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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Inspirational Motivational

  • How to Reduce the Possibility of Bike Theft
    Bike theft is a fact of life, and not just in the city Bike thieves are sneaky and creative: bicycles disappear from the front of businesses, porches, garages, college campuses-any time of day or night
  • Advances in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Normally associated with pregnancy, the sonogram and the ultrasound have shown great promise in the detection of rheumatoid arthritis, and in monitoring the disease once a diagnosis is reached Where a regular x-ray might not always detect damage to the tendons, the cartilage, sonograms are able to detect these, and damage and deterioration to the bones earlier than x-rays
  • Seven Stars Galleria in Milan Italy
    Milan, Italy is the home of what are the first seven star hotels on Earth The Seven Stars Galleria is in the middle of Milan
  • About Life Insurance
    Life insurance is a critical way to protect the finances of your family if you were to suddenly pass away Life insurance would pay out money to the beneficiary that you name when you die
  • How to Manage Your Divorce
    For anyone considering a divorce, one of the many questions spinning around in the chaos is about time: how much of your life will your divorce consume When will things return to normal
  • Tips For Keeping a Prospect Warm
    Hitting the trade show and generating excitement and attention for your booth is what it is all about on the day However, once you have generated some trade show buzz and started getting the attention of the attendees, you want to capitalize on that initial interest and turn it into something more concrete
  • The Paper Shower
    If you go on a lot of business trips, you know how dirty and sweaty and generally icky you can feel when you are on the road You have to run around in a business suit, and you are stressed from the travel, so you end up getting fairly grimy and damp on your trip
  • The Perfect Jewelry For Your Girlfriend
    Nearly every girl loves getting jewelry from someone she loves but for the person doing the buying choosing the right piece can be intimidating If you are not ready to pop the question not only do you have to choose a piece of jewelry she will like, you also have to make sure there is no confusion about your intentions when you give it to her
  • Jewelry Ideas For Girlfriend When You Are Not Ready For a Ring
    Selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for your girlfriends birthday or other holiday can be a challenge You want to choose something that says I love you but you will want to stay away from rings to avoid sending the wrong message
  • Selecting a Court Reporter
    During a hearing, every word is under scrutiny, and it is crucial that the court reporter keep scrupulous records of each statement and each exchange without the omission of seemingly insignificant asides When it is necessary to hire a court reporter there are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee the most accurate service
  • Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, CA
    Many Americans would like to take a trip to the blue waters of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea Do not despair, travelers
  • Tips for the Business Traveler
    If you need to travel for business a lot, you know it can get rather old after a few trips The good news is that there are several easy tips that you can follow that can make your next business trip go easier
  • Using Siding to Improve Energy Efficiency
    While it's easy to see how old, worn siding affects the appearance of your house making it look shabby, poorly maintained or even downright neglected it may be less obvious how siding can influence your energy costs There is far more to the exterior of your home than its curb appeal
  • Beauty of Slate
    Slate has been used a building material for many thousands of years Not only is slate strong and durable, but it also has an inherent natural beauty
  • Slate Formation and Mining Practices
    Slate formation is estimated to have occurred up to 500 million years ago and is a metamorphic rock; that is to say it has transformed from one type of rock into another In the case of slate, it was formed from shale
  • Extended Stay and Corporate Housing
    No one ever seems to agree which is superior, extended stay hotels or corporate housing Part of the reason this argument is never settled is because the two facilities serve rather different needs
  • FT. Lee Base Presented With Environmental Award
    When you think of military bases, "being green" is seldom the first thought to cross your mind-unless you are imagining fatigues Nevertheless, the Army base at Ft
  • A Viable Alternative to Hotels
    The idea of a job that requires you to travel is an alluring one, but in reality it can sometimes be tough Living out of a suitcase, eating a steady diet of complementary pastries and fast food burgers, sleepwalking from one hotel to the next, never knowing for certain which town you're in: life can become little more than a blur
  • 1952 the Great London Smog
    Smog is a problem that plagues cities across the world today There are many contributing factors to smog including vehicular emissions, or high levels of smoke and sulfur dioxide caused by large amounts of burning coal
  • Chernobyl the Worst Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
    The discovery of nuclear power brought about an age of cleaner energy Nuclear power plants create more energy and release less pollution into the air than the previously used coal plants
  • The EPA's Most Wanted
    Nearly everyone has heard of America's Most Wanted or the FBI's most wanted criminals list, but few people know of perhaps one of the most important wanted lists our there The Environmental Protection Agency, the agency that monitors corporations' impact on the environment, has a short list of wanted criminals, known as the EPA Fugitive List
  • Companies Make Improvements to Their Environmental Safety Procedures or Face Fines From the EPA
    Oil companies are often the focus of reports about environmental accidents The size of major oil spills has lead to them being highly publicized in the media
  • Cleaning Up the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster
    After a sever earthquake caused a tsunami to sweet across Japan, two of the countries nuclear power plants were severely damaged and started what is now called The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Shortly after the accident Japanese officials released an assessment that rated the damage as a Level 4 using the International Nuclear Event scale or INES
  • Big Oil in Trouble With Ecuador
    Big oil companies are quick to react when spills occur in well developed countries like the United States Their business relies heavily on creating a positive public opinion to keep them competitive in the market
  • Some Toxic American Companies
    Every year a list of Toxic companies is released This list highlights the worst environmental corporate offenders
  • Tanner Industries Agrees to Pay More Than $50,000 in Fines to the EPA and Upgrade Their Warning Systems
    The Environmental Protection Agency was set up by the United States Government to protect people and the environment for hazardous business practices Tanner Industries was recently named in a suit that stated they violated the clean air act by not following chemical risk guidelines that were created to help prevent accidents
  • Corporate Contamination of Love Canal
    For those who may not have studied corporate pollution in the past, Love Canal may sound like an idyllic place and conjure up visions of loving couples slowly making their way through romantic waters in boats adorned with hearts and cherubs The residents who call the sleepy New York neighborhood of Love Canal home have a completely different story tell
  • The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
    The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (also referred to as the "BP Oil Spill") is the largest oil spill that has ever occurred anywhere in the world due to a petroleum industry accident On April 20th 2010 an explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon a deep water drilling platform that was located in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Getting a Great Hotel Room on Your Next Business Trip
    Having a positive experience while traveling is greatly tied to how good you feel about your hotel choice Never is it more important to feel comfortable in your hotel than when you are traveling for business
  • Modern Day Environmental Expenses For Companies
    During the first years of the industrial revolution many companies did not see the pollution created by their operations as their responsibility Their neglect lead to sever contamination of the land, water, and air that surrounded many of the industrial enterprises during that time
  • A Settlement is Finally Reached in 2006 Paint and Ink Facility Explosion
    On the day before Thanksgiving in 2006, an ink and paint manufacturing plant located in Danvers, Massachusetts was engulfed in flames due to an explosion in the plant After the explosion the Environmental Protection Agency rushed into help with the clean up and investigates the cause of the accident
  • A Company Run by James P Daniels Settles With the EPA
    Corporate environmental pollution does not just come from factories and oil companies There is a grown epidemic across our nation as construction and development companies employ irresponsible techniques when clearing and developing land
  • Ways to Relieve Stress on Business Trips
    Let's face it, business travel can be stressful With all the stresses of traveling heaped on top of the pressures to make the trip worth it, or deliver the perfect business pitch it is no wonder people are constantly looking for ways to unwind during their business travel

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