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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Good Housekeeping

  • Why You Should Put in a Fence
    People put in fences for different reasons If you decide you want a fence, then you have to figure out how much privacy you really want
  • Unobtrusive Security Measures
    While fences are a valuable addition to any property, they aren't always a positive contribution to the ambiance of the space Owners of vintage homes with to maintain the original appearance; corporate and business properties want to create a feeling of welcome without compromising security
  • How to Create a Great Looking Living Room
    Often when people come into your home the first impression they have of your home is your living room, so it is important to make sure that your living room looks its absolute best There are several tips and tricks out there to help you achieve the perfect impression that you want your guests and family members to receive
  • Everything a Man Needs to Know About Ironing
    Yes, you can send your shirts out to be laundered and ironed But you should also know how to take care of them on your own
  • The Skinny About Deck Home Improvements
    If you want to build or expand your deck and/or patio, you should think about a few things first The key is to make sure you have a plan for your deck home improvement
  • How to Deal With Fire and Water Damage in Your Home
    If you have ever had the misfortune of dealing with fire in a home, you know exactly how much of disaster the mess is The fire of course is damaging but then you also have the damage from the water and from the chemicals they used to put it out
  • How to Choose an Air Conditioning System
    If you own your own home, most likely you're living with the air conditioner that was already installed But if you're building a home or replacing an air conditioner in your current home, there are lots of things to consider
  • Shopping For a Mortgage Loan
    For most people, purchasing a house represents the single largest investment they will ever make It also represents the largest amount of money they will ever borrow
  • Proper Ways to Clean Copper and Aluminum Cookware
    Two popular types of cookware are made from copper and aluminum. Both of these products can last a long time, if properly cared for.
  • Installation of Wood Fences
    If you are thinking of building or replacing the fence around your yard, you have no doubt spent a little time considering which materials you might use Wood fences are extremely popular, and there are several reasons that wood fences are so common
  • Style Guide to Wrought Iron Fences
    While homeowners usually install fences for privacy, they often come with the unwanted side affect of reduced visibility A wrought iron fence might not offer the same kind of privacy as a tall stockade-style wooden fence; it will, however, provide security
  • Sustainable Bamboo Fencing
    Bamboo fencing is a relative newcomer, but its popularity is growing fast That's because bamboo is a sustainable resource that, unlike lumber, grows quickly after harvesting
  • Water Damage to Your Chimney
    You may not believe it, but water usually causes more damage to chimneys made from masonry than fire does Think about this
  • Replacing Windows in Your Home Saves You Money
    If you have noticed that your heating and cooling bills are rising, it could be that your windows are a factor This can be especially true in older homes
  • Investing in Your Home is a BAD Idea
    Your home is probably the largest investment you ever make, so it's important you maintain it good condition Unfortunately, the weather plays a large part in creating things that need repair of replacement
  • Tips on Downspout Repair and Replacement
    Whatever the type of downspout you have on your house, you are going to need to replace them eventually You should be checking your gutters and downspouts two times per year
  • Sunrooms Are a Great Addition to Your Home
    Putting a sunroom on your house is a great way to add value to your home and to give you and your family more space to enjoy It also is very nice to have a room that is full of sun to enjoy
  • Virginia Architectural Home Styles
    Charlottesville sits at bottom of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia Charlottesville dates back to 1762 and is getting ready to celebrate its 250th anniversary during 2012
  • Your Windows Can Save You Money
    With household budgets becoming tighter and tighter, the idea of making large-scale home improvements may seem imprudent and sometimes impossible While throwing large sums of hard-earned money into a home project may sound like risky business during a time when extra money is difficult to come by, the reward for making a worthwhile improvement to your house can actually save you money in the long run
  • Slate Flooring
    It's likely you tend to order more material than you really need when undertaking a do-it-yourself task There isn't anything worse than running out halfway through a job and having to place another order and wait for delivery
  • Characteristics Of Slate Roofs
    The slate roofs of many historical buildings are marked by the impeccable attention to design and craftsmanship More than a necessary feature, these roofs are a part of the charm of historical buildings
  • Insurance Information
    When buying insurance for your vehicle, there are many things to think about One of the big things is to think about your deductible amount

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