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  • Pharmaceutical Scales
    Scales exist for nearly every type of need, from weighing luggage all the way to ultra-precise pharmaceutical scales. The quality and accuracy of these scales can vary widely depending on the technology used and who manufactures them.
  • Digital Livestock Scales
    Digital Livestock Scales are a vast improvement over the weighing devices of centuries past. Due to the importance of weights and measures in daily living, humans have been utilizing various weighing devices for over 6,000 years. However, it was difficult and impractical to weigh large loads, such as livestock and vehicles until weighing platforms were invented in the eighteenth century. Numerous changes have been made to the platform scales during the last two centuries to make weighing livestock and other animals simpler and more practical. Thanks to modern technology, some scales can measur
  • Explosion Proof Scale - PA
    Labs, paint shops, machine shops and other high-risk environments require tools that can withstand high levels of abuse. These sorts of environments are also often fast-paced, and tools need to be reliable enough to take a beating and still give accurate measurements or perform tasks adequately. Outfitting a high risk environment with the proper equipment is not an easy task, and it requires utmost care to find the best possible items to get jobs done.
  • Centerless Grinding Machine
    Grinding machines are tools that are used to smooth or grind certain materials. Generally, grinders are used on metal materials. The same tool for wood is usually called a sander.
  • Radial Drilling Machine
    A drill is a machine that uses some type of drill bit to drill holes in a material or to fasten two pieces of material together with some type of fastener. Drills are used for both woodworking and metalworking projects. They are also used in a variety of other applications. If the drill is used as a tool for placing fasteners, it can also cut through the material at the same time the fastener is being installed.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
    The cutter creates a plasma beam by sending and electric current through a noble gas e.g. argon or nitrogen. The high temperature created by the current causes the pressured gas in the machine to turn into plasma which is then lead through a nozzle. This nozzle concentrates this ionized gas into a beam that is then used in the cutting process. This concentrated beam is able to make surgical cuts in any material regardless of the thickness.
  • 400Lb Scale
    Businesses whose profits rely heavily on product shipment understand the importance of speed and accuracy. When an order comes in, there is no room for error in the weighing and pricing process. This is especially true for businesses that ship out packages weighing up to 400 pounds. It is necessary to have a 400 lb industrial scale when managing this kind of operation. Possessing such a scale can prevent miscalculations which reduce profits. It also keeps the business from overcharging the customer and consequently damaging its reputation.
  • Medical Digital Scale
    Most people are familiar with the old mechanical doctor's scale that was once prevalent in most practices and hospitals. Now more and more physicians are choosing digital scales instead. Medical digital scales are more accurate than their mechanical counterparts. They are also more efficient and easier to use. A doctor's practice relies on his or her ability to be not only thorough but accurate as well and a high quality digital scale is essential to this pursuit.
  • Heavy Weight Scale
    Some items that need to be weighed are very small and require extreme accuracy and precision to even be able to find their weight. These items require scales that are able to measure in very small amounts. However, there are many other things that require the exact opposite. There are industries and businesses that require the measurement of large objects. There are several different types of scales that can be used to measure heavy weights. Heavy weight scales must be high quality, durable, and reliable.
  • Commercial Livestock Scales
    Commercial livestock scales are used for weighing cattle, sheep, pigs, bison, and other animals like llamas and alpacas. There are scales that weigh a single animal or many livestock. These large scales can weigh animals up to several tons.
  • Weighing Equipment
    When most people think of high-tech machinery, they usually associate it with being fragile and requiring careful handling. On the other hand, when most people think of industrial machinery, they expect something that can handle a great deal of rough handling and still work properly. But what about high-tech machines that need to be used in an industrial capacity? Usually some compromise has to be made; either a machine will be rugged but not very advanced, or it may be high-tech without being very durable. An Industrial scale is that rare piece of machinery that has managed to be both rugged
  • Used Planner Mills
    Metal planers are used for various functions in the metal working industry. One of those functions is to create accurate flat surfaces. Used planer mills can also be used to cut slots, such as those needed for keyways. In large metal working companies, planer mills may have become obsolete. Other types of metal working machines are being used to do the same jobs, more efficiently. However, the metal planer mills may still be used in smaller tool shops. Metal planer mills are available in two different types. They are also available in a range of sizes and weights.
  • Kent Surface Grinders
    Surface grinders are used to produce smooth or flat surfaces in finished products. The reason you might want to use a surface grinder is to prepare the product you are working on for a particular function. For those of you that are familiar with surface grinders, there are different types and generally speaking there are two types of materials used for surface grinding: cast iron and steel.
  • Automatic Od Grinder
    A cylindrical grinder is used to shape the outside of a metal object. The cylindrival grinder can work on an object of any shape. However, that object must contain a central axis of rotation. For a cylindrical grinder to work, both the work and the grinding wheel must be constantly rotating. The user needs to be able to move the grinding wheel closer or father from the work to achieve the desired grinding results. Then, either the work or the grinding wheel may be capable of being moved from side-to-side against the other, to change the results of the grinding. There are five different types
  • Shear With Cnc Back Gauge
    Sheers are used in the sheet metal industry to cut metal. There are several different types of sheers that may be used. Each of these types can perform slightly different functions. Recently, many sheers have become available with an additional back gauge.
  • Livestock Weigh Scales
    Livestock weighing is an important component in the farming industry. The weight of livestock is used to determine feeding, medications, price for sale and health. In order for the weight to be recorded accurately, a suitable livestock scale must be used.
  • 500 Lb Commercial Scale
    If you are looking for a 500Lb commercial scale it is without question that you are looking for this scale to be hardy, easy to use and equipped with high capacity and highly accurate readings. Commercial weighing scales can suit nearly any heavy duty weighing industry. Whether you are weighing food, livestock, industrial equipment, etc the Arlyn S

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