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Marcus Finch's Articles

  • Attracting Robins To Your Garden
    Most people think Robins migrate during the winter when in fact they battle through the winter which is why they need help.
  • Attracting Magpies
    Magpies are magnificent animals and there are many ways to attract them to your garden.
  • Hygiene And Safety In Your Garden
    The garden is a beautiful place and many people enjoy it, but there can be a lot of things that are a danger to someone's life in a garden that everyone needs to be able to avoid in order to not have a huge accident.
  • Birds That Do Not Migrate
    There are many birds around the world. Some of these will migrate from one country to another in the winter in order to find a warmer place to spend the usually cold months of the year, but which ones don't?
  • Gifts For Christmas
    Christmas is a time of year that everyone comes together and has a great time spending time with each other. This is brilliant because it can heal old wounds, as well as give people a chance to see the family members they may never usually get to see.
  • Where To Find Britain's Most Common Birds
    There are loads of bird in Britain but in the cities they can seem hidden away. Finding them is a matter of knowing where to look and there are a lot of places to look.
  • What You Should Feed Britain's Common Birdlife
    The birds in Britain are notorious for eating anything. This is bad for them and can kill them if they pick up something poisonous to them.
  • Britain's Big Birds
    There are loads of big birds around the world, but does anyone know of the giant birds lurking in the wilds of the UK?
  • Animals At Risk Of Extinction In The UK
    There are many animals at risk from extinction in the UK. Many people don't realise this because they think that only animals that are hunted can be at risk from disappearing forever, but they are wrong.
  • Pets And Wildlife
    There are many different animals that people can have as pets. There are also lots of animals that exist in the wild roaming around the countryside. These animals are beautiful and can be deadly but what are they?
  • The Extinct Animals Of The British Isles
    There are many animals in the UK, but not as many as there have been in the past. There are many different species that have been extinct for years and no longer wander the wilderness of the UK.

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