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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Home Improvement

  • Make Your Living Room Cozy With A New Fireplace
    No matter where you live, there will be times throughout the year when you need to keep your home warm. The colder weather of winters, whether mild or extreme, can cause your house to become very cold very quickly.
  • Replacing Windows Can Improve Your Home
    Whether your home is old or new, you may be surprised at the benefits that are involved with replacing your windows with new ones. Aside from improving the appearance of your home, you may also save money on your gas and electric bills.
  • Simple and Effective Improvement for the Exterior of Your Home
    Home improvement should not be limited to painting or remodeling the rooms in which you sleep, eat, or gather with friends. Although these seem to be the primary focus of most summer to-do lists, don't forget how important the exterior of your home can be as well.
  • Prepare Your Design Of A Perfect Kitchen
    Every home improvement project adds another touch of your personality to your home. This is especially true in the kitchen. Traditionally, the kitchen has been a gathering place of the family; the kitchen was warm and inviting with the smells of cooking and the sounds of conversation.
  • What To Consider When Getting A New Roof
    Replacing your roof is a big investment. You have many things to consider including cost, durability and style. A roof can last 20 or more years, so making the right choices is extremely important because you will not be changing the roof for decades. The most important aspect is to get your money's worth out of a new roof or the money spent will have been done in vain.
  • Which Type Of Decking Is Right For You
    If you have an outdoor space large enough to entertain, you might want to consider adding a deck to the area. This provides you with a solid surface to add furniture, a grill or potted plants. A deck can be used at one time or another throughout the year no matter where you live.
  • Which Type Of Sunroom Is Best For You
    When you think of a sunroom, you typically imagine an enclosed indoor space that includes a lot of windows that lets in a lot of sunshine. This gives you the feel of being outside while being in the comfort of your own home. As you decide to build one, there are several different types along with different ways to build them. Once you learn about the types, you can choose the best fit for your home and lifestyle.
  • Adding Exterior Accents To Your Home
    Are you currently building a new home? What about remodeling the exterior of an older home? Perhaps you are trying to increase your home's curb appeal in order to sell it, or maybe you are simply looking for a way to make the outside of your new home more attractive. In any case, you may be interested in adding some exterior accents to your house.
  • Different Types Of Fireplace Mantels
    There are few things that can add beauty and interest to a room quite as easily as a fireplace mantel. Fireplaces themselves are very valuable and are preferred by home buyers, but a fireplace becomes even more attractive and desirable when paired with the perfect mantel.
  • Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid
    Perhaps nowhere else in the home is it as important to avoid using current trends in a room makeover as in the kitchen. You can picture it, those old kitchens from the nineteen seventies with their dark wood cabinets and avocado appliances. Kitchen trends come and go quickly. If you are in the process of redesigning your kitchen, here are a few cur
  • Easy Bathroom Décor Tips That Do Not Require a Plumber
    Bathrooms tend to be some of the smallest rooms in our homes. While the main practical elements in a bathroom, the sink, the toilet, and the shower or tub can require some monetary investment and skilled labor to change, there are many upgrades you can make with simple décor changes that can completely transform the look of your bathroom.
  • Choosing The Best Fence
    A fence is an extension of your home; not only does it show your boundaries which define your personal space, if you choose the best fence for your home, it complements it and therefore adds value.
  • Refurbish Your Mantel
    The mantel and surround to your fireplace is what sets it off. Without it a fireplace is bare, uninteresting and can't be considered the center piece of the room. When you enter a room with a fireplace and surround your eyes tend to get drawn toward it and surprisingly this can happens even if the fire is alight.

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