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Nico Valla's Articles in Weight Loss

  • Effective Weight Loss Training
    Effective Weight Loss Training Misconceptions surrounding effective weight loss training are common. Unfortunately there is so much poor contradictory guidance that many people just don't know where to begin. Others are misled into trying miracle, rapid or quick-fix fads that bare limited results.
  • Stay Active To Lose Weight And Live Longer
    With today's busy lifestyles, technology and variety of desk jobs it's very easy for many of us to rack up the number of hours sitting down during the day, including myself sitting and writing this article now.
  • Personal Trainer Shows You How To Lose Weight In 3 Steps
    Today I want to show you how to lose weight and get fit in three steps. I am a personal trainer in Bristol and I often see ineffective workouts and fitness in Bristol parks and gyma. Following ineffective regimes is demoralizing so it is not suprising so many people hat working out. I want to help you make fitness fun and effective, and help you get twice the results in half the time!
  • How To Lose 4 to 8 Pounds Of Body Fat In 30 Days
    Are you looking for weight loss? Tired of not losing weight or frustrated in always putting the weight back on? This is a whistle-stop guide to losing weight sustainable and safely. It is short because I know you are busy, so please take five minutes to read and implement the advice - it'll be worth it. Good luck!
  • Effective Weight Loss For Women
    Effective weight loss for women having a hard time losing weight. Is weight loss a mirage on the horizon for you? Maybe you hit the gym 4-6 times a week, eat barely anything and still nothing! No inch-loss, no toning, no nothing. Do you ever wonder, 'is it this hard for everyone?' Well, maybe it's just not fair, maybe weight loss is harder for you!
  • Effective Weight Loss Through Diet And High Intensity Workout Routines
    You're reading this because you'd like effective weight loss through diet and high intensity workout routines. You probably know that if you eat well, follow high intensity interval training and resistance training exercise programmes, and reduce stress in your life you will get results. But are you being held back? Are you implementing changes you know deep down will help you lose weight and get healthy?

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