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Mel Thompson's Articles in Furniture

  • Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture
    Looking to replace or add to your pool or patio furniture collection but tired of the standard resin, plastic and rattan options that look cheap and respond poorly to inclement weather? Cast aluminum outdoor furniture adds a refined ambiance to your outdoor seating area that guests are guaranteed to notice,
  • Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Lincoln Park
    If you have carpets, oriental rugs or furniture that has been damaged by smoke, flood, staining or pets, you don’t always need to replace them. Many times the odors and stains can be removed so the rugs or furniture can have years more use. A good upholstery and carpet cleaning company like High Quality Carpet Cleaning of Lincoln Park can give you years more use from your rugs and upholstered furniture. Don’t give up on quality rugs and furniture until you have had an estimate on cleaning and restoring them.
  • Patio Bar Table
    Patio furniture can be beautiful but being able to hold up in the elements of the outdoor elements can be challenging. When you select your furniture, never assume that the manufacturer has used solid, weather-resistant materials. What is lovely today could turn out to be useless in just a few years.
  • Black And White Furniture
    Finding the right look for a modern home takes careful consideration. Every element, from geometry to color combinations and from anchor pieces to accessories, needs to be synchronized to build a modern theme that’s both attractive and comfortable.
  • King Size Platform Bed
    Many people love the opulence and luxury of a king-sized bed in their bedroom. Perhaps they have sleep issues and need plenty of space in the bed so their partner’s movements do not wake them at night. Perhaps a child occasionally slips into the bed with the parents, and they need a big bed to keep everyone from waking up. Perhaps these people are taller than average and need the extra length only found in a king-sized bed. For all of these situations a king-sized bed might be a necessity.
  • Leather Headboard Bed
    Modern and contemporary décor features sleek, low furnishings, geometric designs and a streamlined look. Decorating a bedroom with a modern décor requires highly polished finishes, a neutral color palette and strong geometric designs. Leather is a popular choice for furnishings in the sophisticated look of a modern or contemporary home design. In the bedroom, leather furnishing can include low to the floor minimalist chairs and loungers as well as a fashionable leather headboard bed.
  • Is Buying Patio Furniture A Good Investment
    Investing in patio furniture is a great idea if you are looking to add style or comfort to your outdoor seating area, which may include a scenic garden or even a pool. On those beautifully sunny, warm days, you could have a place to relax or entertain guests.
  • High Quality Platform Beds
    Platform beds require only a mattress, not a box spring and mattress set used with traditional bed frames. With high quality platform beds, you will find choices of style and form that are simply not possible in the more traditional frame and headboard style of bed. You may also find unique storage options in platform beds, and you can find them constructed of many different quality materials.
  • Wicker Outdoor Chair
    Nothing brightens up the outdoor areas of your home like wicker furniture. Whether you are decorating your patio, opening up your backyard or sprucing up the area around your pool, wicker furniture can add to your home's beauty and comfort. Wicker is one of the most versatile types of materials used to manufacture outdoor furniture today. It is dur
  • Outdoor Rocking Chair
    In any home where the outdoors is savored, outdoor rocking chairs are an absolute must. From traditional wooden rockers to Adirondack style chairs and benches, outdoor furniture must be not only lovely but durable while at the same time being welcoming and comfortable. Fine outdoor furnishings make a modern luxurious patio the perfect place to relax with friends and family and outdoor rockers add just that added fillip of homey elegance the trendy home deserves.
  • Patio Settee
    With so many people enjoying outdoor living, outdoor furniture that is both stylish and functional is essential. The most obvious choices for outdoor furnishing are tables, chairs and chaise lounges, but don’t forget the oft-overlooked multipurpose settee. Designed for comfort, whether being sat or laid upon, a patio settee makes a wonderful addition to any leisure environment.
  • Outdoor Club Chair
    A luxurious patio or deck is one of the most pleasant places to relax after a long day at work. People enjoy the convenience of being near their home, but still take pleasure in being outside in the clean, relaxing air. A patio is also an excellent place to accommodate guests. These are some of the reasons that many people choose to equip their patios with elegant, comfortable patio furniture. Durable outdoor chairs will add that extra style to a deck or patio, as well as provide a relaxing place for a person to unwind and rest.
  • Queen Bed Platform
    A quiet, peaceful revolution in bedding has resulted in a resurgence of popularity for the platform bed. Since the invention of the box spring in the 1860s, interior designers have struggled to find ways to make the box spring bed look more like a bed and less like a box. The double-decker beds have been disguised with ornate framing, tented with elaborate canopies and draped with masses of bedding. Rarely do they look sleek and contemporary.
  • Plastic Lounge Chairs
    Plastic lounge chairs are no longer just a simple cheap outdoor furniture choice. Plastic is a recognized material for durable and functional lounge chairs. They hold up in all types of weather. They are practically maintenance free. When they do need some sprucing up you can usually take care of them with a simple water hose.
