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  • Kill Off Your Ancestors
    There are certain bits of advice of good practice to use when doing your family history. One of which is to "kill off your ancestors". To those who don't understand why this is necessary, this piece gives a great example of why you should do!
  • English and Welsh Family History Research
    For all family history researchers there will be brick walls to overcome. The only way to get around these problems is to learn as much as one can from those who have encountered them before. Family tree research is fun and the detective work can become adictive, but you need to learn some of the tried and trusted techniques to do it properly.
  • Use Old Trade Directories To Flesh Out Your Family Tree
    Family history is about more than just dry facts of when and where your ancestor was born. Use the online tools availble to us to to bring your ancestors to life
  • How To Write A Fantastic Press Release
    A great way for marketers to bring their product or service to the media's notice at the same time as adding SEO juice to their own websites through useful backlinks, is by writing a press release and using an online press release service to distribute it.
  • Getting Back Before 1837 In An English Or Welsh Family Tree
    Many people who set out to research their ancestors from the British
    Isles, find that there is a whole lot of information out there on the
    web for years back until 1837. Then it just seems to become harder for us. 1837
    is when civil registration started in England & Wales with the
    state taking over from the established church registering the vital
    records before then we need to look in the Parish Records.
  • Some Really Smart Questions To Ask Before Developing An Info Product
    Give your self the best possible chance of successs, before you release an info product on to the market, by answering a few simple questions. Here I pose 10 for you to answer before you even pick up a pen, bash out a draft on your keyboard or turn on your video camera to begin making your product.
  • English and Welsh Family History Before 1837
    Once you have been able to get back as far as you are able to do, using
    the census entries and Birth Marriages and Death records, you will now
    need to turn your attention to Parish records - these date back to 1538
  • Bold Gurantees Work For Your Information Product
    Cutting prices is not only needless, but is probably a dangerous
    miscalculation to make, in any strategy directed at breathing life back
    into your organization. Crazy as it may seem to you now, however, the
    actual reality is that very few consumers order products on cost only.
  • Would You Like To Write Great Headlines?
    As an information Marketer you need to be able to capture the interest of your potential clients swiftly when they land on your website. Often you will have paid for traffic to come to a page on your website via pay per click or maybe an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. So now that your prospect has landed on your web page and the first thing that is in their mind is "What's in it for me?" How are you going to answer this?
  • Don't Let Your Business Fail in the Present Economy
    How do we ensure our business doesn't fail in these tough economic situation? The simple answer is we must make more sales! But many business owners think that this means chasing after more and more new customers. The technique I am proposing here is really quite a simple one. It is to sell more to our current customers than to try and get new ones
  • How to Protect Your Business in the Recession
    In the current gloomy world of depressing economic news, where we find every day that sales and leads are becoming harder and harder for us to get. With the huge uphill task of persuading your prospects and customers to open their wallets and purses to buy from you then, you might find yourself tempted to make a dangerous and possibly harmful decision to cut your prices.
  • Video Marketing - 4 Tips For Using YouTube
    A growing number of Information Marketers believe that in the next few months and years video is set to be the most powerful way of getting in front of your potential customers. These four tips should put you ahead.
  • An Info Marketing List That Trusts You Versus the Alternative
    Is the money in the Information Marketer's list or is it in the relationship that we build with our list? The two models considered.
  • Family Tree Researchers.. Listen to Your Older Folk
    Listening to the senior members of our family can give us fantastic leads for our family tree. But beware of unchecked stories.
  • Family History and Nonconformist Burials
    Family Tree research is always going to bring us up against death or burial records in some form or other. But what happens when our ancestors are not in the established Church of England and so can't be found easily in the parish records? This article explores problems with nonconformist ancestors in the family tree.
  • Don't Rely On One Ancestor Look-Up Site
    When doing family tree research sometimes a brick wall can be hit if you rely on only using one ancestor look-up website. When I started doing family history I was taught to use more than the one and here I show you what happened when I forgot this advice.
  • What is Your Ancestor's Story?
    Your task, in doing family history research, is to find out as much as you can about where you came from. Here is the case for not restricting yourself to a straight 'genealogy' search. "Tell the stories of your living family members, richly flesh out the lives of your ancestors and so bring to life your family history". This was advice that Nick Thorne was given when he set out and asked a professional to help him with his family tree.
  • What is a Clandestine Marriage in Family History Research?
    What are "Clandestine Marriages" in British Family Tree research? The article lifts the lid on Fleet Prison marriages and those from its environs.
  • Ancestor Research and the UK Census
    The UK censuses can baffle people beginning family history, when they first encounter them. You go on to a commercial site and pay to download the image of your long lost ancestors and you are presented with an official form covered in sometimes difficult to read handwriting and what looks like lots of lines crossing out some of the data. What's it
  • Family History Society Website Breaks Down a Brick Wall
    If you're having problems researching your family tree then maybe you can learn something from my experience here. I'd got nowhere with this ancestor's vital records on or off-line. A chance revisit of a Family History Website and a brick wall in my family history research came tumbling down!
  • Ancestor Research Terms: So What Are Stepmothers, Half-Brothers, Second Cousins Once Removed?
    Family historians need to be able to understand the terms stepfather, stepmother, half-brother and second cousin twice removed when creating a family tree. The Nosey Genealogists tries to make sense of it in this extract.
  • Family Search and Ancestor Research
    Family Search is one of the biggest genealogy organizations in the world and is an important on-line tool for any family historian tracing their ancestors. Although it is run from the USA, for those of us with UK roots it still represents us well with index records with some English counties having excellent coverage. The site, however, has certain issues in the way that you can search it. One way to work around this is explored in this article.
  • Beginning Ancestor Research Online
    Family history research on the Internet is a growing pass time for many of us. The amount of information that is publisher may overwhelm the beginner and so this article sets out to explain that is best to learn as much as possible about the techniques of researching a family tree and to continue to learn as one goes along.

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