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Robert Corter's Articles in Arts - Entertainment

  • Michelangelo - Learn More About It
    If you were to grab a beer with one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles you most likely would be grabbing a few wobbly pops with the one and only Michelangelo Michelangelo is your comic relief and relaxing member of the group, always looking to crack a joke in the heat of battle
  • Raphael - Learn More About It
    He is hot headed, passionate and the driving force behind his brothers, of course I am talking about Raphael a member of the teenage mutant ninja turtles Raphael is of course the lovable turtle sporting the red bandana and being the all out aggressive turtle that we know and love
  • Mahmood Khan Returns to Australia
    On November 16th 2013, Australia's Sydney Opera House sees the return of international singer, songwriter Mahmood Khan in what is expected to be a historic event Khan will appear live on stage accompanied by his 10-piece band
  • Houston Top Nightlife DJ's Who Don't Play Lady Gaga
    When I go out to a dance club, I may not necessarily be looking for best nightlife in the area, but I want to go somewhere where I know I am going to have a good time and get to dance Admittedly, I am kind of old school and do not necessarily see the attraction to a lot of the current music you hear in clubs today
  • Houston Top Nightclubs You Might See Your Priest
    Okay, I admit that I am not exactly the best person to talk about when it comes to going to church Yes, I still go once in a while, but probably not as often as I should go
  • Houston Top Nightlife Reasons For Deodorant
    Okay, I never thought I would have to have this conversation with anyone at any point in my life, but there is something that you need to know about hygiene Everyone has been polite enough about it around you, but it is time it came to your attention and you did something about it
  • Houston Top Nightlife to Make You Skip Church
    Okay, I am not exactly the kind of person who wants to get up early on a Sunday morning anyway to go to church As a matter of fact, usually the only thing to get me out of bed on a Sunday is when it is football season and I get up just in time for the first games to start
  • Houston Top Nightlife Karaoke Numbers
    When I am looking for what to do in Houston, I have to admit one of the things that is not very high on my list is karaoke I am not good at it, I have a terrible singing voice and I have no desire to share it with everyone and inflict that kind of pain on them
  • Houston Underground Nightlife Sans the Vampire Crowd
    When I am looking in Houston where to go, particularly recently, it seems like everywhere I turn there is a bar or club with everyone all dressed in black, sporting fangs and only drinking red wine (or what I can at least assume is red wine) Some places even go so far as to have things like coffins in the place
  • Houston Wackiest Entertainment That is Legal
    My friends and I were having an online chat the other day We were having a Houston entertainment discussion, talking about what the latest happenings are in the city
  • Houston Top Four Nightclubs Where You Might See a Ninja
    I was going over my social media account the other night when I came upon some Houston nightclub social network site that mentioned that ninjas get a free cover charge on Saturday night I had to look at it twice to make sure I read it correctly
  • Houston Top 5 Entertainment Spots Not For Talking
    One thing I have found through all of my visits to the many Houston nightlife parties over time is that many of the nightlife spots are not really great places to go and talk to people It's funny how you always read about how different places are great for you to go out and mingle and meet new people
  • Houston Top 3 Nightlife Dance Spots to Go Crazy
    Let me just say upfront that I am not a dancing machine As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure it could be plainly said that I am a terrible dancer
  • Houston Top 3 Nightclubs to Bring Wingmen
    They are there to be your back-up, to make sure everything goes well and sometimes even take one for the team You need to make sure you have them with you when you go out on the weekends if you are looking to meet up with someone of the opposite sex
  • Houston Top 4 Nightlife Places You Might Get Dumped
    I wish I could say that everything about going out on the weekends and having a good time happened to me all the time Unfortunately, it just doesn't work out that way
  • Houston Top 3 Nightclub Late Night Hook Up Spots
    It's getting later and later in the evening on a Friday or Saturday night The bars and clubs have thinned out some and some of my friends have likely met up with one person or another somewhere along the way
  • Houston Secret Nightlife Reasons Not to Wear Boots
    I know we are talking about the Houston area and this may seem sacrilege, but I do have something I need to warn you about There are some very good reasons that you may want to avoid wearing boots when you are going to party places in Houston
  • Houston Secret Nightclub For Agoraphobics
    I probably shouldn't even be writing about any of this, but I'll take the chance and do it You certainly would read about places like this in any Houston entertainment reviews
  • Houston Prime Nightlife Dance Moves
    There are many times when my friends and I go to a dance club where I wish I was a better dancer I see guys that can really dance and seem to know what they are doing and the girls are all over them
  • Houston Outrageous Nightlife Stories You Made Up
    Sometimes the truth of what really happened on a weekend night can be pretty boring In fact, I would have to say most of the time it is pretty ordinary and not very exciting
  • Houston Oddest Nightlife You Might See Your Boss At