  • Contemporary Outdoor Furniture
    To enhance your outdoor living, Viesso offers a wide variety of contemporary outdoor furniture, featuring the full spectrum of designs.
  • Art Deco Sectional
    Art Deco furniture draws both designers and consumers who appreciate the functionality and elegance of this distinctive decorative style. The style was introduced in 1925, at the International Exhibition of Modern and Industrial Decorative Arts in France, but was not referred to as “Art Deco” until decades later, during one of the style’s many revival periods.
  • Bed Full Platform
    Fans of platform beds can rejoice! Viesso, with our showroom in Los Angeles, all but specializes in platform beds. These beds are beds that don’t need box springs but whose mattresses are mounted on platforms. The ones offered at Viesso are contemporary and possess an air of severe romance that many people will find attractive. Viesso is fully stocked with beds in shades of gray and white that are just the right hues to make a customer want to climb in between those crisp sheets for some shuteye. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the fabrics of most of these beds come in many vibr
  • Stackable Resin Chair
    Stackable resin chairs are made to define beauty while withstanding all kinds of weather. These chairs are perfect for both commercial and residential outdoor environment and chosen by many because of their known quality and durability.
  • Organic Crib Mattress
    Redecorating can be fun and is definitely exciting, but it’s also a lot of work and involves a lot of decision making, shopping around, and making big choices. Buying furniture is often the hardest part since it is not only one of the more expensive aspects of redecorating but also one of the most important aspects. The furniture in a room, whether it is a family room, dining room or bedroom, creates the basic bones of your new style. Everything you add after the furniture will be décor and embellishment on the mood the furniture sets.
  • Platform Beds With Storage Drawers
    Consider this: A traditional-style bed is just a bed. In a smaller space, single-function furnishing is a luxury and even in a larger home, it makes sense to take a bed, add some storage and create something that is smart and stylish. That is just what a platform bed with storage drawers does.
  • Outdoor Furniture Care
    Whether you are getting ready for winter and preparing your outdoor furniture for the weather or if you just want to know how to care for your outdoor furniture, you will be happy to know it only takes a small amount of time out of your day.
  • Urban Loft Furniture
    Sleek modern lines, clean contrasting colors and natural elemental accents make the urban loft a popular design for decorators and homeowners. Whether you’re actually living in a loft or you just want to emulate the decorating style by using the furnishings, lighting and wall art that characterize urban loft style, you’re in for a treat. Viesso has a beautiful collection of high quality pieces that are designed with you in mind.
  • Custom Bamboo Furniture
    Being environmentally responsible is becoming increasingly important in many areas of life, and shopping for furniture is definitely one of them. Deforestation is a global problem and any way consumers can help is welcome. One way to make a difference while furniture shopping is to buy furniture made from bamboo. This type of furniture is usually sold by green conscious retailers that have recognized the importance of using more sustainable resources in furniture production and in being environmentally oriented in general.
  • Modern Sleeper Sofa Bed
    When you picture a sleeper sofa, what image comes to mind? That floral sleeper sofa that you slept in at your grandma’s house? While sleeper sofas of the past were bulky and sometimes downright unsightly, modern sleeper sofas not only provide seating and sleeping spaces, but they also come in sleek modern designs that look nothing like grandma’s old sofa bed. These modern sleeper sofas aren’t just comfortable – they are stylish and smart, marrying form and function.
  • Double Chaise Lounger
    What is it about the double chaise lounger that makes it so inviting? Perhaps it is a warm summer night and you want to spend the evening under the stars, or you just like relaxing in the great outdoors. The double chaise lounger is like a decorative bed, which can be put on any patio or deck. It can add an attractive appeal to the outdoor seating area.
  • Swivel Bar Stools
    When a home owner puts the finishing touches on his house after he moves in, he wants to make sure it looks as cozy as possible. If he plans to entertain from time to time, he may decide to put a bar in. If a person owns a place where they serve alcoholic beverages, he wants to make sure that his guests are comfortable. Even restaurants with counter space may need to have seating that lets patrons eat their meal without taking up a table space. One piece of furniture will solve the needs of every type of consumer. A bar stool meets the needs of every type of consumer mentioned above.
  • Metal Patio Chairs
    Metal patio chairs and furniture provide a very durable solution to outdoor comfort and functionality. Any object that is going to be exposed to the elements on a near constant basis is going to need care and preventative action to keep it in good working order. A handful of pro-activity and prevention can easily save the homeowner money further down the road.
