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Paul A Philips's Articles in Politics

  • 6 Myths and Lies About Terrorism
    The USA alone has siphoned off some 6 trillion dollars of hard-earned taxpayers' money in the name of protecting its citizens from terrorists which is based on myths and lies for a number of reasons...
  • Voting 4 Reasons Not To and 1 Reason To Vote
    Voting is an illusion of choice. There is no democracy because the major party politicians are there do the deeds for the corporations/banks... ultimately they don't serve we-the-people...
  • 911 Cover-Ups Crimes and 'Coincidences..?'
    So, given this, not an exhaustive list, but here are some of those startling 'coincidences' related to 911. Do they suggest hidden crimes contrary to the official story..?
  • Paedophilia, Satanic Abuse And Our Culture Of Denial
    There have been many accusations and allegations related to establishment paedophilia and satanic abuse... involving certain individuals in high places...
  • Deliberate Illegal Immigration and The Globalist Collapse Of The USA
    Currently, in the case of the North American Union, as part of the intentions to create this super state, to fuse together the neighbouring countries, secret plans have been put in place to not only allow but also fund mass illegal immigration across the borders and into the United States.
  • Nigel Farage, UKIP Victory and 4 Things You Should Know About Voting
    Recent Euro-triumphant Nigel Farage and UKIP have indeed been splashed all over the UK newspapers. With so many voters leaving their traditional choices; labour, conservative and the lib-democrats in favour of UKIP... does UKIP's success create real possibility for politics? Is this the start of having a system that will be based more on fairness, truth, honesty and integrity towards we-the-people..?
  • The Money Deception And US Dollar Symbolism
    The usurping of peoples work energies and money earned: Lack of money, scarcity, financial hardship, debt, poverty…etc created by the greed driven enslavement agenda of the hidden powers that be and their corporations / banking systems for the NWO agenda continue to rule by our fear. Fear of not surviving...
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: My Reasons Why The Official Explanation Is A Cover Up
    The official explanation of what happened with the lost Malaysian Airlines flight 370 does not add up. Following the plane's mysterious disappearance and grossly incompetent handling of the flight's radar signature, the Malaysian government want us to believe that it crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean... This does not add up for a number of reasons. Suggestions of an obvious cover up has been left out in mainstream media...

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