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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Marketing

  • What Kind of Media Should I Use in My Tradeshow Display?
    Fine-tuning a trade show display can take some real time and effort While to the customer it may just look like a bunch of booths thrown up with free samples and loud salesmen, the decisions and considerations that go into a really successful trade show appearance are numerous and can become quite involved
  • Which Marketing Tool is Best?
    Promoting your company's products or services is key to making your company successful However, which marketing tools is the most effective, and what are the real differences between them
  • Which Trade Show?
    The success of trade shows has meant an ever increasing number of them are available to attend each year While it's good to know that exhibiting at a trade show will enhance your company profile and increase sales, the vast number of trade shows that are around means it can be a little difficult choosing one that is the most appropriate for your needs
  • Your First Trade Show Exhibition
    Although the forthcoming trade show will be the first time you have exhibited, you will have attended several as a visitor Indeed, if you follow the guideline about exhibiting for the first time you will have taken heed that it's essential to go and visit a trade show as a visitor, prior to exhibiting for the first time
  • Ways to Save Money on Your Business Printing
    For many businesses, money spent on their printing can be the most cost-effective spending they do The reasons are familiar:

    Many of your mailings go to existing customers, who buy from you with regularity
  • Five Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Flyers
    Why is the Mona Lisa the world's most intriguing portrait

    Artists, psychologists and art historians have been debating this question for centuries
  • Your Choice of Brochure Paper Enhances Your Corporate Image
    You wouldn't expect to go into an expensive steakhouse and have your filet mignon served off of paper plates
    It's the same idea with brochure printing: your great product or service needs to be showcased on a brochure which matches the quality of your product
  • A Sticker Marketing Disaster in New York, Plus Tips for Your Flyers
    Effective marketing campaigns attract attention to businesses. However, the type of attention received is not always what the company had in mind.
  • How to Find New B2B Marketing Ideas
    Everyone struggles from time to time to think of new B2B marketing concepts It can get tiring to have to think up new ways to attract the attention of your prospects
  • You Should Use Email For Your B2B Marketing
    B2B marketing has changed tremendously since the Internet took off in the mid-1990s Back in the old days, you had to market your products to other companies either by face to face visits, phone calls or regular mailings
  • Marketing For Start-Up B2B Businesses
    Most small businesses that are just starting out do not have millions of dollars just yet for B2B marketing or other advertising Hey, many of us start out with no marketing budget at all
  • How to Market Your Company With Bumper Stickers
    Bumper stickers have been around for more than 50 years, and they are more popular than ever. As far as marketing goes, bumper stickers can have a really positive impact on your business. No matter how 'old hat' you might think bumper stickers are, there are still many excellent reasons to use bumper stickers to sell your products. Read on to learn how.
  • How to Use Bookmarks to Advertise
    A bookmark can be a good way to advertise your company for some lines of business. A creative, custom bookmark helps to keep people on the page they read, and it also advertise your firm every time they open their book.
  • Trade Shows for Entrepreneurs
    You probably envisage a trade show is for medium to large businesses; after all attending a trade show can be expensive. However, if you are entrepreneur or a start up business, attending the correct type of trade show could be just the boost you need.
  • Try Holidays for Fun Marketing Themes for Your Business
    Many businesses look for marketing themes they can try. A popular theme that has been used for hundreds of years, in many ways is to market by using the different holidays as a theme.
  • New Massage Therapist Finds Success With Appointment Card Stickers
    Graduating from massage school was an accomplishment for Mindy. She'd worked hard and has been one of the top students in her class. But one of her biggest challenges was getting over her shyness. Her teachers always reminded her that being a massage therapist on her own was like running her own business.
  • Price Underestimation Issues and Cost Reduction
    The ability to manage large scale project costs has a direct bearing on the risk profile presented to both the contractor and the end-user, especially where the Government is the customer. Managing and controlling costs effectively requires good decision-making at the earliest possible stage of any project, however gathering accurate cost and performance data to base these decisions upon is highly problematical.
  • Spending Your Trade Show Budget
    Being thrifty sounds easy, after all it's always far easier to spend money than to keep or save it and the same applies to spending the budget set aside for exhibiting at a trade show. However, there is method in the madness of ensuring that you just keep within the set trade show budget; under spend by too much and your budget gets reduced next time, overspend and you get in trouble for not being in control of the company's money.
  • Use Bumper Stickers to Put You In Front of Your Competition
    We know that bumper stickers go on the back bumper of the car, but these cute stickers can help put you in front of your competition! Many small and large businesses look for inexpensive ways to advertise their products and services, and bumper stickers are a great choice.
  • Does Your Marketing Need a Spring Makeover?
    Spring is a season when we do lots of renovation projects. Its "spring cleaning" season. So it seems like the perfect time to refresh and energize your marketing if it is in need of a makeover.
  • How to Use Decals Effectively in Your Marketing
    These days, you may feel the challenge of cutting through all of the marketing clutter on the Internet, TV and other forms of advertising. One way to get your product noticed is to use promotional stickers or decals for your products. Decals are difficult to throw away, are viewed somewhat more as a product than an ad, and are very inexpensive to produce.
  • Are You Ready to Start Marketing?
    "Are you ready to start marketing?" This seems like an odd question to ask a business, because any business needs to do marketing to be successful. But some businesses need to do some "prep work" before they actually should begin marketing for best results.
  • Trade Show Booth - Design Is Important
    There are many ways of marketing your products and services, but professionals from all business categories agree that the most effective method is at a trade show event. Marketing your products and services at a trade show enables your company to substantially enhance brand awareness and make your products visible for all attendees to see.
  • Promote Your Company - Exhibit at a Trade Show
    If you are getting fed up with trying to market your company then you need to reassess your overall marketing strategy. You obviously know about trade shows; in fact the chances are you have attended many, even if you haven't exhibited at one. Exhibiting a trade shows lets you keep up to date with industry trends, meet and strengthens your relationship with existing client and you meet other business partners.
  • Magnets and Their Importance in Marketing
    Magnets can be a fantastic way to market your company if they are used correctly. The fact is that over 80% of refrigerators in the US have at least one magnet on them, so you should use this to your advantage!
  • Attracting Overseas and Local Visitors to Your Booth
    You and your team have put a lot of effort into making certain you are exhibiting at a trade show that attracts a good proportion of visitors from overseas. Now you have to make sure that you can attract them into your booth.
  • Eyecatching Imagery For Your Post Card Campaigns
    If you are thinking of running a post card campaign to market your business or organization, good for you. You are in on the secret, which is that post cards are a terrific way to get attention and get results.

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