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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Legal

  • You Should Be First to File For Divorce
    Few people want to be the first to admit that their marriage is failing Fewer still want to be the first to take legal action to dissolve that marriage
  • Wiretapping and Federal Law
    If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair DO NOT attempt to catch him or her in the act by recoding his or her phone calls Wiretapping is a federal crime that could land you in jail and under a hefty sum of fines to pay
  • Divorce Doesn't End a Marriage
    Sometimes, and this is rare, but on occasion, the process of filing for divorce can be the impetus for reconciliation Indeed, the very notion that the differences within a marriage might have the potential to destroy it, is enough to put some couples to work at understanding those differences and talking through them
  • Night Driving Safety Tips
    Nighttime is a precarious time to be on the roads since it is dark outside and objects are harder to see. You must give your entire focus to what is on the road in front of you and be able to react quickly if something should suddenly appear on the road.
  • Court Reporters Are Fundamental to Many Legal Processes
    Court reporters have a high responsibility for maintaining document integrity in regards to documents that are utilized during trials and other proceedings.
  • Legal Issues That Affect The Family
    Family law is an area of the law that works with the many different legal issues that can affect a family. This is one of the largest areas of law that is practiced in America today.
  • Working As A Court Reporter
    A court reporter is one of the central officials inside any American court. While lawyers and judges are what most people think of when they consider the people inside a courtroom, court reporters are an essential part of the function of justice. If you feel called to participate in the legal system, then a job as a court reporter might be right for you.
  • Tips To Staying Safe On The Road
    Whether you're new on the road, or have been driving for decades, driving comes with a high level of responsibility that, when forgotten, can lead to accidents and injuries. There can be no doubt that the number of large motorized vehicles greatly outweighs smaller vehicles like motorcycles and bicyclists. But if you're going to be driving, you will find yourself in the vicinity of one sooner or later.
  • How Traffic Rules And Regulations Protect You And Others
    Nobody likes to follow all of the rules. There is just sometimes one of those rules that you simply do not agree with. You might find a way around it with an excuse, or you might just flat out disregard it and do what you want. The trouble with that is that most rules are designed for your protection and for the protection of other people.
  • The Effects Drunk Driving Has On Others
    You might consider the choice to drive drunk as a problem of your own. You may have told people before that you are only hurting yourself, and asked them not to worry about you anymore. The problem with that statement is that drunk driving has a dramatic effect on many other people, without you even realizing it. The following are some examples of the effects that your drunk driving could have on others.
  • Find The Right Legal Assistance If You're Headed To Traffic Court
    Many drivers will find themselves in traffic court at some point during their life. Whether the cause is a minor ticket for illegal parking or speeding, or a more serious offense like a DUI charge, there are lawyers available to help you through the each step of the process.
  • The Costs And Effects Associated With Drinking And Driving
    Many individuals like to enjoy a drink or two after a day of hard work or a long week. Getting together to celebrate holidays and other events can be a great way to blow off steam and form a few memories. However, responsible drinking requires a clear understanding of how alcohol can affect you.
  • Becoming A Professional Court Reporter
    Court reporters are some of the most important legal officials, though their role is not widely understood by the general public. The idea that a court reporter is only a stenographer is outdated; today, court reporters fulfill a number of vital functions inside the modern legal system.
  • What Is Court Reporting
    Court reporters, as the name suggests, report on just about anything to do with court cases whether the case is highly publicized or a simple divorce case.
  • You Can't Mix Alcohol and Driving
    Statistics can highlight almost anything and in the direction that the people presenting the statistics want. When it comes to statistics relating to alcohol and driving the more shocking the statistics the more likely it is that anyone considering drinking and then driving will think twice.
  • What Does a Vehicle Inspection Check Involve?
    Getting your vehicle checked for safety factors annually or bi-annually is mandatory in 15 of the 50 states in the U.S. Many advocate that it should be mandatory in every state as it currently leads to confusion and to some extent is very hard to enforce.
  • Airline Pilots and Truck Drivers - Is There a Comparison?
    Every time you get in your car and drive along the highway you are potentially sharing the roads with about 8 million truck drivers. In order to maintain safety, some believe that truck drivers ought to be trained more like airline pilots and that the rules relating to how long they drive, how often they have medicals and how often they get more training, should have some bearing to the requirements of an airline pilot.
  • Traffic Accidents - Know What to Do
    A traffic accident is something no one wants to be involved in, but statistically the chances are extremely high that you will be involved in more than one accident during your driving lifetime. Although the majority of accidents are relatively minor, they are still very frightening and stressful. This means that your brain may not act as logically as usual and you forget all the things that you need to be doing to sort out the accident.
  • What is Environmental Liability and How Will it Affect Your Business?
    The regulations the EPA create for keeping water, air, and other natural resources safe are just part of a company's environmental liability. Many business owners choose to invest in insurance to help them cover any accidental problems that are covered in an environmental liability law suit. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the most important parts of environmental liability.
  • The Inside Story On Uncontested Divorce
    Most people have heard of horror stories relating to getting divorced. It starts amicably between the two parties and everything appears to have been agreed regarding any settlements. Then one party goes to a law firm and things can begin to go wrong. Quite simply, the law firm is only doing its job. The firm will give you the best advice and let you know your rights and entitlements.
  • What is a Fault Divorce
    If at all possible fault divorce should be avoided. It can be extremely stressful and very expensive with much of the joint monies getting used up during the proceedings. It can also result in one or both parties getting left with very little money and on a personal level can leave a person very bitter and often unable to form another relationship.
  • The Facts Behind a No Fault Divorce
    No fault divorce relates to a situation where one party is not putting specific blame on the other party; in other words the breakdown of the marriage is due to difference that cannot be reconciled. No fault divorce is the easiest for law firms and courts to deal with and therefore is considerably less expensive for the parties involved.
  • What Are Your Rights To Property In A Divorce
    Marriage is the joining together of two people and at the time of the marriage both happily agree to share everything in their lives for better or for worse.

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