  • High Quality Contemporary Furniture
    With today’s uncertain economy, consumers are more value-conscious. The discerning buyer knows that quality need not cost a fortune and that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best value. Buying a large piece of furniture is an investment. Timeless designs will look good in a home for years to come, eliminating the need to replace poorly-made pieces that don’t stand up to normal household use. Viesso offers customizable, modern furniture that will stand the test of time in terms of appearance and quality construction.
  • Outdoor Deck Furniture
    Are you looking for the perfect outdoor furniture but you are unsure where to start? Do you need help deciding which style of furniture you want to go with for your outside decor? Do you have a set budget you need to stick with and are not sure if you can afford what you are looking for? There is no need to worry about your outside decor anymore because you can have exactly what you are looking for at a price you can afford.
  • Modern Wood Furniture
    Modern furniture doesn’t have to be all metal and black fabric. Warm woods with rich colors and gorgeous grain patterns make incredible accents for modern furniture pieces. The next time you are looking for a new nightstand, desk or other piece of modern furniture, consider the amazing wood selections found at
  • White Patio Furniture
    When it comes to your outside space, the trend that is all the rage now revolves around creating an outdoor living space. Homeowners everywhere are enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in comfort and luxury. It is incredibly simple to create a living space outdoors that the whole family can enjoy. The benefits extend beyond having a cozy place to relax outside- it adds living space to entertain guests, makes a nice play area for children, allows you to maximize creativity in décor, and increases the value of your home.
  • Patio Furniture Chairs
    Patio furniture chairs are an easy way to add flexibility to arrangements of outdoor furniture. They come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles to fit any outdoor space. They are suitable for use on the lawn or patio, in the garden or by the pool. These chairs may swivel, have multiple back positions, come with or without arms, be low to the ground or reach counter height, be solid and well padded or delicate and light. With so many options outdoor chairs are equal to indoor chairs in appearance and comfort.
  • Bistro Outdoor Furniture
    We have seen them — outdoor pieces of furniture; Rusted, faded, broken, unusable, unappealing. CozyDays outdoor furniture changes that and makes backyards warm and inviting. The anticipation of lounging all stretched out in the sunshine, or in the shade is divine. You do not have outdoor furniture? What a downer! Let us make your backyard a special place for relaxing by the garden, cooling off by the pool, enjoying the sound of your fountain and goldfish pond, or having family, friends or neighbors over for a cookout.
  • Patio Table With Umbrella
    During the heat and sunshine of summer many families enjoy spending their time outdoors. While lounging in the backyard is a great way to while away the summer, it is decidedly more efficient and enjoyable when you have a comfortable space to sit. One of the most popular and most affordable seating arrangements is a simple patio table. Add an umbrella to your table and you not only have comfortable seating, but much needed shade as well. A staple for outdoor living, this piece of patio furniture is a must have for any family who wants to maximize their fun and time outside.
  • Children Patio Furniture
    Furniture is not just furniture because there are several elements that have got to be carefully thought through before various pieces can be purchased and used. When it comes to procuring furniture for adults the key component is comfort and functionality, but when it comes to children’s patio furniture there are many more angles to be considered.
  • Modern Coffee Table
    The large variety of modern coffee tables offered can serve as elegant accessory or bold centerpiece to any living room space in your home or office. Their sleek designs feature many different materials such as woods, metals, and glass that are meant to complement the rest of living room decor in a coherent yet flattering fashion. As the coffee table is often located in the center of the room, it can also serve as a focal point, tying the entire room together.
  • Living Room Sofa
    The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. It is where guests are ushered to, where kids settle down for a movie, and where parents spend some of their few moments alone together catching up. Modern sofas have developed to be less angular and uncomfortable than in times past. Today, designers realize the importance of comfort must intersect with the importance of aesthetic.
  • Sustainable Wood Furniture
    Today, consumers can buy sustainable wood furniture confident in the knowledge that their purchase will have a minimal impact upon the environment. This wasn’t always the case.
  • Iron Coffee Tables
    When decorating an outdoor patio space there are many considerations. What is the style that will mesh best with your lifestyle? How much maintenance are you willing to do each year? Is the weather going to be hard on the furniture out there?
  • Outdoor Bistro Furniture
    Enjoying a meal in the outdoors is one of the best ways to relax after a long hard day. Observing the sunset across the beach, watching the birds in your back yard, or just chatting with a loved one while dining on a tasty meal can be rejuvenating to the soul. Furnishing your outdoor living space with tables and chairs can give you a comfortable, r
  • Covers For Patio Furniture
    Your patio furniture provides you with a relaxing, enjoyable, comfortable space, where you go to enjoy barbeques, pool time, or just some quiet time outside. So protecting your outdoor furniture should be essential. Covers for patio furniture are a great and easy way to protect your investment. These covers will shield your outdoor items from the harsh sun, cold winters, and hard rain. From chairs, benches and tables, to barbeque grills and patio heaters, we have all the necessary covers for your patio furniture.

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