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Peter Nisbet's Articles in Furniture

  • Affordable Designer Furniture For Your Home
    Designer furniture need not be as expensive as you think it will be. There are many American furniture firms offering designer furniture at reasonable prices.
  • Valley View Oak Furniture Review
    Solid wood dining room furniture hand-crafted by the Valley View Oak furniture company is solidly built and will last forever. In addition to the regular items available, you have your dining room furniture made for you to your specifications.
  • Colonial Furniture and the Benefts That Old American Furniture Offers
    American colonial furniture is popular in today's American homes Colonial stye furniture ranges from the intricately carved and turned pieces of the Queen Mary and Georgian periods to the simple mission furniture crafted by the Shakers and the Amish.
  • American Furniture Design: Modern Living Room Furniture
    Traditional American furniture design is not often compatible with the concept of modern living room furniture. There are many talented American designers, but you can also design your own living room furniture and have it constructed for you.
  • Buying Furniture: Use a Website or Home Furniture Showroom?
    Are you better to use a home furniture showroom when buying furniture or to go online? Each has its benefits, and the upshot is that if you choose online at your leisure, and then view the furniture live in the showroom, you get the best of each method.
  • Furniture Showroom or Furniture Website: Which Is Best?
    Are you better to use a home furniture showroom when buying furniture or to go online? Each has its benefits, and the upshot is that if you choose online at your leisure, and then view the furniture live in the showroom, you get the best of each method.
  • Why Your Bead Headboard Design Is Important When Choosing a Bed
    Bed headboards come in many styles and are crafted from many materials. Here are some tips on buying bed headboards to conform to your bedroom décor.
  • Tips On Buying A Bed and A Mattress
    Buying a bed and buying a mattress are separate actions, and each should be considered independently of the other. The bed should fit in with the general décor and dimensions of your bedroom, while the mattress should be chosen for its size and comfort.
  • Why Buy American Furniture Made In The USA
    Why buy furniture made in America? Is American furniture any better than that from other countries? Yes and no, and here is what is meant by that.
  • American Furniture: Is Your Furniture Genuinely Made in America?
    American furniture can be manufactured from largely imported components, or truly 'Made in America.' While checking the label can help, knowing the manufacturers that are genuine American firms that use only components grown or made in the USA will enable you to make the correct decision.
  • Home Furniture By Stickley Furniture: The John Widdicomb Collection
    A review of the John Widdicomb furniture collection offered by L. & J.G. Stickley. If you intend furnishing you home in the Imperial Russian or French styles, or are seeking Georgian furniture reproductions, then Stickley furniture can offer you these from the John Widdicomb range.
  • How to Choose Upholstery Fabrics to Meet Your Needs
    It is important to understand how to choose upholstery fabrics for you furniture. The fabric should fit in with your home decor, and also be durable and easy to clean.
  • Home Office Furniture: What Is It And Who Needs It?
    High quality office furniture is available online to meet all requirements. Make sure you know your requirements and why you need it, and do not buy office furniture just because it looks good.
  • How to Furnish an Open Plan Dining Room
    When choosing furniture for an open plan dining room it is important to regard the entire area as one and not separate rooms. The furniture style, the colors used and even the drapes in each area should match if you want a good result - but there are still ways to impress your own character upon each living area.
  • Home Accent Funiture: What It Is and How to Use It
    Home accent furniture is what makes each room in your home unique to you, even if others have the same main furniture collection. Among such pieces are curio cabinets, end tables and occasional chairs, each unique in the way that you use them.
  • Selecting Furniture Upholstery Fabrics
    Choosing furniture upholstery fabrics is not as simple as you might think. You have to consider pets, particularly cats, children and the general color scheme of the room. There is sufficient scope for color choice with most major upholstered furniture manufacturers, so you should be able to choose well and create a stunning living room.
  • Why Purchase Furniture That Is Made In America?
    It is not just patriotic to buy home furniture made in America but sensible, because you are likely buying furniture of high quality and great beauty. There is a host of American furniture manufacturers that use the traditional American standards of craftsmanship in their products, and it makes sense to buy from them and keep your cash in the USA.
