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  • Are P2P File Sharing Sites Legal or Not When Downloading Free Music Online?
    P2P file sharing sites are legal when you are downloading free music online as long as that music is not protected by copyright. It is illegal to copy any copyrighted work, not only music, and while the same file sharing software can be used legally or illegally, you are urged to use in the way it was intended.
  • How to Avoid a Bootleg Movie Download When You Download Free Movies Online
    It is easy to avoid a bootleg movie download if you really want to, and there are many ways in which you can download free movies online legally. Don't leave it to chance, and make sure you are fully aware of what you are doing: legal or not.
  • How to Download Free Music Legally
    When you download free music online it is important to do so legally. Because the same software membership package enables to download music online and download bootleg movies and games both legally and not, it is important you do so legally and understand the difference btween illegal and legal music downloads.
  • Download Free Movies Online Legally and Safely
    While it is possible to download bootleg movies using file sharing services, its real use should be to download free movies online that are in the public domain. There are many such movies, games and music that are legal to download rather than use such software for illegal movie downloads.
  • Avoid Bootleg Movies: Download Free Online Movies Legally
    When you download free online movies you should avoid downloading bootleg movies. While the file sharing software used by most movie download membership sites is not illegal to use, it can be used illegally, and you should make yourself aware of that distinction.
  • Online Free Games - Are Bootleg Games Legal?
    When you download online free games it is often difficult to determine if you are doing so legally or not. Here we discuss when and when not it is legal for bootleg games to be download.
  • P2P Movie Downloads and P2P Games: The Legal Aspects
    P2P movie downloads and P2P games can be downloaded legally using file sharing software. The software is legal to use, although many use it to download bootleg movies and games because they are unaware of how to use the software legally.
  • P2P Games and Bootleg Movies: The Legal Truth
    While downloading P2P games and bootleg movies is generally illegal due to copyright restrictions, the software that enables it is not illegal. It is feasible to use P2P software to download games, music and movies legally if they are in public domain, by default or design.
  • How To Download Movies On PSP And Download PSP Games
    It is easy to download movies on PSP if you know how to do so, but you must be careful that you do so legally. There is file sharing software available online that enables you download PSP movies and download PSP games legally, and also of burning legally downloaded movies on video.
  • The Conundrum Of Illegal Movie Download Websites
    The same P2P file sharing software is used by illegal movie download websites as is used for legal music downloads, and it has also been found difficult for movie companies to prove in court who has been responsible for bootleg movie downloads through wireless internet routers. However, while it is possible to download free movies illegally, you are strongly advised to use the membership sites that enable you to do so legally.
  • Legal Game Downloads: Download Full PSP Games
    A major problem with using file sharing services to download games is that you cannot be sure if the game is free to download or protected by copyright. Here is some advice, but if you are not sure then you should think twice before doing it.
  • How To Download Legal Music From Free Download Movies Websites
    It is possible to download legal music and movies from free download movies websites that are completely legal to use by downloading files that have been pre-approved for copyright release on membership sites. Not all free music and movie downloads are illegal.
  • The Arguments Regarding Illegal Music Downloads
    Although many people are being accused of illegally downloading music and movies, the arguments regarding illegal music downloads are not as clear cut as many would have you believe. It is perfectly possible for others to use your IP address for their downloads, and for you to face the judge because of it.
  • Why You Shouldn't Download Illegal Movies
    You cannot download illegal movies or music that are copyright-protected, but not all movie downloads from memberships sites are illegal. There are websites available that enable you to pay a membership fee to download free movies whose copyright has been released in advance.
  • How to Download Free Online Movies and Download Online Music Legally
    It is important to understand the difference between legal and illegal music downloads and how to use file sharing to download movies and music legally rather than deliberately break the law. Information on the legal aspects of bootleg movies and bootleg music tracks is easily found online and you should understand it.
