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  • Social Media Optimization For SEO
    If you, as a social media consultant, want to use your social media skills to "get your small business client" represented on social media, that's great. Every business would benefit from having a web presence, having a web presence is much better than not having one.
  • Why Bother With Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?
    Scanning mounds and mounds of paper medical files to electronic computer files is incredibly time-consuming; however, this task is key to reducing exploding medical costs. Efficiency and portability for medical staff is the most obvious, and this ease of access enhances communication and therefore safety for patients. Consider crucial information such as blood type, prescriptions and their interactions, allergies, and medical conditions. The easier it is to share this potentially life or death information, the better off a patient will be, particularly in an emergency.
  • Fix Your Freezing Computer
    Does your computer keep freezing unexpectedly? Does your PC not operate like it should? If you are searching for solutions to fix annoying computer problems, keep reading this brief article and you will find ways to remove those issues and greatly improve your PC's performance.
  • Various Sizes And Weights of Laptop Computers
    Laptops were created to be portable so people could carry their computer anywhere without having to haul around a huge desktop computer. The actual level of portability depends on the size and weight of the laptop. The smaller the computer, the less space available inside, which ultimately means power and functionality are comprised.
  • IT Services Technospeak
    When my printer isn't talking to my computer and I go online to get help, I don't want to be bombarded with buzzwords that make me think I have entered a foreign language site. Terms like enterprise, VPN.
  • Traditional Advertising Simply Does Not Work, Not Anymore
    A top listing in Google is what brings in revenue. Google IS the shopping center of the world, wake up and smell the coffee, if you're not listed in the top 10 of Google search results... you simply do not exist. That said there are several places within a top ten search results page (serps, Google that phrase if you want your company to survive).
  • There is No Reason to Lose Your Home If You Are 62 Years Old and Have Sufficient Equity
    Every week I see seniors who are falling behind the eight ball for various heart breaking reasons. Many of these seniors should not be losing their homes or near losing their homes. I met a 68 year old man a few weeks ago who lost his beloved wife to cancer.
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Janitorial Services
    There are many companies that offer janitorial services. The important thing that many business owners forget is that these companies are not always giving you the same level of service. Finding the company that can clean your restaurant, office, or business for the lowest cost with the best service can make your business.

    As you begin your search for the best company to provide you with cleaning services, you should look for a few things.
  • Does Your Company Have a Company Facebook Page Yet?
    Having a Facebook Fan page means an EXTRA listing in Google's search results pages. Properly set up, you can end up with on entry in Google listings for your main website AND a second or even a third entry for your FB fan page
  • Facts About Ballenger Creek - Frederick County Maryland
    Ballenger Creek, Maryland is a growing community with a medium population of 15,457 as of 2007. The population is divided almost equally between men and women. There are a few more women than men living in the town; 51% to 49%, with about 2,765 people per square mile. It's a small town in Frederick County Maryland.
  • How to Rank Higher in Google Local Business Listings
    Google offers a free business listing to small businesses at the top of most local search results pages. Local Google Advertising is what we're after when we talk about Google's local business listing center.
  • What the Search Engines Want from You to Get Ranked
    What does it take to get ranked well in search engines? If 2 sites were equal why does one get the coveted top spot and the other second fiddle?

    Text is what gets crawled


    Not pretty pictures, not fancy flash, not pleasing aesthetics, but plain Jane text.
  • Wind Energy Facts About Wind Powered Generators
    Many years ago, farmers built windmills. As we all know, farmers are extraordinarily gifted in the arts of "do it yourself," and "make it work." They are personally driven by production. They built windmills to lift water out of the ground for their cattle and for irrigation. They did not use silly, three bladed, passively turning windmills.
  • Choosing a Residential Air Duct Cleaning Company
    There are health benefits for all residents from regularly cleaning the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) System and it's air ducts.

    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems collect mold, fungi, bacteria and a variety
  • Frederick MD Teen Becoming Pop Music Star
    It seems that right here in Frederick a local hometown "girl next door" is rapidly becoming a Teen Pop Star. I had the chance to interview her and I'm posting it here:

    David Bruce talks to Jessica Mellott

    Teen singer Jessica Mellott is a full time college student at Berklee College of Music. She gigs, writes music and collaborates with musicians from all over the world. David Bruce had the opportunity to catch up with her at her home base in Frederick recently.
  • Codependents Need Structure
    Structure is useful, if you're only comfortable with less than functional boundaries because that's all you've ever known, because your parents only taught less than functional boundaries.... structure is going to seem like cod liver oil, it's going to taste bad.
  • Are You Someone's Puppet? Four Ways People Manipulate Others
    "managing or controlling artfully or by shrewd use of influence, often in an unfair or fraudulent way; to alter or falsify for one's own purpose."

    In relationships, manipulation can be defined as:

    any attempt to control, through coercion (overt

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