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  • Tips For Setting Color Calibration And Profiling Software to Get Accurate Photo Color on Screen
    Getting accurate photo color on your computer screen requires not only good quality calibration and profiling software, but some knowledge of how to use its features. This article tells you how to set luminance, gamma, black and white points for best results on any screen, explains how to verify the results and suggests how to develop a re-profiling strategy.
  • Why Digital Photographers Need Color Management
    Why do your digital photos look different on every screen and in every print? This article explains how digital colour is defined and how color management tools link the digital numbers to human vision so that you can see, edit and print digital color images reliably and accurately.
  • What Kind Of Print To Offer Via Web-to-Print And Who To Offer It To
    This article discusses the type of print work that is best suited to web-to-print online selling and which customers to promote the service to. In addition to explaining the technical needs and internal championing issues that print e-commerce requires, it is critical that printers define clearly the business model that the online sales portal is intended to support and that they market the new service appropriately.
  • How to Integrate Web-to-Print Into Business Systems for Maximum Efficiency and Profit
    Print service providers can achieve the full benefits of electronic job capture by integrating their web-to-print e-commerce portals with in-house MIS and production systems. This allows job data defined by the customer to drive the production and job management functions automatically, saving time, reducing waste and errors, while providing full visibility of costs. Approaches to integration and the human resources required are also discussed.
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid in Implementing Web-to-Print
    If you're looking to implement web-to-print, whether as a means of opening up new sales opportunities or to broaden your service offering to existing customers via e-commerce, there are a number of potential pitfalls that you'll need to avoid in order to make the investment deliver the benefits of customer acquisition or retention and improved production efficiencies.
  • Why Aren't More Printers Using Web-to-Print?
    Web-to-print (W2P) has been heavily promoted for several years but uptake is still lower than might be expected, especially in the wide-format sector. Many potential print e-commerce users in commercial digital and large-format print feel that it is either not relevant to their business or is too difficult and expensive to implement. Why do they think that, and are they right?
  • How MIS/ERP Helps Wide-Format Print Service Providers Improve Internal Efficiency and Save Money
    A discussion of how MIS and ERP products allow wide-format print service providers to optimise throughput across the entire business, maximising the use of their in-house resources, allowing flexibility in response to changing customer or business needs and providing valuable information for business development.
  • How MIS and ERP Can Help Wide-Format Print Service Providers Improve Customer Service
    This article explains how linking routine quotation and order entry processes and financial systems with the production workflow in a wide-format print business via a Management Information System (MIS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides more accurate pricing and invoicing, smoother production and better customer information.
  • How Web-To-Print Can Grow a Wide Format Print Business and Enhance Existing Customer Relationships
    This article explains how offering a web-to-print (W2P) portal is a logical extension to a large-format print workflow, streamlining job capture for the printer and adding convenience for customers. It can attract new business but can be implemented with existing customers without requiring any restructuring of the business. 'Software as a service' licensing removes the financial and IT resource hurdles for smaller wide-format print providers.
  • How Wide-Format Production Management Software Can Improve Throughput and Cut Material Costs
    An overview of how joining up the various stages of large format printing, finishing, collation and dispatch with workflow and production management systems means that overall end-to-end business throughput can be maximised and material and time wastage reduced.
  • How a Wide-Format Workflow Can Speed Production and Ensure Quality While Cutting Costs
    A description of the key features to look for in workflow solutions designed for wide-format/ large-format print production. By automating and supporting processes within and connected to the printing stage, users can save time, reduce material wastage and improve their print quality.This is increasingly important as set-up and handling become a bigger part of the total cost of each wide-format print job.
  • Why Integrating Your Wide-Format Printing Equipment Will Keep You Ahead of the Competition
    A review of trends in the large-format/wide-format display and signage print market that explains why providers of these types of printing services should consider integrating production, print and business IT systems to achieve efficiencies, maintain or improve levels of quality and customer service and minimise their operational costs and materials wastage.
  • How To Choose a Wide-Format Printer for Maximum Business Efficiency
    A discussion of the integration features to look for when choosing a wide-format or large-format printer, such as its ability to capture and pass on detailed data on each print job, including consumables usage and operator time and input. Automated capture and communication of this information helps the user see what the true costs of production are and to identify bottlenecks that cause delays and increase production costs.

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