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Michiel Van Kets's Articles in Environment

  • Improve The Living Environment By Recycling E-Waste
    E-waste causes a big problem for governments' as electronic products become cheaper and more disposable. Environmental leaders in waste management and resource recovery help resolve what to do with all this waste.
  • Choosing The Right Facilities Management Service
    Finding a facilities management service to meet your needs isn't always as easy as you would think, read on for some tips on what to expect from a dependable and effectual environmental service who can deal with your commercial waste.
  • Facilities Management in Perth
    Facilities management services in Australia have the ability to deal with every aspect of waste management, whether it's cleaning industrial equipment, providing specialized skip bins or sorting waste for recycling. Their methods are sophisticated and staff are skilled and knowledgeable and offer complete solutions.
  • Waste Management for Industries in Australia
    Leading environmental services in Australia can offer expert advice and help for all kinds of industries. They provide services in all areas of waste management from collection and recycling to hiring skip bins and use the latest technology to clean specialist equipment.
  • Waste Management in Sydney
    Sydney is one Australian city that is sorting out its waste management by incorporating new techniques and methods of disposal. Diverting materials away from landfills and sending it to be recycled results in a double advantage - reducing the amount of trash in landfills and leading to a greener environment.
  • Toxins Found in E-waste
    The toxins found in e-waste are dangerous and damaging. Once these poisons get into the water system and surrounding environment they can cause cancers, create havoc with reproductive systems, and affect the brain and nervous system. We all need to be aware of how we dispose of our electrical products if we want a safe world to live in.
  • E-waste Solutions for Everyone
    Globally, landfills are overflowing with waste that could have been sent for recycling. E-waste includes old computers and printers, faxes, mobile phones, microwaves and any other electrical item not any longer in use. Dispose of your e-waste correctly and do your part in helping to protect everyone’s future.
  • Recycling for Residents
    Everyone has to do their part in the recycling effort by buying recycled products, and setting up a system for the family at home. Save your newspapers, plastic and aluminium cans, and you’ll also be saving thousands of trees, energy, water, and lives.
  • Recycling Solutions for Commercial & Residential Purposes
    Recycling your waste products means you reduce the waste thrown into landfills, this will benefit not only you and your family, but also the environment. Recycle paper, cardboards, plastic, and your electronic items, and always buy recycled products when available.
  • Basics of Waste Management
    Waste management is a puzzle to most people, but whether you run a small office or own a large company it is a topic you should be researching. Waste management is everyone’s responsibility and an environmentally friendly process; specialized environ

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