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Obinna Heche's Articles in Manufacturing, Construction, Discovery

  • More About Continuous Filter Belts
    Continuous filter belts are a type of filter belts that have various uses in different industries. Find out more about the meaning, usage and advantages of continuous filter belts.
  • What To Know About Vitrified Tiles
    Vitrified tiles cost-effective alternative of granite or marble floor tiles.
  • Industrial Flooring Is Practical For Companies
    Any industrial company needs a special type of tiles for their flooring. Tiles which can resist itself from chemicals or liquids that drop and make floor ugly, find what should a company do have such tiles in their premises.
  • Understanding The Use Of Aerators In Sewage Treatment Plant
    Usage of aerators in a sewage helps out to get rid of pollutants within the waste water coming through all around the city, industries etc.
  • What You Can Expect From Modular Housing
    Modular housing are homes that have pre-constructed parts such as the kitchen, bathroom and wall panels. Modular homes are flexible in design, size homes, simple to install and lightweight.
  • What Is Wear Resistant Ceramics?
    Wear resistant ceramics are like common ceramic compounds made by chemically combining two or more elements. Of extremely hard material, these ceramics are not prone to corrosion or abrasion. This makes them the ideal choice for conditions exposed to high temperature conditions.
  • Alumina - The Oxide That Makes The Difference!
    The Alumina Ceramic is formed by combining Aluminum Oxide with different elements added to it. The essential mechanical and physical properties of this ceramic make it a preferred application material for electrical and thermal applications.
  • Industrial Ceramics Holds A Scientific Future For Industries
    Industrial Ceramics are basically crystalline artificial compounds formed due to various chemical reactions. Due to their adaptability and wide range of mechanical and physical properties, the industrial ceramics are ideal answers to the complex problems and limitations of material science.
  • Wire Cloth: An Innovation That Is Simple But Logical And Functional
    Wire cloths are ductile metals or alloys knitted closely together to create a filter cloth like cotton fabric. Its purpose is to filter air and water particles in industrial applications.
  • Effluent Treatment Process: Protecting Water And The Environment
    Effluent Treatment is the process of purifying water released by industrial manufacturing and production companies. The water is pre-treated before it is released to open water bodies. The process involves a number of synchronized units working in tandem inside the factory.

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