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  • Google Penguin Algorithm: Importance of a Web Content Writer
    The Google Penguin algorithm is designed partially to seek out scraped and artificially written content and also to ensure that backlinks come from a diverse range of sources and utilize diverse anchor text. There are other aspects of the update, which is fundamentally intended to further improve the experience visitors using Google to search for information.
  • Using Article Marketing to Promote Your Website
    There are many ways to promote your website, but using article marketing is one of the best Not only does it improve your Google PageRank through the links it offers back to your website, but it also provides you with direct clicks to your website - and that means visitors and potential customers
  • Article Marketing Promotion Using an Article Writing Service
    If you use a professional article writing service for your article marketing promotion you should avoid all the pitfalls of amateur writing. The vast majority of articles are unlisted on Google, and most receive so few reads that it was a waste of time writing them.
  • Using Professional Article Writing Services To Get Website Traffic
    Professional article writing services enables you to get website traffic quicker and easier than trying to write and submit your own articles. Most people have a lot to learn about writing articles for publication online, and it is better to use a professional service while you learn how to write properly than to write poor articles that can damage your website or blog.
  • Write Articles Yourself Or Have An Article Ghostwriter Do It For You?
    If you write articles yourself you have to be sure that you meet the needs of article directories and Google. If you are not confident of doing this yourself, then an article ghostwriter can often be of advantage, particular since the introduction of Google's Panda/farmer algorithm update.
  • Is Article Writing Dead - Are Article Marketing Services Worthless?
    The Google Panda-Farmer algorithm is still commonly misunderstood, and contrary to the opinion of many, article writing and article marketing services are not dead. On the contrary, if used properly, they are growing marketing tools that will increase your website traffic and sales.
  • Are Writing Articles and Article Marketing Dead?
    Many believe that article marketing, and writing articles as a promotional technique, to be dead after the recent Google Panda (Farmer) algorithm update. In fact, this is nonsense, and the result of Panda has been to accentuate the necessity of writing articles properly with an intelligently targeted objective that offers readers the useful information they are seeking.
  • Writing Articles: Why Article Writing and Article Marketing Is So Important
    When writing articles for article marketing, it is essential that you write in a manner acceptable to Google's algorithms, or what's the point? If your article isn't listed very few will read it, so you are writing for both machines and real people. That isn't hard to learn!
  • Article Marketing and Writing Articles After Google Panda
    Article marketing has been taken too lightly for too long, and the recent Google Panda algorithm update is designed to make sure that those that do not know how to write articles properly will not get poor work listed, irrespective of the spinning or scraping software they use to generate articles.
  • Why Article Marketing, Article Writing And Article Submission Are So Effective
    Article marketing is a combination of article writing and article submission, and by focusing on these and intelligent SEO optimization of your individual web pages, you should achieve high search engine listings that can be maintained for a long period time by regular article submissions.
  • Why Use an Article Ghost Writer For Your Article Marketing Research
    Why should you use an article ghost writer to carry out your article marketing research? Most people are capable of doing it themselves, but the ghost writer likely has the greater experience, and it costs you no more to do the research if you are using them to write your article.
  • How To Write An Article For Article Marketing
    If you are trying to write an article for article marketing then you have several things to consider that go beyond the actual writing itself. You must consider the landing page from your resource and also the way visitors will regard your expertise when they reach that page.
  • Writing Articles and Article Marketing: Questions, Answers and Tips
    There is a great deal of misinformed comment about article marketing and writing articles to be found online. Much of this is put right by means of questions and answers, and also a final 10 tips on writing articles effectively.
  • An Article Ghost Writer Can Boost Your Article Marketing Success
    Most people cannot write well enough to impress the readers who have money to spend on the products they are promoting, and an article ghost writer is invaluable in providing articles of a very high standard to meet every need.
  • Tips on Making Money with Article Marketing Services
    Making money with article marketing services is not difficult if you know how to do it, and these tips will help to achieve that if you study and use them properly.
  • Article Marketing and Submitting Articles: The Best Online Advertising Ever
    Article marketing and submitting articles are likely together the most effective means of online advertising ever. By learning how to write articles and how to submit them to article directories, you are guaranteed improved search engine listings and more traffic to your website.
  • Finding an Article Ghost Writer For Article Marketing
    Finding a good article ghost writer is not easy. However, if you take the time to find them, there are professional writers out there for whom the success of your business is as important to them as it is to you. What's more important to you? Being successful or saving a few dollars?
  • Article Marketing: Submitting Articles to Directories for Top Google Listings
    Article marketing and submitting articles to article directories is a sure-fire way of getting top Google listings. However, you must know how to do it properly and ignore all the useless information you will find online - of which there is a treat deal! Learn how to do it the right way for top results.
  • Why Pay for Article Writing When You Can Write Your Own Articles?
    Article marketing is an important aspect of internet marketing, and many people pay to have their articles written for them. That is fine if they cannot write, but why pay for it if you can easily learn how to write your own articles?
  • How to Write Articles for Adsense Web Pages
    Most people have no idea how to write articles for Adsense pages, and end up with Google refusing to list them. Understanding the Google approach to keywords, and its use of LSI, will enable you to get your Adsense pages listed and attract the traffic that is essential for success in promoting Adsense adverts.
  • Making Money Online by Combining SEO and Article Marketing
    If you want to make money online forget all the guff huffed out by the so-called gurus and get down to the basics. All you have to understand is how to use SEO and article marketing to get your website into the top page of Google and you are all set for a great money-making ride.
  • Article Writing and the Use of LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing
    LSI, or latent semantic indexing, is a much misused term, the concept of which can nevertheless enable you to drive masses of traffic to your website with a high Google listing. To achieve this you have to understand the meaning of LSI, and how its concepts can be applied to the content on your web pages.
  • Article Writing Services: How an Article Rewriter can Help your Online Business
    An article rewriter can help you to make the best use of articles by producing several different articles from one. Whether these are PLR articles or ones you have read online, by writing the in a completely different form from the original, without significant duplication, you can legally publish them as your own work.
  • Why Writing Articles is so Productive - Article Marketing at its Best
    Article writing is productive because it offers at least three ways of attracting traffic to your website. Master this aspect of article marketing, and you will not only save money on advertising but also benefit from the traffic with which it provides you.
  • How to Write Articles On The Right Topic
    Most beginners at writing have a problem deciding how to write articles on the right topic, because they do not know what the right topic is. All they have to do is look at their own websites and the answer is there.
  • Article Ghost Writers Can Make You Money
    Article ghostwriters can make you money by bringing many benefits to your website. Bought or scraped articles can be counter-productive but original articles written for your webpage can bring all the benefits expected of original content, found nowhere else on the internet.
  • Ghost Writing Is A Marvellous Talent
    Good ghost writers are hard to find, and should be treasured by webmasters luck enough to find them. Ghost writing is a highly skilled talent many think they have, but few actually do.
  • Article Rewriting - A Professional View
    Article rewriting is more difficult than most think it to be. The reason for an article to be rewritten should be clear prior to rewriting since the approach the job will be dependent on the ultimate objective. Here, we discuss some of these objectives and the reasons why rewriting may or may not be successful.
  • A Good Article Ghost Writer Can Be Hard To Find
    A good article ghost writer is hard to find, especially one that writes an optimized article only for you, and does not sell it to anyone else. Once found, an article ghost writer can be a boon, and help give you a massive boost to your traffic with the increased income these extra visitors mean.

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