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Paul A Philips's Articles in Cancer

  • Cancer Research Predict 1 In 2 Will Have Cancer But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
    Cancer Research predicting half the UK's citizens will at some point in their lives be diagnosed with cancer doesnt have to be this way... for a number of reasons...
  • Breast Cancer: Stop and Think Before You Pink!
    Every October we get a nationwide wave of pink ribbon breast cancer awareness products. Even after October it's pretty difficult to avoid getting the widespread pink ribbon marketing culture in our faces... The pink ribbon was once a good idea intended to focus attention on solving problems related to preventing and reversing breast cancer but it has become a distraction...
  • Anticancer Nutrition and How It Plays A Vital Lifesaving Role
    Cancer manifests as a consequence of two things: Toxicity in the body and stress. It doesn't matter what type of cancer it is. These two factors are always the root cause. Detoxify the body by good nutrition and take out the stress and a person can be cancer-free.
  • 7 Misunderstandings About Cancer
    Misunderstandings,be them from doctors or patients, can only serve to keep the cancer returning post-treatment if indeed there has not been death. To avoid this it is necessary to identify and act on these misunderstandings. Here are 7 common misunderstandings about cancer.
  • Cancer Treatment and Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy
    ...Both doctors and patients alike have used these pioneered natural cancer treatments with great effect but the saddest thing is that most people are not getting informed. For example, there's the cancer therapy developed by Ernst Krebs, Harold Manner and their contemporaries...
  • Cutting Cancer Deaths by Taking Aspirin Daily
    This article look at the pros and cons of using aspirin for cutting cancer incidences and cancer deaths...
  • Cancer Cures: Can The Solution Be Found From Studies On Isolated Indigenous People?
    In years to come we could be looking back on today's approach to cancer treatment and wonder why so many with the disease could be allowed to suffer unnecessarily when the solution has been staring us in the face...
  • Cancer: Vitally Important Things You Should Know For Prevention and Reversal
    Many people don't see the 'big picture' when it comes to understanding their health and how to deal with it. Cancer is no exception when it comes to prevention and reversal. Seeing the big picture means knowing how to distinguish between the symptoms and the root cause...
  • 7 False Claims About Cancer By The Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment
    Can we really believe the one-sidedness given to us by the medical / pharmaceutical establishment,that their 'mechanistic medicine' approach is the only real way? Should alternative medicine generally be ignored..?
  • Cancer Cures: Is The Medical Establishment Still Failing To Get Results?
    Isn't a doctor's fatal diagnosis given to people with cancer an admission on behalf of the medical establishment a failure to come up with a cancer cure in spite of having spent billions on research over many years? Let's look at how they've performed...
  • My Invaluable Life-Saving Advice When It Comes To Cancer Prevention/Reversal!
    Forget about ISA's, personal equity plans, stock and shares... I've got some investment advice that's better than any of these things! Here it is. The best investment you could ever make is...
  • My 10 Suppressed Natural Cancer Cures
    If any of these highly effective non-patentable cures were allowed to be known to the public at large then, as a result, they would seriously undercut the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment's business... So here's my list of 10 suppressed natural cancer cures...
  • Cancer and Cancer Cures, What Your Doctor Won't Tell You
    Read this, even if you haven't got cancer and not currently at risk. Keep it for future reference for yourself or someone else. It might just turn out to be a life-saver...
  • Cancer and Cancer Cures, What Your Doctor Won't Tell You Part-2
    To recap, part 1 talked about cancer as a symptom or manifestation of an underlying root cause which is a failing immune system. Treat the symptom only and leave the underlying root cause then the cancer will return. Therefore it is necessary to treat both symptom and underlying root cause to properly eradicate the cancer...

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