressed interest in the latest offering from Samsung since the gadget has many useful features and an attractive sleek look
  • Get to Know Samsung Galaxy Unlocked
    It was found out through research that people are looking for a mobile phone that can provide all of their necessary needs all rolled up into just one phone Consumers are looking for an all-in-one gadget that will let them browse through the internet, send and receive email, play games and view videos and photos
  • Are There Really Cheap Samsung Phones?
    Today, phones are becoming more and more advanced in terms of technology, and an example of this is the latest creation of Samsung, which is the Galaxy N7000 This phone is by far the ultimate smartphone because it performs well even when it's multi tasking
  • Why Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy Note N7000?
    The Samsung Galaxy Note is a cross-breed between a smart phone and a portable tablet Many customers have expressed interest in the latest offering from Samsung since the gadget has many useful features and an attractive sleek look
  • Samsung Galaxy Price an Overview
    Samsung Galaxy N700 is the latest in the market today and it has grabbed attention worldwide It is undeniable that every time Samsung brings out a new design or model of a certain phone, there is a warm and positive response from consumers who are awaiting gadgets that will truly answer all their needs
  • E-Reader Reviews: Helping You Pick The Best Electronic Reader For You
    E-reader reviews can now be easily found online considering the huge increase in the number of people who want to own this gadget An e-reader or an electronic reader is actually one of the most popular devices in the market at present and can be defined as an advanced handheld gadget which makes it possible for you to easily access a wide array of e-books

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