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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Home

  • Finding A Safe Car For Your Family
    There are always many things to consider when you set out to purchase a car: the fuel efficiency, inside comfort such as head and leg room, ease of maintenance, durability and how fast it will depreciate once it has left the lot. When you have a family and small children, then car buying becomes that much harder. Here are some steps you can take to simplify the process a little bit.
  • How To Make Your Fireplace Stand Out
    Have you ever walked into a beautiful home and thought it was a shame that their fireplace didn't stand out more? There is no focal point quite as beautiful or impressive as a fireplace, but if you don't take steps to ensure that it stands out and demands attention, it will just become another accessory in your home.
  • Decorating Your Fireplace And Mantel
    In years past, fireplaces were the center of many homes. They provided warmth to the home throughout the cold winter months and gave people a convenient way to cook food. Because they were so essential to existence, they became known for being a gathering place for family. They were a place of comfort and warmth.
  • The Difference Between Pole Frame Garage Kits And Stud Wall Garage Kits
    If you have been looking into some different types of garage kits, you may have run across pole frame kits and stud wall kits. Do you know the difference between the two? There are advantages to both types of garage kits
  • How To Choose The Best Fence
    If you are living in a home without a fence, you may have decided to get a fence for various reasons.
  • How To Install A Fence
    You have decided to put in a fence and now you have to install it. Whether you choose to install it yourself or have it professionally installed, there are certain steps you must take.
  • Get A Jump On Potential Problems By Hiring A Qualified Inspector
    If you've got an existing problem that affects your home or those who live within it, hiring someone with experience to address the issue is an obvious choice. But what if you don't know that you have underlying problems? A great solution to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape is to hire a licensed inspector.
  • How To Decide If You Should Install Skylights In Your Home
    If you are looking for a unique way to add beauty and natural light to your home, you should think about the possibility of installing skylights. Not only will you benefit from the attractiveness of natural sunlight if you install skylights, but you can also take advantage of the natural heat that sunlight provides, potentially lowering your energy costs as well.
  • The Best Appliances For Your Outdoor Kitchen
    There is nothing quite like a warm summer evening where family and friends dine together outside. Having your own outdoor kitchen can enhance that experience. Sure, an outdoor kitchen may be more practical in more temperate climates, but they can be built anywhere you love to barbecue, grill or cook outdoors.
  • There's Nothing Better Than Custom Built Fencing
    If you are considering getting a replacement fence, or perhaps having a fence for the first time, take a while to make your decision. A fence can make your property look terrific, or it can seriously affect how it looks and appeals to people.
  • Getting A New Fence
    Deciding about a new fence may initially seem a relatively easy task; then you start to realize it's not quite as simple as you first thought. Questions need answering such as what fence style do you want and what material do you want it to be made using?
  • How To Refinish Your Kitchen
    If you love your kitchen appliances or if you just don't want to, or can't afford to replace them, consider porcelain refinishing to give your kitchen a new look. Giving your major appliance a new finish can make it look new or almost new.
  • Tips for Keeping Your Fireplace Safe
    Fireplaces have long been both a practical and decretive home feature. Before the modern inventions of television and radio the fireplace served as a gathering place for families to share stories and stay warm on cold nights.
  • Fully Constructed Pole Barns
    You may have decided that you need extra storage space and, having done your research, you have decided that the best choice is a pole barn.

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