  • Furnish Your Home Using Old Furniture
    Old furniture can be used to furnish your home, with or without refurbishment. Some people refinish vintage furniture in bright colors as home accents or colored items of furniture for a child's bedroom.
  • Spare Bed or Sofa Bed: Which is Best?
    Whether you buy a spare bed or sofa bed for unexpected overnight guests is a matter of personal choice. Here are some arguments for and against sofa beds.
  • Understanding The Types of Chairs Available When Buying a Chair
    You will find a wide range of options when buying a chair from the Woodstock Furniture Outlet website. Check out the website and choose from the many types of chairs the outlet offers. Then visit Woodstock's Atlanta furniture showroom and try out your chairs before buying them.
  • Furniture and Interior Design: Choosing Furniture
    Choosing furniture and interior design options is not always easy, and there are many common pitfalls to avoid. These three mistakes are those most commonly made when choosing furniture, and the advice given will help you avoid them.
  • Why Buy Sectional Furniture Made in America: American Sectionals
    Three reasons for buying American sectionals, and why sectional furniture made in America is the best. Three questions are posed, and each is answered in detail regarding American sectional furniture.
  • Flexsteel Furniture Review: Flexsteel Recliners and Tables
    A Flexsteel furniture review focusing on recliners and occasional tables as representing the range of products. The recliners are well constructed and extremely comfortable with a smooth operation. The occasional tables are unique in looks and construction, but you have to find your local dealer before you can buy.
  • Entertainment Cabinets and Other Entertainment Furniture
    There is a wide range of entertainment furniture available from American furniture manufacturers. Three examples are presented that represent the best of American craftsmanship as displayed by some beautiful entertainment cabinets and consoles.
  • Home Accent Furniture For That Finishing Touch
    Accent furniture should provoke comment, look good and have a viable purpose. There are many examples of accent pieces made in America, and here are just a few of them.
  • Buy Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture For Lasting High Quality
    When buying solid wood bedroom furniture it can be difficult to decide which collection to choose. Here we compare two contrasting styles of bedroom furniture manufactured by Ashley Furniture and Broyhill Furniture and let you decide which is the better for your needs.
  • Tips on How to Buy Furniture: Choosing American Furniture
    These tips on how to buy furniture will help you make the best choice of American furniture most appropriate to you needs. They will also help to make sure that your furniture is made in America if that is important to you.
  • Home Furnishings and Modern Home Decor
    Home furnishings and modern home decor can be enhanced by the selection of appropriate decorative elements and home accents. These include mirrors, lamps and home perfumes, each of which adds its own dimension to any room.
  • Using An American Funiture Outlet To Funish a New Home
    When furnishing a new home, an American furniture outlet can not only offer a wide range of manufacturers, but also reasonable prices. That is because many can offer clearance prices on old designs to make way for new stock. It is important, however, that your first furniture is what you need, and that you develop from there.
  • Hints On Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture
    There is wide range of outdoor patio furniture available, with regard to both styles and manufacturers, and also to materials of construction. Make sure that your outdoor American furniture is strong enough for its intended use and resistant to strong sunlight and rain, and also make sure you view it before buying it.
  • Broyhill Furniture Review: Beautiful and Practical Home Furniture
    Broyhill Furniture offers a wide selection of home furniture for every room in your house. It is solidly built using a high standard of furniture craftsmanship, and is very difficult to fault. You have an excellent choice of finishes and also of fabrics for the upholstered furniture.
  • Childrens Furniture: How to Select Kids Furniture
    If you are looking for furniture for children, Simply Amish and The Custom Shoppe are two American furniture companies that not only hand-craft solid and stable modern furniture for children, but also enable you to customize its dimensions and finish. Just what you need for children's furniture.
  • How To Identify Furniture Craftsmanship in Home Furniture Construction
    Home furniture construction should be of a high standard of furniture craftsmanship. The strength and durability of your furniture depends on it, and here we discuss some of the signs of well crafted furniture that you should look for before you buy.
  • Quality Furniture: Chair Back and Chair Seat Upholstery
    Quality furniture is generally hand-made, and sofas and chairs are upholstered by hand. Here is an account of how this is done at one American furniture manufacturing company, and how such fine furniture turns out to be so comfortable to sit on.