  • Illegal Music Downloading And Bootleg Movies Are Illegal: Legal Music Download Websites Are Not
    There is currently a lot of confusion regarding illegal music downloading with respect to the legality of the P2P file software that allows them. Not all free downloads are illegal, and it is a pity that the available technology is not used to prevent illegal music tracks and bootleg movies being downloaded.
  • Legal Free Music Downloads and Bootleg Movie Download Sites
    Although there are fewer bootleg movie download sites than those offering legal free music downloads, there appears to be more music downloaded illegally online than movies - so why is this? Perhaps people are getting annoyed at the apparent inability of the music industry to copy-protect their MP3 tracks, and are instead relying on litigation rather than prevention to resolve the problem for them.
  • How to Download Free Online Movies Legally
    When considering whether or not you can legally download free online movies, it should be kept in kind that not all downloads are illegal, and that 'free' downloads are very rare. The file sharing software that many use is not exactly free, and while there is a lot that can be downloaded using such software, the majority is not legal.
  • Why Most Free Music Downloads And Movie Downloads Are Illegal
    Most free music downloads are illegally downloaded, although that should not detract from the intended use of file sharing software to enable new artists to offer their work free online until they have made their name. Once known online, they can then go on to become stars.
  • How To Download Free Online Movies
    It is not difficult to download free online movies but you must make sure you do so legally. There many illegal sites still online, but also many legal sites that allow you download public domain movies and also videos from approved video banks much like paid lending libraries only you download them rather than borrow them.
  • How To Download Free Movies Online
    There are many arguments regarding whether or not it is legal to download free movies online, and whether or not those that download public domain movies are doing so legally. The facts are very obscure, particularly since the movie and music companies seem to be continually having copyright law changed.
  • Movie Downloads: How To Download Free Movies
    There is still confusion with regard to movie downloads and how to download free movies. The legal issues are confusing to many since legal software appears to be blamed for its illegal use. Here we discuss this and whether or not the movie industry is sufficiently proactive or the bootleggers are winning.
  • Thrill Them With a Halloween Quiz
    A Halloween quiz can turn any dead Sunday Halloween night in a bar or pub into a riotous evening, so while those that want it are living it up why not offer your customers and 'irregulars' a great night with a fabulous Halloween quiz.
  • How Free Download Music Sites can Offer a Legal P2P File Sharing Program
    No P2P file sharing program is illegal, but it can be illegal to use free download music sites if the music or movies you download are protected by copyright.
  • How Halloween Trivia Questions Can Spice Up a Pub Quiz
    Halloween trivia questions can be used to spice up a regular pub quiz or as a dedicated Halloween quiz on the bewitching night itself. There are many reasons why people love such themed quizzes, and why they will attend an annual quiz but not a regular pub quiz.
  • How to use Peer to Peer Software (P2P) Legally
    You can use file sharing software (P2P or peer to peer) legally, because it is not the software that is illegal but the way most people use it. It is still used by others to share files that are no longer protected by copyright but that are in public domain for anybody to use.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Vintage Pin Up Girls
    The era of vintage pin up girls began and ended between the late 1930s and early 1960s, and it is doubtful if they would have been so popular had it not been for the intervention of the Second World War and the permissive society that followed.
  • Bootleg Movies: Are Free Movie Downloads Legal or Illegal?
    There is some confusion about what makes bootleg movies and whether or not free movie downloads are legal or illegal. It all comes down to the copyright period, which varies between countries, but what is certain is that file sharing software is not illegal. It is not the tool that breaks the law but the action.
  • Why P2P Downloading is Legal
    Free P2P file sharing sites are not illegal, and neither is the concept of peer to peer file sharing. It is how people use such websites and software that can be illegal, but that is no reason to ban them. Music and movie moguls should grow up and provide a genuine alternative.
  • The Ethics of Peer-To-Peer Networks
    Peer-to-peer file sharing is not illegal, but downloading copyright protected material is. However, the morality of the music and movie industries is open to question when they prosecute children for illegally downloading movies and music tracks while appear to actively support alcohol ridden artists in their sexual and drugtaking activities in order to enhance their publicity. Which is the greater offence - the legal or the moral?

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