    While there is a lot of Houston nightlife activity going on every weekend, sometimes you do happen to run into people that you work with at various places It's not always a problem for me; I like most of the people I work with and don't mind going out with them or being seen by them when I am out
  • Houston Outrageous Nightlife Costume Parties
    Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, but with many of Houston best clubs, it does not have to be Halloween for a costume party to be taking place There are many clubs and bars that do parties like this all year long
  • Houston Number One Nightlife Spot You Are Afraid Of
    I like to think that I am a pretty open-minded person, especially when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in whatever city I may happen to be in at the time I have gone to some clubs where I probably didn't fit in too well or some dive bars where there's always a chance that something bad will happen and I have always been able to come out of it okay
  • Houston Number 1 Strangest Nightlife Animal Story
    Okay, I know just the title of this article probably was enough to get your attention I'll admit my buddies and I have done a lot of strange and stupid things over the years, particularly when we are looking for things to do for free in Houston
  • Houston Most Outrageous Nightlife Club Clothes
    One thing my friends and I really enjoy when we go out on the town to one of the many Houston nightlife concerts on the weekend is to look around and see just how everyone dresses For the most part, everyone dresses pretty normally
  • Houston Wildest Nightlife Ending in a Regretful Tattoo
    We've all been there at one time or another It seems like you have hit every spot in a Houston nightlife directory, the world is spinning, and you feel like you could do just about anything
  • Houston Top 5 Nightclub Danger Zone Areas
    If you're going out on a Friday or Saturday night and are planning on hitting any of the bars or dance clubs, you will likely get into some kind of Houston nightclub discussion with your friends before you leave I know I go through it every weekend with my buddies before we decide to go
  • Houston Top 3 Nightclub Bar Snacks for the Lonely
    We have all had those nights where things do not go well at the bar or club and you end by yourself You are sitting there, there isn't much going on except for your friend making progress with the girl on the other end of the bar, and you aren't sure if you should stay or go, so you just keep sitting there ordering beer
  • Houston Weirdest Entertainment After 2 A.M.
    I am not as young as I used to be Staying out until all hours of the night just doesn't have the same appeal as it had for me when I was younger
  • Houston Top 2 Nightclubs With Ambulances Waiting By
    I recently had some Houston nightclub interaction with some people to try and find out some of the more edgy places where it might be fun to party for a night You see, my buddy is getting married and we wanted to have a bachelor night for him and do some crazy stuff
  • Houston Prime Nightlife Before the Zombie Apocalypse
    You know it's coming It could happen any day now
  • Houston Best Nightlife to Wear All Black
    Far be it from me to give anyone any kind of fashion advice I have a hard enough time getting myself dressed to go out anyplace let alone recommend something to someone else
  • Houston Biggest Nightclub Parties You Can't Get Into
    It seems to happen a lot, especially to me I go out on a weekend in Houston looking to have some fun and a good time
  • Houston Best Nightlife Toilets to Fall Asleep On
    Okay, maybe this isn't the ideal topic to talk about when you are considering dance clubs in Houston, but trust me, it is something you may want to learn about At one time or another, you are probably going to have too much drink one night at one of these dance clubs and end up in the restroom
  • Houston Cheesiest Entertainment For a First Date
    Going out on a first date with someone is always a difficulty thing to do You are both nervous and you want the date to go well, so you try your best to put your best foot forward and make a good first impression
  • Houston Biggest Nightclub Mistakes You Can Make
    I am always on the lookout for fun things to do in Houston A lot of the really fun stuff takes place during the nightlife, which is perfect for me
  • Houston Coolest Nightlife to Get Over a Breakup
    Getting over a breakup is never easy, whether you are a girl or a guy From a guy's perspective, it's really lousy when you just get dumped by someone
  • Houston Craziest Entertainment to Keep You Awake
    Sometimes you have just had a long day at work on a Friday night and you don't really feel much like going out anyplace Then you get a phone call from one friend, then two, or maybe even three, all begging you to go out someplace with them
  • Houston Best Nightclub Drunk Pickup Moves
    When I think about where to go in Houston TX, there are so many choices and so many different places that I have been, that it gets hard to keep track of all of them My friends and I like to go to the many different bars and clubs around the city, and since we are all single, we do like to try our luck and meeting some ladies
  • Houston Best Nightlife Friendliest Bartenders
    Whenever I go out anywhere with my friends, one of the things we always think about, no matter where we go, is what they bartenders are going to be like It may not seem like such a big deal for some people, but if you are planning on doing any drinking at all and want to make sure you have a fun night, having a friendly bartender on your side is a big key
  • Houston Best Nightlife That is Not Toxic to You
