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Morgan McFinn's Articles

  • Campion Jesuit Prep School: Part 1 & 2
    The good, bad and ugly of an all boys Jesuit Prep School during the 1960's.
  • Brutish Congress
    The evolution of Humanity's procreation methods could lead to the devolution of the species.
  • A Man Obsessed With Handicaps
    Some people love to wallow in their handicaps.
  • Chicago's Second City Theatre And Paul Sills
    Studying improv theatre at Chicago's Second City workshop.
  • 1st Year Wedding Anniversary
    My wife and I celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary.
  • Round & Round We Go
    Musings on reincarnation and redemption.
  • Legends of Thailand: Jim Thompson & John Fowler
    Jim Thompson and John Fowler were two ex-pats in Thailand who became very successful in the garment trade. One achieved world renown but, disappeared under mysterious circumstances and his body was never found. The other has yet to receive the acclaim he deserves.
  • It Happened One Night...Sort Of
    When reality fails, a good imagination can come to the rescue.
  • The Daily Pageant...3rd Edition
    Another edition of the Daily Pageant.
  • Wisdom From The Bottom Of A Well
    A bit of wisdom and a tire repaired for $0.50. Cambodia is full of bargains.
  • A Casual Reference To Casualties
    Why are children given special considerartion and honorable mention?
  • Robert Lax And The New Yorker Magazine
    Robert Lax was an accomplished writer whom I met on the Greek island of patmos in 1982. We remained friends for 17 years. This anecdote recalls his brief tenure at The New Yorker Magazine.
  • Who Needs Modern Conveniences?
    In consideration of modern conveniences that are lacking on a tropical island paradise. The poetical excerpts are from E. A. Robinson's poem entitled 'Mr. Flood's Party'. It's a wonderful poem and well worth is all of Robinson's work.
  • Funny, Money and Good-Looks
    The important factors when considering a prospective mate.
  • A Travesty Of Western Justice
    Quilt of Western nations motivates U.N. trial of the Khmer Rouge. Little, if any, compensation awarded to survivors of the victims.
  • Supply and Demand
    This is a parody that was inspired by an article in the Bangkok Post 15 years ago. How would the world react if God was kidnapped for ransom?
  • Orson Welles in Rome
    This piece is an anecdote involving Gore Vidal and Orson Welles as told by an acquaintance of mine in Bangkok.
  • Oh My Buddha
    This piece chronicles a rather embarrasing moment that occured on the verandah of my bungalow as I was preparing sunset libations.
  • The Daily Pageant...Viewpoint Section
    Another edition of the Daily Pageant fantasy.
  • Thank You, Jimmy Connors
    This piece recalls how watching Jimmy Connors play tennis (Wimbledon 1982) inspired me to lift my carcass out of a hammock and return to the pursuit of my dreams. I thank him for that.
  • The Walking Dead
    This piece tells the story of a man who lost the will to live. It tries to make the point that many people die for no other reason than that they, simply, become weary of living.
  • Have a Cigar
    This piece addresses the commonplace disquietude that men and women have to contend with during episodes of romantic turmoil in their lives. I particularly like that the issue is dealt with in a narrative consisting of near total dialogue.
  • Keep Smiling...
    A Cambodian woman's assesment of ' Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?'.
  • My Favorite Government Handout
    This essay addresses the current political/economic crisis in the U.S.A. The author has lived abroad for 20 years during which time he has come to appreciate and respect where he came from more than where he has been. All the best to the U.S. of A.
  • A Tribute to Fred Astaire
    This piece is nothing more than what the title suggests...A Tribute to Fred Astaire. It harkens back to a bygone era of style and elegance that Mr. Astaire exemplified so brilliantly.
  • Always...and Forever
    This piece attempts to convey the serenity within the idylic setting of a so-called 'tropical island paradise' on the other side of the planet from the author's hometown of Chicago.
  • Who Has Time For Fun?
    This is a humorous piece regarding what it's like to live on a so-called 'tropical island paradise' and inviting friends from back home to visit.
  • A Ward of Awards
    This piece addresses the hemmoraging of award shows.
  • Snob Appeal
    This piece addresses the increasing vulgarization of modern culture.
  • The Daily Pageant...2nd Edition
    The 2nd edition of The Daily Pageant.
  • The Daily Pageant
    This is the 1st edition of an imaginary newspaper that chronicles imaginary events on a so-called 'tropical island paradise'.
  • Oh, Waiter
    This piece describes the workings of an imaginary bungalow restaurant on an island in the Gulf of Siam.
  • A Tough Act To Follow
    This piece humorously speculates upon the end of Humanity.
  • Fame to Shame
    A humorous essay that deals with people's obsession with being famous.

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