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Melissa Gifford's Articles in Real Estate

  • A Few Reasons You Might Want To Buy Or Sell Your House
    You may be forced to relocate due to an inheritance. Maybe your parents or other family member may have left you property that you know own. You may have to worry about some of these things inheritance taxes, home repairs, or other expenses that may require you to sell the home instead of moving into it. The home might be somewhere that you are not able to live in it for whatever reason.
  • Do You Want To Know How To Make Your House More Appealing?
    During the winter months, the house market becomes more sluggish as major holidays and winter weather make moving difficult. If you are selling your property, but times are slow, you can improve your home's selling outlook by doing many of the normal things that will increase the house's appeal no matter the season.
  • Find Out The Benefits Of Selling To A Local Investor
    After all isn't it easier to show your house to a local buyer. Getting the mortgage should be easier because the person giving the mortgage may well know both the buyer and seller. Someone that is moving from the other side of town will probably want to have a faster closing then someone that is moving from the other side of the country.
  • Do You Know The Cost Involved With Using A Realtor?
    By the time these people realize their home is overpriced and drop the price the people that would have been interested might have already bought another house. You have to remember the decision to sell your house is a business one, not one that should be looked at like a game, and it needs to be handled like a real business deal.
  • Finding A Different Type Of Realtor Can Be Tricky, Know Your Options
    If you tell someone you are going to the doctor you have to specify which kind because there are all kinds of doctors. You may have to just go to a walk-in clinic, or perhaps your primary care doctor, or if it is really bad you may have to go see a specialist who may recommend a surgeon. The word doctor can mean different things to different people. This is also the case when you contact a real estate professional.
  • Pros And Cons - Selling Your Home As Is
    You can decide to sell a home 'as is' for many different reaons. the homeowner could be unable or unwilling to make the needed repairs and just needs to sell their house quickly. Oftentimes the choice to sell a home 'as is' comes from wanting to hide the defects and just be out of the house.
  • When Is Home Selling Season?
    If you have decided to sell your home there are some questions that need to be answered. Before you make any final decision one important question is when should I try to sell my house? Even though in the end the choice is yours, you should know that there are good and bad times to sell your house if you want to sell your house fast.
  • Do You Know The Best Ways To Find A Home Buyer?
    When the market is like it is right now it is hard to find a buyer tha genuinely likes your house and is willing to offer you a fair price for it. Companies and investors who buy houses are looking for something that stands out from the crowd so they have a better chance of making money on the deal. So what will help make it so your house stands out from the million other houses on the market right now?
  • What Is Better? Selling Or Renting Out?
    Are you being forced to sell? Are you just checking the local market of buyers? Your motivation behind why you are selling your house is very important because it will dictate how much time and energy you put into it. The choice to rent is not the same as it once was.
  • FSBO Sales Are Becoming More Popular
    For those who aren't familiar with the popular real estate terms, the acronym FSBO stands for "For Sale by Owner." This means that the seller has chosen to take on the monumental task of selling a house on their own, without the help of a real estate agent. Of course many agents are not in favor of this method.
  • Inside Look At Companies That Say "We Buy Houses!"
    Just as with any business, the scammers and crooks make it more difficult for the honest people to find legitimate customers. Buyers and sellers are afraid of being caught up in a scam. But there are investors who do pay cash for houses, and there are sellers who need to sell fast for a variety of reasons.
  • What To Do When Your Listing Expires?
    When it comes to selling your house, there is no guaranteed sell date. You may be able to sell and you may not. Being prepared will help increase your chances of selling.
  • Find Out How Foreclosure Impacts The Surrounding Areas
    A home foreclosure directly impacts entire areas. The only way to stop the negative impact on the surrounding home values, is to stop foreclosure all together. There are many ways to go about this, too.
  • Do You Know What A Short Sale Is
    There are common misconseptions about selling a house fast and short sales. Before you step into a situation you don't understand, make sure you do your research. You are trying to get out of a bad situation and don't want to get put right into another one, do you?
  • Owning Two Properties Can Be A Burden
    If you own two houses and can't afford one or both of them, you're not alone. Regardless of the reason why you have more then one property, you're in this situation. What do you do to get out?
  • Inherited Property Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be
    No matter what life throws at us, we can always change it for the better. Even if you're stuck with a problem property that you need to get rid of, there is always a way out.
  • Selling Your House As Is - Is It Still Possible With The Current Market
    Selling a property without making repairs can be a risky endeavor. Make sure you are prepared for anything. This includes a low price, a quick move, and even a tough time finding a buyer.
  • Do You Understand The Real Estate Market Trends
    As the real estate market continues to change, the best ways to sell a house continues to change as well. It can be difficult to adjust to the changing trends. Home sellers will need to make sure to follow these trends in order to have a fast home sale.
  • Is Home Foreclosure Preventable?
    Why has the rate of home foreclosures risen so much in the past few years? How can sellers prevent getting into this situation? What needs to be done to lower the number of foreclosure? We have the answers for you.
  • Take Control Of Your Future And Stop Foreclosure
    Home foreclosure will have a long lasting negative effect on your future. It will ruin your credit. Don't let the bank come and take your house without a fight. There are things you can do to help stop foreclosure from happing to you.
  • The Most Wanted Buyer Will Pay Cash For Your Home
    You may not be in the best place to sell your house right now. There are other home sellers out there in the same predicament. You have other options.
  • What Is A Zombie Foreclosure And How Can You Avoid It
    If you have been through a property foreclosure, there is a chance that you are victim to a zombie foreclosure. Banks need to make money, and take advantage of those in a tight situation. You don't want to be left in a situation where your credit gets damaged even more by a zombie foreclosure.
  • How To Sell Your Home The Quick And Easy Way
    There are many ways to go about selling your house. You can find an easier way to get your house sold. If you have taken the necessary steps to prepare your home for sale, then you will have a much easier time during the process.
  • Make Sure You Don't Show Weakness When You Go To Sell Your House
    Don't think that it will be easy to sell your house. There is a lot of preparation and work required to make your house sell. Okay, I'm lying. It's not THAT hard to sell. There are other types of buyers out there that can buy your house without all of the work and stress normally associated with a home sale.
  • Check Out These Tips And Ideas To Stop Foreclosure Before It Stops You
    When you're facing foreclosure, everything changes. Using a realtor takes time and money that you don't necessarily have. A foreclosure will ruin your credit, so you must do what you can to sell your home fast.
  • It's Tough To Find A Good Home Buyer
    It about that time of year! Everyone decides to put their home on the market. If you want to sell your property too, you are going to be competing with a larger number of home sellers. Make sure you know how to find and communicate with potential buyers.

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