  • Buying Home Furniture Online From American Furniture Stores
    Buying home furniture online makes a lot of sense, and buying from American furniture stores is not only being patriotic, but also environmentally responsible. Most manufacturers use sustainable American woods and also use traditional jointing methods that lead to stability and a longer life for your furniture.
  • Finding Discount Furniture and Furniture Clearance Offers
    You can often find discount furniture at extremely low prices. Many furniture clearance offers involve furniture that is in perfect condition apart from its age. Items that are due to be superseded by a new range will often be sold off at reduced price in order to make room for the new designs.
  • High Quality American Furniture: What to Look For in Fine Furniture
    High quality American furniture is distinguished by the use of proper wood joints, even where they are not visible, expert finishing any many other features that makes the difference between fine furniture and ordinary utility furniture. The example of two firms is used to explain these factors and the difference between great American furniture and utility pieces.
  • Sectionals: The Benefits Of Sectional Sofas As Living Room Furniture
    Sectionals make the best use of the space available in your home. Sectional sofas are the most versatile forms of living room furniture you can buy, and there many different types available for you to compare online.
  • Choosing Living Room Sofas For Your Lounge
    Choosing living room sofas is not as simple as most people might believe. Unlike bedroom and dining room furniture, sofas are not items of matched sets, and individual pieces of furniture like this may have to blend in with the existing living room furniture.
  • Buying Furniture: Dealer or Manufacturer?
    When buying furniture you can choose between a furniture manufacturer and a dealer/distributor. Furniture stores are generally one or the other, and you can choose between them based on the benefits of each.
  • Ashley Furniture Review: Quality with Style
    Ashley Furniture offers a unique blend of stye and quality, with a good choice of items that can be used in any room in your home. If you are seeking class at reasonable prices, then Ashley delivers, which is why it is recognized by many as America's #1 furniture manufacturer.
  • Mattresses Matter: How to Choose the Best Mattress
    Mattresses matter a great deal to your comfort when sleeping. A poor mattress can give you back and neck problems, and a good mattress should give your body adequate support. Here are some tips on choosing the right mattress for you and your partner if you have one.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Chic Patio and Garden Furniture
    Outdoor furniture is essential for warm climates, where you can live outdoors most evenings and enjoy relaxing on your wicker sofa or sitting round an aluminum table with a few drinks. A fire pit adds to the ambience, and the rest is up to your imagination.
  • Buying a Mattress: Is The Mattress Or The Bed The More Important?
    When choosing a bed, the mattress should be chosen separately from a specialist firm. The bed should be selected to suit the general décor of your room and/or its existing furniture, while its comfort is determined by the design of the mattress. There are many possible mattress designs consisting of various layers, each of which has a part to play in your comfort.
  • Home Furniture Online: Choosing Furniture From The Internet
    When you choose your home furniture online it is sometimes easy to be confused by the choice of stores available. Perhaps you should use just one store that offers a room planner and design your room around the sets offered by that one store. Infinite choice is not always a good thing!
  • Finding a Sleigh Bed for Sale Online
    Finding a sleigh bed for sale isn't difficult since there are many bedroom furniture stores available that should be able to meet your needs. However, it may not be necessary to buy an entire new bed, and perhaps just a new headboard and mattress will be all that is needed to give your bed a completely new look.
  • Stickley Furniture: Hand Made Quality Home Furniture
    In this Stickley Furniture review we discuss the way the company constructs its furniture and how it helps clients to design their own rooms with the unique Stickley Wishlist. The strength of Stickley furniture lies in its joinery, choice of woods and design, and each of these is discussed here in detail.
  • Tips On Choosing Dining Furniture For Your Home
    When choosing dining furniture for your home you should keep the size of your room and the number you wish to seat in mind. These tips should keep you on the right track, but keep in mind that there is more to dining room furniture than just the table and chairs.
  • Tips on Buying Living Room Furniture Sets
    When buying living room furniture sets you should put quality before quantity if you have a fixed budget. These tips will help you come to the right decision, and purchase furniture that will meet your needs, will meet your budget, but will also last.
  • How to Choose an Ergonomic Computer Chair
    It is important to know how to choose an ergonomic computer chair before buying one, so here are some tips on what to look for when you are buying a computer chair, or in fact any type of office chair.

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