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Peter Nisbet's Articles in Movies & Film

  • Legally Download Free Movies: How to Stream Movies to Your Computer
    In spite of recent legal actions taken against those using P2P file sharing sites, it is still possible to legally download free movies online. There are legal ways not involving file sharing where you can download movies, burn them to DVD or stream movies to your laptop and watch them on your computer with no worries about being prosecuted.
  • Finding Free Movies to Watch Online and How to Download Legal Movies
    You can still download legal movies and find free movies to watch online in spite of recent action taken against certain websites and individuals promoting bootleg movies. Movie memberships are available that offer pre-approved moves that are legal to download and watch yourself and with your friends and family in your own home.
  • How to Download Free Movies Online: Legal Movie Downloads
    If you know how to download free movies online legally, then make sure they are legal movie downloads rather than the so-called illegal P2P file sharing sites. They will just get you into trouble, but there are many online free movies available that are perfectly legal to download or stream
  • How to Legally Download Free Movies On Line
    If you know how to download free online movies legally, you can watch great movies after a single lifetime admin payment. Learn how to download free movies on line and avoid the legal issues of illegal bootleg movie downloads.
  • Bootleg Movies And Online Free Movies: Keeping It Legal
    Online free movies are still too easy to download, and while the movie industry complains about it, they do little to prevent files being downloaded without permission - but a lot of complaining. Whether you are seeking bootleg movies or legal public domain movies, you should learn the law and make sure that are not unwittingly downloading a bootleg movie, music or video game.
  • Bootleg Movies: Are Free Online Movies Legal Or Not?
    It is illegal to download bootleg movies and free online movies are also illegal. However, there are degrees of this depending upon by how much the movies are copyright protected or in the public domain, but it is generally wise not to download anything at all just in case. But I'm just an average Joe, so what do I know?
  • Is a Bootleg Movie Download Legal or Illegal?
    Many people are unaware of what a bootleg movie download is, and allow themselves to unknowingly break the law. Here is what you can and cannot do, and it is important to understand that the software that can be used for legal downloads of movies and music can also be used illegally.
  • Why a Bootleg Movie Download is Illegal
    A bootleg movie download is illegal because it is protected by copyright. Many people cannot understand this, but the question should also be asked why the movie companies cannot lock their movie files to make then unable to be copied or downloaded. There are movies and music that can be downloaded legally using P2P file sharing software.
  • Popular Movie Rentals
    The choice of whether to buy or rent is a difficult one for some people, but hiring popular movie rentals has its advantages in that you can change your videos a lot more frequently than you could if you relied on buying them.
  • Legal Movie Downloads: Avoid File Sharing Problems
    Despite the current furor regarding illegal and pirate move downloads, it is still possible to use file sharing software for legal movie downloads where copyright laws are not infringed. Movies in the public domain and video banks that have been pre-approved for distribution can be still downloaded from membership sites.
  • Is Downloading Movies Illegal - How to Avoid Downloading Bootleg Movies
    Although most P2P file sharing sites are used illegally, the software itself is not illegal, just the way it is used. It is possible to use file sharing software legally, but there are websites online that offer 100% legal movie downloads by means of large libraries of videos licensed for download.
  • How to Avoid Illegal Download Issues: Watch Legal Movie Downloads
    Illegal download fines are very stiff, and it is wise to watch only legal movie downloads. There are sites available that allow you to download movies legally for an inexpensive membership fee, and others that will rent DVDs to you on a membership basis.

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