    Sometimes when I am out looking for nightlife entertainment, I can't help but wonder what the night would be like if I tried to take away everything that could potentially be bad for me Then I realize that it would probably mean me staying home watching "The Golden Girls" with my mother, and then I move on to something else
  • Houston 4 Oddest Nightclub Drinks For You
    For a lot of people, going out to a nightclub isn't just about dancing or finding some good nightlife chat at the club or bar Sometimes we just want to kick back, relax and have a good drink
  • Houston 5 Best Nightclub Draft Beers to Drink
    I know that there are many bars and clubs in Houston to choose from when I want to go out Depending on what you may feel like doing that particular night can really determine where you might like to go and have a good time
  • Houston 3 Nightlife Places You Might See a Catfight
    I get asked a lot by different people "Just what is there to do in Houston" It always surprises me, because it is a big city and people just assume there is not much going on because it is not as well known as New York or Los Angeles
  • Houston 4 Best Nightlife Tips to Get by the Doorman
    When you are looking at Houston nightclub reviews, you will see a lot of information about the club, the type of music they play, what the crowd is like and so on That's all good information and it can help you choose which clubs you might want to take a look at
  • Houston Four Leading Nightclub Ladies' Rooms
    You have to promise me never to ask me how I know the answer to this You see, after years of Houston nightclub interactivity, I have come to learn quite a bit about all of the bars and clubs around this great city
  • Houston 5 Nightlife Things to Do Before Death
    I know it probably isn't something that everyone wants to think about, but at some point in our lives we must all face our mortality Yes, eventually we are going to die
  • Houston 5 Nightclub Bouncers to Avoid
    One of the tricky parts about taking part in the entertainment night life that exists in the city is working your way around the doormen and bouncers that are at the clubs For the most part, they are good guys who are just trying to do their job and they will actually give you some protection and peace of mind when you need it
  • Houston Best 3 Entertainment Spots Without Video Games
    I think if entertainment spots around the city really wanted to do some unique Houston nightlife marketing, that they would take into consideration highlighting spots where you can have fun without the presence of video games It seems to me that in a lot of bars and clubs lately that they are full of video game machines for people to play
  • Houston Best Entertainment on a Tightwad Budget
    I don't think that I am cheap by any means If something is worth the money, I am going to make the investment because I think it is worth it
  • Houston Best Entertainment Using a Park Bench
    A park bench may not be the ideal place you think of when it comes to having an entertaining evening, but they are things that you can do just at a park bench that can help you to have a fun evening The things I am going to talk about are actually legal to do on a park bench don't involve the use of any trench coats and will not draw the attention of law enforcement officials
  • The Importance of Using Good Beats
    There are many things that can go into creating your own music A lot of these should be remembered, particularly if you are trying to make a name for yourself in the music industry
  • Using Custom Rap Beats in Your Music
    When you are first looking to get your start in the music world, everything can be a bit overwhelming You may have great ideas and awesome lyrics, but you just have not been able to find that beat that goes perfectly with your rap
  • Using Exclusive Hip Hop Beats in Your Music
    If you are making your way up through the music industry, you realize there will be ups and downs, good times and bad Once you have made your way through the clubs and begin to be recognized for the quality of your music, you are likely to get better paying dates and perhaps even a record contract
  • 3 Experts to Avoid When Considering Sports Picks
    With the advent of the Internet, came a rush of sports fans that think they know all about the games that millions watch on a regular basis Some of them were right on with their analysis, while many others were just spouting off rhetoric, ideas, and random thoughts
  • Predicting the Winning Numbers Effectively and For Free
    It's been said that you are far more likely to get struck by lightning twice in the same day than to win the lottery, but that doesn't stop a lot of people from continually trying their luck at instant fortune They are encouraged to do so partly because other people around the world continue to win huge sums of money in lotteries in one form or another
  • Disney Channel Auditions For Teens
    There are so many great shows for teenagers on Disney channels Shows such as 'that's so Raven', 'shake it up',' Hannah Montana Forever 'and many more
  • Disney Channel Auditions For Kids
    We all know that most child actors end up having very successful acting careers in Hollywood One of the most accomplished child stars is Drew Barrymore who launched her career as a child star and ended up being one of the biggest movie stars
  • Disney Channel TV Auditions - What Do You Need to Get Into Online?a
    The Disney Channel TV auditions are among the most coveted contests many youths and upcoming actors dream of attaining In case you have ambitions of one day becoming an actor, you could be eyeing attending the TV auditions
  • New Disney Chanel Auditions - How to Get Prepared
    Preparation is a key factor to anyone planning to attend New Disney channel auditions Nonetheless, prospective candidates fail to attain their goals at the talent auditions since they do not practice adequately

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