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  • King Platform Beds
    Imagine yourself stretched out luxuriously on a king-sized bed. There is so much room, that your partner also has room to stretch out luxuriously, and there is still plenty of room to cuddle, too. Are you ready to make this dream a reality with a king platform bed?

    Don't stop yourself because you think that this is out of your reach, will take
  • Platform Bed with Drawers
    As rents rise, space dwindle, and everybody is looking for the best way to keep their world neat and tidy, we have to look into alternative ways of storing the things that we need. Whether we are talking about a secret stash of unmentionables, your unfathomable amount of shoes, or just keeping extra blankets and pillows for when guests appear, a platform bed with drawers beneath it is going to be a fantastic idea as both a design choice and a space saver.
  • Eco Friendly Bedroom Furniture
    If you are in the market for new bedroom furnishings, you will definitely want to begin by checking out the options available for eco friendly bedroom furniture. Eco friendly decor is trendy and better for the environment, and comes in a wide selections of colors and styles that can fit into any home decor theme easily.
  • Modern Furniture Online
    So you’re in the market for some new furniture and you’ve settled on that modern style that has a sleek, futuristic look, clean, straight lines and curved accents. While many companies promote their version of that very style, definite levels of quality and availability exist from region to region. Because of this, there is a growing trend to shop for furniture on the Internet.
  • Eco Friendly Patio Furniture
    Patio furniture needs to withstand the elements, be comfortable and look attractive. It can make a boring backyard look interesting and make a gorgeous garden look magical. There is another aspect to patio furniture that makes it right. While it enhances the outdoor space, it should also be eco-friendly.
  • Armless Chairs
    The charms of armless chairs are many. The armless chair could be that little chair that’s kept in a corner but is brought out when one more guest arrives. Sometimes they can be stacked and stored and brought out when many more guests arrive. Sometimes they’re perfect to put out on a deck, or the patio, or the garden room. Viesso has a collection of beautifully designed and eco-friendly chairs for sale.
  • Bistro Patio Table
    The idea of the bistro table originated with the french bistro which is an informal friendly little tavern that serves wine and very simple meals. A bistro table is usually a small table, which offers intimate seating for two to four people. Bistro tables are very popular and come in different heights, sizes and styles and can be used for many purposes.
  • Lounge Style Sofas
    Lounge style sofas offer not only sublime style, but comfort. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, plus the materials make a one-of-a-kind-piece for any home. However, the environment concerns many people looking to redecorate, and that means green is in the palette even if the color green does not appear anywhere in the house. Luckily, contemporary furniture captures sustainable style that eases the conscious, benefits the earth, and captures the feel of custom furniture. Below, some options for earth-friendly lounge style sofas.
  • Modern Wallpaper Samples
    With the resurgence in the popularity of the Modern and Mid-century Modern furniture fashions, Viesso is creating inspired, elegantly hip looks made with the lover of conscientious, contemporary chic in mind. Viesso designers express elegant form and function in their collections of earth-friendly furniture and accoutrements. They have a wide array of modern wallpaper samples that can complement any room, toning it down or causing it to stand out with breathtaking bursts of color. The sky is the limit.
  • Designer Coffee Tables
    Designer coffee tables take on many appearances and inspire a number of copycat designs. Defined as a long, low-laying table placed in front of a sofa, the concept of coffee tables evolved from European tea tables used during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Originally constructed of solid wood, coffee table designs have incorporated the use of glass and other ornamental materials.
  • Modular Outdoor Sofa
    Modular furniture has grown to be a much bigger trend these days. There are many different types of companies sprouting up with furniture that fits together into various shapes and seating arrangements, or modifying their old classic designs to accommodate this reinvigorated style.
  • Natural Modern Furniture
    Too often when people think of modern furniture they immediately imagine the sterile steel and glass furniture design of Mies van der Rohe fame. However, modern furniture design has moved far beyond its original and minimalist reputation.
  • French Bistro Chairs
    Are you looking for a décor change that is both chic and timeless? Then consider the French bistro style of décor. The genius of the French bistro is that they are great for indoor or outdoor décor and come in a variety of materials, styles, colors and sizes.
  • Avalon Vases
    Clean geometric lines, simplicity of form, and visually light are the cornerstones of functional modern design. With the current trend toward sustainable manufacturing and you have the ultimate in contemporary furniture.
  • Comfortable Contemporary Furniture
    Contemporary furniture has a certain style that sets it apart from the crowd. Contemporary furniture often creates a lighter look and feel in a room. The light is reflected in the wood and fabric of the furniture in various pieces placed in a room.
  • Natural Latex Mattress
    Latex mattresses are considered by many to be the wave of the future as far as sleep technology is concerned. In general latex material is comfortable, supportive and durable. However, not all latex mattresses are created equal. The main difference between one latex mattress and another is whether it is a natural latex mattress or a synthetic latex mattress.

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