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Peter Nisbet's Articles in Search Engine Optimization

  • Article Submission: The Function of Article Directories in SEO
    Article submission is still a very important SEO tool. The function of article directories in SEO is still very significant. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories and social media is a very significant and effective SEO strategy.
  • Disavow Tool: Using the Google Disavow Links Tool
    The Google disavow links tool, also known as the disavow tool, enables you to remove harmful backlinks. It must be used sparingly, and here is how why.
  • Article Services Are Critical After the Google Penguin Update
    The Google Penguin update has made article services a critical part of your internet marketing promotion. By writing good SEO content and submitting it to meet the needs of the Penguin update, a good article services firm can help you regain lost ranking and improve your current listing on Google.
  • Google Penguin: Article Marketing and Article Submission
    The Google Penguin update has increased the effectiveness of good article marketing and article submission practices, and downgraded the web pages of those that use these techniques badly. There are specifically three aspects of writing and submitting articles that you give special attention if you are to benefit from the Penguin update or recover from a ranking drop.
  • How the Google Penguin Algorithm Affects Article Marketing
    The Google Penguin update has forced many people to change their article marketing strategies in an attempt to recover their Google ranking. Here is a brief summary of the major aspects of Penguin, and the steps you can take to reduce their effects on your Google ranking.
  • The Google Disavow Links Tool: Summary of Objective and Use
    The Google Disavow Links Tool has been introduced by Google to enable certain webmasters to neutralize spammy and irrelevant links leading to their web pages. This tool is not to be used lightly, and we explain here when it is appropriate and when using it might harm your website.
  • Don't Stop Writing Articles Because of Google Penguin
    Good writers should ignore the Google Penguin update and keep writing. If you keep mixing up your anchor text and the sources of your backlinks, you have nothing to fear from Penguin. Here are some tips to help you.
  • The Google Duplicate Content Penalty: the Truth
    People use the term 'Google duplicate content penalty' as if it were a real penalty, when in fact it is a myth. Sure, duplicate content can hurt you if not handled properly, but you can also use it as a controlled promotional tool to improve your listing position and make money.
  • How to Improve your Google Listing and any other Top Search Engine Listing
    A top search engine listing will naturally result in increased traffic to your website, and therefore increased sales. There are specific techniques that you can use to improve your Google listing that, once learned, you will never forget, and you will in future be the master of your own destiny and search engine ranking.
  • Article Submission: How to Avoid the Duplicate Content Penalty
    Article submission is an essential component of article marketing, though many people are afraid of incurring the duplicate content penalty should then submit the same article to multiple directories. This is a much misunderstood 'penalty', and there are ways to overcome the effect of search engines gradually dropping duplications of the same artic
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization is Essential for Online Success
    There are many misconceptions about search engine optimization, but good SEO is essential if your website is to earn the free advertising that a high search engine listing can give you. The requirements of search engine such as Google have to be understood before you can focus on them and provide them on your website.
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking and How to get Listed on Google
    Improved search engine ranking can be achieved if you know how search engine robots work, and understand the on-page optimization needed to show these robots the relevance to the keyword in question. You can also get a quick listing on Google if you have an understanding of how search engines work.

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