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  • Getting Online Quickly by Using Design Templates or Pre-Built Websites
    So what exactly are some of these new options?
  • Glastonbury Festival 2010
    Wed. 23 June to very late on Sun. 27th of June 2010
  • Glorious Food Finds While on Holiday
    Whenever we travel in foreign countries, we all visit the local markets for the sights, the sounds and the atmosphere. We often see fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood that are unfamiliar and may even be tempted into trying the street food or buying ingredients from the market for a picnic lunch or supper. Well, you can do the same thing while on holiday in the UK
  • Travel Tips for the United Kingdom
    The United Kingdom is often called England, Britain or Great Britain but the correct name and the one on our passports is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • The City of Bristol - Attractions
    What do a Pirate Walk, a Floating Harbour, a Balloon Fiesta and St. Nicholas Market have in common? The City of Bristol, of course.

    Awarded the European City of the Year in 2008, a Centre of Culture and a Science City, Bristol can fulfill whatever your expectations might be for a weekend or holiday adventure.future.
  • City Breaks in Cardiff
    When you want to get away, what do you look for? If you want to experience a multicultural and cosmopolitan city with ultra modern facilities and a unique cultural heritage, Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is the place to go.
  • The Folklore of the Moon
    Even from a scientific standpoint, no one would be foolish enough to say the moon does not affect us. It is generally accepted that the gravitational pull of the Moon affects the waters of the Earth, with the highest tides occurring at the new and full Moon; the tides are at their least dramatic at the quarter Moon.
  • Paganism - What Is It?
    The term Paganism is actually an umbrella under which many traditions live. It is an ancient religion that venerates nature, believes that everything in the Universe is interconnected and part of the Devine and that this interconnectedness extends beyond the boundaries of space and time.
  • Paganism - What Is It & How Do I Become One?
    There are as many explanations of Paganism as there are Pagans but one good description Iíve found is from the Ohio Chapter Pagan Unity Campaign. They say that ďPaganism may be loosely defined as any of a group of positive, life-affirming, earth-honoring faiths usually based in ancient beliefs."
  • How to Identify Avian Varieties?
    A Good Bird Book Is Essential For Identifying Avian Visitors. Living on an estuary, we were delightfully surprised by the avian visitors we had during the recent bitterly cold weather.
  • What is Scrapbooking and Why Would You Do It?
    The holidays are coming and this has nothing to do with the goose getting fat! This article is about scrapbooking.
  • Fishing in Wales
    Fishing here is like stepping back in time to a bygone era and no doubt it is an experience all fishermen would relish. Even nowadays fish between 20-30 pounds are not unheard of although 8-10 pounds is more the norm.
  • What Should You Look For When Buying Fish?
    Some tips on buying and storing fish. Buying whole or filleted fresh fish. In general no fish should be in the freezer for longer than 3-4 months. Thaw fish in the fridge for a day before using.
  • The River Teifi (Afon Teifi in Welsh)
    The Teifi River valley and its outfall are amongst the most beautiful landscape in Britain and the Teifi is considered by many as one of the most beautiful rivers in Wales. Its source is in Llyn Teifi and its outfall flows into Cardigan Bay.
  • Where Do You Find The Shellfish of Wales
    Although most of the shellfish caught in the waters around Wales is exported to the Continent, you can catch lobster, crab, crawfish, mussels, cockles, shrimps, oysters, scallops, limpets, and periwinkles or find them in local fishmongers and restaurants.
  • Catching and Cooking Teifi Salmon
    Salmon fishing is widely popular, but catching salmon can be tricky for the inexperienced. Knowing what lure to use for your specific location can make a major difference in whether or not you catch the salmon you're after.
  • Ceredigion Coastal Footpath
    The Ceredigion Coastal Path was opened in 2008 and will eventually form part of a greater Wales Coastal Path running the length of the Principality. Ceredigion offers something for all walking enthusiasts, from spectacular coastal walks along the Ceredigion Coastal Path affording glimpses of dolphins, seals, porpoise and marine birds or walks offering views of the lush green river valleys of the Teifi, Aeron, Ystwyth and Rheidol and the heathered uplands and forests of the Cambrian Mountains. Here red kites and buzzards can often be seen.
  • The Geology and Landscape around Cardigan
    Cardiganís hills, valleys and coastline demonstrate a diverse range of physical features that reveal its complex geological history. The areaís rocks are mostly mudstone, deposited in a deep ocean basin about 450 million years ago. Associated locally with the mudstone are beds of hard sandstone, which can be found at Poppit Sands.
  • Marketing Strategies for a Successful Website
    Internet marketing, which is quite often referred to more correctly as online marketing or e-marketing, is as the name implies, marketing your products or services over the world wide web - the Internet.

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